Shark Rotator NV752 Powered Lift Away Review

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Buying a top of the line upright such as the Dyson DC65 will easily set you back $430 and up.

Shark Rotator NV752

If that’s too expensive for your budget, allow me to show you an alternative that’s more than a hundred dollars cheaper but will still give you close to the same performance.

And it’s versatile.

This machine can morph from an upright vacuum to a canister vacuum.


That’s not all.

Shark has added a feature that no upright in the market has – a powered lift-away feature.

You may be asking, what is a powered lift-away?

Let me show you.


The problem a lot of people encounter with traditional upright cleaners is the bulk. It is virtually impossible to clean under sofas and chairs without moving it.

This can be a back-breaking chore and thankfully the NV752 will be able to address it.

Features at a glance

  • Fingertip controls
  • Has a sealed HEPA filtration
  • Great for hard or carpet flooring
  • 30-foot power cord
  • Advanced swivel steering
  • Both HEPA and pre-motor filter are washable
  • 3 power settings for high pile carpet, low pile carpet, and bare floor
  • Comes with an extension wand
  • 5-year warranty


  • Has outstanding suction and airflow, more than the Miele U1 Dynamic
  • Cheaper than the Dyson DC65
  • The fully sealed system keeps allergens inside the dust cup
  • The powered lift-away feature you can use the main nozzle even in the lift-away mode
  • Large dirt capacity
  • Bright LED lights greatly help hunting down pet hair and dust bunnies


  • Does not have the Duo Clean head which affects its ability to clean large bits of dirt like Cheerios
  • Swivel feature not as smooth as a Dyson
  • Easily trips over if you’re not carefully pulling the hose.

What to expect from this versatile cleaner

The versatility of this cleaner is one of a kind.

Not only it converts from an upright to a canister, but you can also still use the main floor tool while doing so.

This feature is truly a game changer in terms of convenience. Picture yourself cleaning your living room, with a big table, a large sofa and chairs all around.


If you’re using a traditional upright, you’d have to move the chairs out of the way because you can’t clean the area underneath it with the sheer bulk of it.

With the Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away, that will no longer be an issue because you can remove the bulky canister out of the way leaving just the wand and base that you can tilt all the way down.

Just take a look at this short video to see what I mean…

It’s basically an upright version of the Dyson V6 Absolute.

Now, imagine all the time that it will save you moving furniture around. Not to mention trips to your doctor because of back pain issues.

And like the older Shark Lift-Away cleaners, it transforms into a canister vacuum.

It comes with a caddy where you can place the canister on securely, this also doubles as a storage bin for the attachments.

You’ll also see a demo of how the pet tool works down below.

Do you want to see more? Let’s continue.

Bare Floor Performance

Now before I start with the actual video test, I have to share with you this claim of Shark. They said based on independent tests it has better suction than the DC65. Click here to see it in detail.

With this much suction on tap and all the other features, this may be the only machine you’ll ever need to purchase for your home.

On bare floor surfaces, you can use the main floor tool or the Hard-floor genie attachment that has a washable microfiber pad.

It’s a mop and vacuum in one nifty tool.

Design-wise, this attachment is similar to the Swiffer sweeper but only more powerful.

Carpet Performance

One of the biggest strengths of this upright vacuum is its ability to deep clean carpet.

The main motorized tool of this machine really has stiff bristles which make it very effective when it comes to agitation.

It scored a perfect 100% in a deep cleaning test where 100 grams of sand were rubbed over medium-pile carpet.

Cleaning surface dirt won’t be an issue as well for small to medium sized debris. However, the main floor tool won’t be able to pick up Cheerios or Fruit loops even on carpet because it does not have the DuoClean system.

If you look at the settings, it has a high pile carpet setting for thick carpet and a low pile setting.

This will adjust not only the suction but also the speed of the motorized brush.

Have a look at this video to see how much pet hair this cleaner picks up on an otherwise clean-looking carpet.

Upholstery Performance

The NV752, in particular, comes with a pet hair attachment that unlike other similar attachments from other brands has very stiff bristles.

This is maybe a small feature but it plays a HUGE role in the effectiveness of this tool.

The stiffer the brush, the more agitation it provides.

And that is the case with this vacuum and you’ll see it in the video below…

The stiff bristles did a good job in terms of agitation and was able to pick up most debris in a single pass.

Here’s a demo on upholstery from VacBin…

If you watched the video closely, you’ll notice that there is an LED light on the handle which will come in handy if you’re cleaning a dark-colored sofa.

Even without a motor, this tool is still effective.

Pet Hair Removal

This vacuum is very effective in terms of cleaning pet hair on fabric upholstery and carpet.

Combine the strong suction, stiff bristles and the powerful motorized brush you have a very good hair cleaning machine.

If you’re not yet convince, I have another video to share, this time cleaning sticky car hair on the mattress.

Pet owners will be able to relate with this.

You can use a roller but I prefer this one because it’s more convenient.

Attachments and Accessories

The NV752 has two variants, the Deluxe and the True Pet. Both have the same motor but the difference is the color and attachments.

The True Pet comes with the Hard Floor Genie, Canister Caddy, TruePet Mini Motorized Tool, Dusting Genie, Dusting Brush, Pet Upholstery Tool and Accessories Bag.

The Deluxe comes with the same tools minus the Pet Upholstery Tool and the TruePet Mini Motorized tool.

Even if you don’t have pets at home, I’d still recommend getting the True Pet because you’ll be able to clean human hair with it.

Cord Length

It has a 30-foot hose without any cord rewind.

Filter Cleanup and Maintenance

There are two filters to clean up – the post-motor HEPA filter and the main filter that has two parts.

Watch this video to see how to access those filters and when to clean them.

