Best Dyson Vacuum: Are They Worth the Price?

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Best Dyson VacuumThe brand Dyson has always been synonymous to innovation. James Dyson was the pioneer of the bag-less vacuum cleaner in an era where the bag was king.

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In fact it took him over 5,000 tries to perfect the technology.

And even when he has made it well enough for production no company would take his invention and manufacture it because the money made from all the bags sold was just too lucrative for manufacturers to even think about tweaking the product.

So James Dyson started his company Dyson and the rest as they say is history.

Companies who are known for their bagged vacuums, companies like Bissell and Hoover now also have manufactured their own line of bagless vacuums.

And the irony of it is they copied the cyclonic filtration system that was pioneered by Dyson himself.

Products like the Bissell PowerGlide and Hoover Air Cordless Lift come to mind.

Other manufacturers like the Shark have copied how Dyson has designed their cordless DC series vacuum. The Shark Rocket comes to mind.

As they say imitation is the highest form of flattery. And when big time manufacturers imitate your product, you know you’re doing something right.

Some say that Dyson products are expensive and I will not argue with you.

But what you’re getting is a quality product that will clean your home. And backed up by a long warrant – as much as a 5 year warranty on their upright and canister vacuums.

If you’re thinking of considering a Dyson, here are the 5 best Dyson vacuums right now.

ModelV6 Absolute

V6 Absolute
Ball Multi Floor

Ball Multi Floor
DC39 Animal

DC39 Animal
V6 Mattress

V6 Mattress
Cinetic Big Ball

Cinetic Big Ball
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AttachmentsSoft roller cleaner head

Direct-drive cleaner head

Mini motorized tool

Mini soft dusting brush

Combination accessory tool

Crevice tool
Combination brush/crevice tool

Stair tool
Combination crevice / dusting brush tool

Stair tool

Telescopic wand

Tangle-free turbine tool
Motorized mattress tool

Mini Soft dusting brush

Combination accessory tool

Crevice tool
Combination crevice and brush tool
Cord LengthNo cord - this is a cordless vacuum30 feet21.3 feetNo cord - this is a cordless vacuum35 feet
Auto Cord RewindNoNoYesNoNo
Motorized brushYesYesYes
* air powered
Brush on/off switchNoYesYesNoYes
Full bin indicatorNoNoNoNoNo
HEPA FiltrationYesYesYesYesYes
Net weight5.1 pounds17.3 pounds16.89 pounds3.5 pounds11 pounds
Hose lengthNo HoseN/A5-1/2 feetNo HoseN/A
Cleaning Path9.8"N/A10.3"5.7"13.5"
Dirt capacity128 ounces (0.11 gallons)0.55 gallons2 liters128 ounces (0.11 gallons)
Power28 AW
100 AW (Max/boost)
245 air watts275 air watts28 AW
100 AW (Max/boost)
Warranty2 years5 years5 year2 years2 years

Absolutely Worth It: V6 Absolute

Absolutely Worth It: Dyson V6 AbsoluteDyson has continually pushed the envelope when it comes to their cordless vacuum technology. And the V6 Absolute is one of the best, if not the best in the market right now.

Editor’s note: Since I’ve posted this comparison Dyson has released two new variants – the V7 and V8. Both these have longer run time and an improved dirt bin that’s less messy to empty.

When you activate the max mode, it has the strongest suction.

And with the addition soft roller cleaning brush, it has improved the way it cleans bare floor surfaces.

Tool for cleaning bare floor

Whereas previous versions relied on a bristled brush to clean all types of surfaces, the Absolute adds to specially designed beater bar just for bare floors.

Here’s a test on a big mess on this hardwood flooring with fine dust, rice and hair, a really big mess, which isn’t typical when you’re cleaning bare floor.

This type of mess is usually the worst case scenario.

To show you how this vacuum performs watch this video and you bee the judge…

In just one forward pass, this machine was able to pick up all of the mess. And if you look closely it was even able to pick up messes under the cracks.

Sure there is some snowplow but it isn’t as bad. If you’re cleaning larger messes like scattered cheerios, you’ll probably need to use the crevice or brush tool.

Very expensive

Suction is superb for a cordless cleaner. The downside is first the price if you buy this in Amazon, it will cost you over $400. And if you buy it at a retail store, that price will most likely go up over $500 easy.

Also this vacuum has limited range because it’s a cordless. On normal mode, this will only run for around 20 minutes (non-stop). With the max on it goes down to 6 minutes.

On bare floor, you will not need that extra boost but in low to medium pile carpet you will probably need it.

