Dyson V12 Detect vs. LG CordZero A9 Comparison

Dyson V12 Detect vs. LG A9 CordZero

We’ll look closely at the LG CordZero A9 and how it compares to the Dyson V12 Detect – how it compares to the industry standard. Is the LG better than the V12 Detect with all its technology?

I’ve put these vacuums through a series of tests to find out.

This article will start a new series as I compare the LG CordZero A9 to the different Dyson cordless stick vacuums from the V7 to the V15 Detect.

An overview of the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V12 Detect

LG CordZero A9

Airflow: 52 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.399 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 100% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 94.75% 📝 Weight: 6 lbs. 📝 Run time: up to 43 mins. 📝 Recharge: 3 to 4 hrs. 📝 Battery: 2300 mAh Li-ion 📝 Noise: 79.4 dB



Dyson V12 Detect

Airflow: 58.74 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.35 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 99.9% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 94.1% 📝 Run time: up to 63 mins. 📝 Recharge: 3-4 hrs. 📝 Battery: 2500 mAh Li-ion 📝 Weight: 5.2 lbs 📝 Noise: 80.7 dB



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Introduction to the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V12 Detect

Dyson V12 vs. LG CordZero full body

LG may be synonymous with washing machines, refrigerators, and AC units if you’ve shopped for consumer electronic products.

Only recently did LG start manufacturing cordless stick vacuums, and the CordZero A9 is their first and a good one in specific aspects.

LG’s First Cordless Stick Vacuum: LG CordZero A9

LG CordZero A9 in stick vacuum mode


  • Above-average deep cleaning performance
  • It comes with a dedicated stand for storing the vacuum and tools
  • Two batteries
  • Adjustable wand
  • Nozzles for hard floors and carpets
  • It is a good handheld option with a lightweight body


  • It doesn’t steer as well as the Dyson V12
  • A bit heavier than the V12 Detect

The CordZero A9 is LG’s first cordless stick vacuum, and it utilizes many of the same design principles as older Dyson products – the V7 and V8 with the vertically aligned dustbin.

One feature over the V7 and V8 is the dedicated stand for storing the vacuum and tools, plus a slot for the extra battery without the extra expense.

LG CordZero A9 whole body 1

Consumers will get a bunch of tools out of the box.

Foremost are the two nozzles for vacuuming hard floors and carpets.

LG CordZero A9 cleaning nozzles

Again, the soft roller and standard brush are borrowed concepts from Dyson. One variance is that the V12’s soft roller is slimmer and has a green laser, helping it accentuate almost-invisible dust better than any stick vacuum I’ve tested.

LG’s tools are above average, vacuuming surface debris and embedded sand, so it shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

It has an adjustable wand, which can help vacuum stairs more efficiently.

The CordZero’s handle placement is behind the dustbin – more ergonomic in its stick vacuum configuration.

However, it is not as good as a handheld because the rear handheld placement puts a lot of pressure on the arms and wrist, so it can be tiring.

LG CordZero A9 body only 1

One feature it didn’t copy from Dyson is the trigger. LG designers opted to use buttons.

LG CordZero A9 handle controls

Above the buttons is the battery indicator, letting consumers know how much charge is left.

The CordZero A9 uses a 2300 mAh lithium-ion battery and will run for up to 43 minutes – add the extra battery, and it goes up to 86 minutes.

Overall, the LG CordZero A9 is a solid cordless stick vacuum with excellent pick-up without the V12 technology but is slightly cheaper.

Premium Features For Less: Dyson V12 Detect

Dyson V12 Detect full body


  • Premium features for below-premium price levels
  • The hygienic system simplifies the dustbin-emptying process
  • Extended run time from the 2500 mAh battery (63 minutes)
  • Tracks dust like no other non-Dyson stick vacuum can
  • Some sub-models come with two batteries
  • Smooth steering
  • Excels at cleaning pet hair on fabric upholstery
  • Most ergonomic full-sized Dyson stick vacuum option


  • Expensive option
  • Noisy (especially at the max setting)

One intriguing Dyson option is the V12 Detect. While it doesn’t have the power of the full-sized options [V10 to V15], it makes up for it by being more ergonomic.

In other Dyson comparison articles, I’ve mentioned that it’s one of the best value options since it has its latest features minus the premium cost.

It’s the first Dyson full-sized option with a push-button switch.

Dyson V12 push button switch

When I say full-sized, I’m talking about something comparable to the V10 onwards (I’m talking about size and design), which discounts Dyson’s hard-floor-only options.

This variant is the lightest option, weighing (only) 4 pounds and 9.6 ounces.

You can see the size disparity in this side-by-side photo.

Dyson V12 vs. V15 Detect dustbin alignment

Dyson focused on ergonomics with this model, which is the most significant issue with the V10, V11, Outsize, and V15.

It has features similar to the V15 Detect but a much smaller frame and differing power switch.

My favorite is the laser slim roller, which accentuates dust even in dark areas.

Dyson V12 laser slim roller dust

The green laser provides excellent contrast and almost-invisible dust pops compared to a white LED-equipped stick vacuum.