It also shows you how to clean the brush roll and other maintenance tips.


Shark offers a VIP lifetime warranty (click on the link for more details!) for this particular model.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsHard Floor Genie with one microfiber pad

Canister Caddy

TruePet Mini Motorized Brush

Dusting Genie

Dusting Brush

11" Crevice Tool

Pet Upholstery Tool
Cord Length30 feet
Auto Cord Rewind
Motorized brush
Brush on/off switch
Filter clogged indicator
Full bin indicator

Dirt bin is transparent
Self propelled
Net weight15.7 pounds
Shipping weight27.8 pounds
Hose length15.4 feet
Cleaning Path11.5"
Dirt capacityN/A
Filter typeWashable main filter and HEPA filter
Power1,200 Watts
Voltage120 volts
Manufactured inChina
WarrantyVIP Lifetime Warranty

See it in Action

Unboxing video from VacBin

A review from a housewife who says this is the only vacuum she needs in her home

From QVC…

Customer Reviews

Consumers who bought this machine really loved how it performed. Primarily they liked the versatility, mainly the option for consumers to use the main motorized head even in “lift away” mode.

This allows option allows consumers to clean underneath furniture provided that the tool and extension wand fits.

Think this as a Dyson DC59 on steroids in terms of power and versatility.

The stiff bristles provide excellent agitation on carpet and the hard floor genie works great on tiled flooring.

Great versatility for an upright vacuum

One comment summed it all up – this product is unmatched when it comes to versatility.

You can pay twice more for a Dyson but don not get “measurable benefit” and lose functionality, pay three times for a Miele only to see marginal gains but lose on versatility, pay a crazy amount for a Kirby, Rainbow or a Riccar but not have the versatility that this machine has.

And to go with the versatility this machine really picks up dirt and it will be most useful on carpet.

The mini motorized brush even though its air-powered does a great job in picking up dirt and pet hair.

Folks also loved how strong the LED lights – it really helps tracking dirt on hard to track surfaces like hardwood.

Or in this case a dark-colored rug…

Shark LED

There’s also an LED light on the handle which helps when cleaning upholstery.

Now to the downsides based on consumer feedback.

This upright is heavy

At 15.4 pounds, this product is quite heavy which can be good because you know Shark used quality materials.

Another complaint is long hair wrapping up on the brush which is a universal problem that plagues all vacuums that do not have the anti-tangle system.

If you need a vacuum that can tackle pet or human hair without the tangles, then go with the Shark APEX with Zero-M.

The bristles also have a tendency to fray after heavy usage. Hopefully, this won’t be an issue long term.

While Shark recommends users cleaning the filter every three months, one consumer disagrees saying that because this vacuum separates fine and heavy debris in different sections of the dirt bin.

HEPA filtration

Shark filters actually do a decent job trapping fine dust in both pre and post-motor filters.

But you need to clean the filters (pre-motor that is) to maintain performance and frequency will depend on how dirty the environment is.

Failing to clean the filter and replacing the HEPA would render this less efficient and in the long run damage the motor.

You can buy extra filters to eliminate downtime waiting for the filters to dry up. These only cost an extra $14 but it’ll save you time and extend the life of the vacuum.

Overall this machine had very good ratings thanks to the combination of insane versatility, cleaning performance and price (it is cheaper than other high end brands like Dyson, Miele and Rainbow).

Where can I buy this?

The best you’ll get right now would be in Amazon where this upright costs a little less than $250. Take note that it comes with the “TruePet” mini-motorized tool that’s great for cleaning pet hair on upholstery.

Buy this direct from Shark is actually more expensive at over $300!

Shark has released a new product called the DuoClean Powered LiftAway. And both of these products have the same features but the newer NV800 series has the DuoClean brush roll system.

In terms of power, it retains the same motor as the NV752 but it has better agitation, especially on bare floor. These upgrades will come at a $50 premium.

To Wrap Up

When I first saw this, I thought it would just be like all the other Lift Away models but Shark really did their R&D and produced a truly well-designed vacuum.

This is the only upright vacuum in the market right now where that can be converted into a canister and still use the powered tool.

Unparalleled versatility for an upright

It allows consumers unparalleled flexibility in terms of cleaning areas under furniture without the need to move them.

Moving furniture can be a back breaking proposition, literally so this machine can save you money not only in buying additional cleaning tools but also in medical bills.

Suction based on reviews is great, capable of picking up fine dirt, pet hair and dust bunnies without much of a problem.

Good quality product

The overall design of this machine is very well thought out, everything locks into place with a noticeable click.

And the caddy has a storage system for some of the attachments including the wand. It also comes with a bag to store other attachments that don’t fit in the caddy.

Thumbs up to Shark for providing all these goodies at a price that won’t break the bank.

In terms of features and reach, I’d go with this over a Dyson but it won’t filter as well so it’s a trade off you need to consider.

I hope that more people will notice it and give this a shot. You should give it a shot if you’re looking for a versatile cleaning tool that can do everything.

More Affordable Option Than The Dyson for Cleaning Carpet
  • Ergonomics - 93%
  • Surface Cleaning - 92%
  • Quality - 94%
  • Design - 95%
  • Value - 96%
  • Deep Cleaning - 100%


This Shark upright is one of the best options for cleaning carpet thanks to its outstanding airflow and suction. It actually has more airflow than other more expensive upright vacuums such as the Dyson Ball Animal 2 and Miele U1 Twist. It does extremely well at cleaning surface and embedded dirt on carpet thanks to the high airflow and agitation, but the lack of the DuoClean head means that the main cleaning head will just snowplow stuff like Cheerios and Fruit loops. If you need something that cleans carpets well then the Shark Rotator NV752 made be a fit for your needs.