Will not deep clean carpet

This brings us to another downside that is its inability to deep clean carpet.

Don’t expect this to clean an entire home because of its limited range. But for spot cleaning, there are only a few other cordless vacuums in the market that can match it performance wise.

But for homes with only bare floor (particularly small homes under 50 square meters or around 538 square feet), you can get away using this as a stand along cleaner without the need for a corded vacuum.

Bottom line: The V6 Absolute is a an absolute must have for anyone looking for a versatile handheld vacuum that you can use to clean both floors, upholstery and other nooks and crannies around the house. It comes with attachments you can use for carpet and bare floor plus other tools for upholstery and even ceiling vents.

Upright Power: Ball Multi-Floor

Upright Power Dyson Ball Multi FloorOf all the vacuums in Dyson’s product line up the Multi-Floor Ball vacuum is packed with probably the strongest suction power at 245 air watts.

What does that mean? It really sucks in a good way of course.

Cheaper than a Cinetic

To put that in perspective, if you compare this to the Dyson Cinetic that costs around $200++ more. It has 65 more air watts or 27% more suction power at a more affordable price.

And it will provide the same type of agitation. But with more suction power which simply means better deep cleaning power even on thick and plush carpet.

Do you want proof?

Check out this torture test, this isn’t a normal occurrence in your home unless you neglect to clean it for a year so it’s a good way to see how this performs…

You’ll see that it was able to pick up a ton of debris that include rice, pet hair and other debris scattered on carpet.

The strong suction also makes this a superb hard floor cleaner, especially if your hardwood floors have crevices where dirt can accumulate.

Strong suction and agitation

Dyson uprights are probably the best at this because of the strong suction plus you don’t have to worry about scratching because you can turn off the brush roll.

It also has a long 30 foot power cord that makes this a great option for larger homes.

Oh did I mention that it has a detachable hose and a bevy of tools like the crevice and combination tool for your above the floor cleaning needs.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a Dyson Upright look no further than this, it isn’t the latest. But it combines excellent suction and agitation that makes this the best deep cleaner Dyson has in my opinion. It’s also one of the most affordable at just under $300.

Versatile Canister: DC39 Animal

Versatile Canister Dyson DC39 AnimalThe DC39 Animal is outside the V6 series one of its more versatile products right now.

You can use it to clean floors, stairs and upholstery while still being light enough to drag around without hurting your back.

Strong suction

Suction wise this machine has very much ample power producing around 275 air watts.

This is more than enough suction to suck up debris on bare floor and even inside cracks of hard wood surfaces without need any help from a brush.

Performance on hard floor is great but it lacks a motorized brush. So it won’t clean as well on carpet.

Picking up surface dirt but when if you want something that will deep clean, it will struggle because of the lack of agitation.

No motorized brush

Despite this lack of a motorized brush this is still a great product.

Aside from being a floor cleaning, you can use this to clean upholstery and stairs as well as clean cob webs off ceiling vents or fans.

Bottom line: This vacuum will give you a lot of versatility since it will be able to clean floors, upholstery, stairs, tables, vents and pet hair thanks to the tangle free turbine tool. Biggest issue would be the lack of a motorized brush so it won’t deep clean as well.

For Mattresses: V6 Mattress

For Mattresses Dyson V6 MattressNot many people know this but our mattresses could be one of the dirtiest places at home. It may look clean at first glance but under a microscope it is far from clean.

According to the WHO, our skin sheds roughly 0.024 ounces to 0.072 ounces per day or around 0.55 to 1.6 pounds a year.

Tool for picking up bed bugs

Dead skin isn’t bad but you have to realize that dead skin is the primary food source of bed bugs that nest on the mattresses we sleep on every night.

While not hazardous to our health, bed bugs can be a nuisance cause rashes and itchiness on the skin. If your child has a skin condition like eczema, bed bugs could worsen it.

You have a few options to control this infestation.

First, you could hire a professional to vacuum your mattresses. But that service alone will set you back a few hundred dollars (at least). And you will have to hire them over a period of time to control the bed bug population.

The next option would be to buy a vacuum cleaner like the Rainbow that uses water filtration to deep clean mattresses yourself.

Cheaper option than a Rainbow

This is a better option than the first. But take note that a Rainbow costs well over $3,000 and weighs almost 20 pounds. If you live in a small home, this may not be a good option.

This brings me to the Dyson Mattress which Dyson specifically designed to clean mattresses thanks to the motorized power head that you can use to clean mattresses minus the weight and bulk of the rainbow.

At just under $230, this much cheaper than the Rainbow.

Here’s a short video on how it does on the mattress…

This product can also double as a handheld spot cleaner as it comes with a few other attachments like the crevice tool, combination brush/crevice tool and a soft bristle dusting brush just in case you need to clean delicate surfaces.

Like all new Dyson cordless vacuums it comes with a V6 motor that produces around 28 air watts in normal mode and a ridiculous 100 air watts in max mode which make this the strongest suction cordless in the market today (if not the strongest).

Run time can be an issue since it’ll only run for 20 minutes (6 minutes if you turn use the “max”).

Bottom line: This is a good alternative to the Rainbow vacuum if you want something to clean mattresses. It won’t deep clean like the Rainbow but you won’t have to spend $3,000. If won’t deep clean but it can keep bed bugs from piling up.

Filterless: Cinetic Big Ball

Filterless Dyson Cinetic UprightThis is a great example of Dyson pushing the envelope in terms of product innovation.

The Cinetic Big Ball is the first bag-less vacuum that does not use with any traditional cloth/paper filter that most other manufacturers use.

It does this by using what they call the “Cinetic Science” technology that oscillates at 350 times per second to prevent microscopic dust and from sticking on the cyclonic filtration system used.

This technology isn’t 100% filterless because there are two HEPA filters inside the ball.

These filters keep dirt that may have escaped the Cinetic filters from seeping through the exhaust.

Here’s how this technology works…

This is a huge step in the right direction in terms of innovation this technology is still in its infancy and far from perfect. It isn’t completely filter-less as Dyson would want you to believe because it contains a post motor filter which is a necessity.

Performance wise it has very good agitation on carpet. And the strong suction will make cleaning bare floor even easier…

Great agitation. After cleaning just a small area there’s lots of hair and dust picked up.

You can clearly see how the brushes agitate carpet. Emptying is another a bit messy because it does not have any bag which is something you’d expect from a bagless.

You’ll probably need another vacuum to thoroughly clean the bin.

Bottom line: The Cinetic is a great option if you need a deep cleaning vacuum for carpet. It is expensive but it can deep clean carpet a few other uprights in the market could. Newer Cinetic variants have improved in terms of filtration. So don’t hesitate to buy these if you need something that can clean carpets well.

Read this before you buy a Dyson or any other bag-less vacuum

While being a bagless vacuum have a lot of advantages like not having to spend money on bags which can easily add up over time. But these

One advantage a bagless vacuum has over a bagged vacuum is you don’t need to buy a bag.

The costs of these bags can add up over time. If you have asthma or any allergic condition then go with a bagged vacuum. Emptying a bagless is messy because there is exposure to dust.

One technique you can use is to bring out a big plastic trash bag and empty the bin inside it. This minimizes the amount of dust that falls on the ground or the air.

Here’s how you should empty a Dyson upright – the vacuum in the video is a Dyson Cinetic…

Emptying this can also be messy if you’re cleaning up lots of pet hair and dust.

These debris have static energy so it’ll stick on the dirt bin walls and filter. When you open the bin, it will not just fall but you’ll have to pull it out with your fingers.

Some blogs like the Daily Mom have written in detail how to thoroughly clean Dyson dirt cups.

What is the Best Dyson For Pet Hair?

It will depend on how large your home is and the number of pets you have inside.

For large homes with lots of carpet, you will definitely need a Dyson upright like the one I’ve featured here the Multi-floor ball vacuum that has top of the class suction and world class agitation.

The deep cleaning power of this upright is one of the best I’ve seen. And while you’re at it buy the tangle-free turbine tool to clean pet hair from your upholstery.

To Wrap Up

Make no question about it, Dyson is a great product. And they are leading the way in terms of innovation with the new Cinetic science technology.

But that vacuum is still a ways away because the filter-less system still needs to improve in terms of filtering fine dirt from coming out of the dirt bin.

It does look promising with improvements coming out of every succeeding variant.

Also don’t forget Dyson’s latest products like the V7 and V8.

The V8 is their latest cordless vacuum that has 20% more power. And as much as a 40 minute run time thanks to the new motor and redesigned battery.

The V7 is a hybrid of the V6 and V8 that comes with the redesigned bin and max button but retails the old motorized tools.

Even if the Dyson is expensive there are some good deals in Amazon if you know where to look. I’ve featured one of them here. The Dyson Ball Mult-Floor that only costs around $300 – a bargain in Dyson terms.

If you have any questions about Dyson vacuums or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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