Other helpful tools include the torque screw and light pipe crevice tool, but the attachments will depend on where you purchase them, so always check.

Two compromises include the lack of power and a small dustbin, but from the feedback, these are worth it if you correctly set expectations.

Don’t expect the V12 Detect to deep clean carpet as well as the V15 because it can’t with the smaller motor and V8-styled nozzle.

But for those looking for a lightweight, full-sized Dyson option with excellent ergonomics, the V12 Detect is something to consider.

Similarities between the LG A9 CordZero and Dyson V12 Detect

Next, we’ll look at the similarities between these cordless stick vacuums, starting with their versatility.

1. Versatility

Dyson V12 Detect vs. LG CordZero handheld mode

Thanks to the interchangeable tools and design framework, these products are versatile enough to be used in several configurations (handheld and stick).

Both are lightweight enough to be viable as handheld options, but I’d give the edge to the V12 with its handheld toolset.

2. Power Switch

Dyson V12 Detect vs. LG CordZero Power Switch

The Dyson V12 Detect and LG CordZero use push-button switches with varying designs.

LG utilizes a three-button layout on the upper portion of the handle for toggling between the two power settings and turning on the vacuum.

LG CordZero A9 handle controls

Dyson puts its switches in different locations – the big red power switch on top and an oval red switch below the LCD screen for selecting the power mode.

Dyson V12 Piezo sensor

3. Detachable Battery

Dyson V12 vs. LG CordZero

Another similarity is the detachable battery, available in select variants for both.

Detachable batteries are slowly becoming a must-have feature for cordless stick vacuums, and brands like LG and Dyson are slowly implementing them in their products.

One variance is the run time, where the V12 runs further (63 vs. 43 mins).

4. Standard Nozzle

Dyson V12 vs LG A9 CordZero standard nozzle comparison

Despite the cosmetic variance, the Dyson V12 and LG CordZero use the same-styled standard nozzle with the chunk brush roll.

The V12 reverted to the V8-style design with a low profile and rubber blade behind the brush, while the A9 CordZero uses a similar-style low profile nozzle but with a felt seal.

Dyson V12 vs LG A9 CordZero standard nozzle comparison underneath

5. Filtration

Dyson V12 vs LG CordZero filtration


The V12 Detect utilizes a one-piece filter with a fully-sealed system, helping it keep allergens inside the dustbin, while LG uses a two-piece system that slightly leaked during the fog test.


One way to test filtration is through a fog test, where I run the vacuums to check if it leaks through the exhaust or openings.

LG CordZero A9 fog tests

Unfortunately for LG, there were visible leaks in both areas, whereas there were none with the V12.

Dyson V12 fog test

Differences between the Dyson V12 Detect and LG A9 CordZero

Let’s examine the variances and potential deciding factors in choosing between these products.

1. Soft Roller Nozzle

Dyson V12 vs LG A9 CordZero soft roller nozzle

While both have a soft roller attachment, their designs vary in size and functionality.

LG’s soft roller is chunky without an LED, so there’s no way of tracking dust.

Dyson’s version has a slimmer profile with the green laser, helping consumers with tracking dust.

2. Dustbin Design

Dyson V12 vs LG A9 CordZero dustbin comparison

The dustbin design will vary with these stick vacuums – Dyson utilizes a horizontally aligned container, while LG uses a vertically aligned dustbin.

Nonetheless, there’s a slight variance with capacity (0.35 vs. 0.399 liters), so this isn’t a difference maker.

One feature giving the V12 the edge is the hygienic system, helping push dirt downward when emptying.

Dyson V12 dustbin open

3. Stand [LG A9 CordZero only]

One feature LG has over Dyson is the storage stand for storing the vacuum, extra battery, and tools.

LG A9 CordZero stand

Another helpful feature is it can charge two batteries simultaneously, so you’ll have something to use when the primary battery runs out.

LG CordZero A9 battery storage

4. Tools

Consumers will get different toolsets out of the box for these products.

LG Cord Zero accessories 1

  1. LG CordZero A9
  2. Soft roller
  3. Standard brush roll
  4. Crevice tool
  5. Combination tool
  6. Power punch nozzle
  7. Two batteries
  8. Stand dock

Dyson V12 tools

  1. Dyson V12 unit
  2. Motorbar cleaner head
  3. Laser slim fluffy
  4. Hair screw tool
  5. Light pipe crevice tool
  6. Mini soft dusting brush
  7. Stiff bristled brush
  8. Combination tool
  9. Under bed attachment
  10. Extra battery
  11. Extension wand
  12. Two battery chargers

Dyson wins this category since it’s got more specialty tools like the toque screw tool that excels in cleaning long hair strands on fabric upholstery.

Always check with the merchant about what tools come before purchasing – just a reminder.

Ergonomics Comparison

Dyson V12 vs. LG A9 CordZero handheld weight

With its lighter and more compact handheld frame, LG wins this category.

While it’s heavier with the nozzle and extension tube, the added weight isn’t a factor since it’s not on the handle.

The V12 is much improved over the V15 Detect with handheld ergonomics.

Another potential deciding factor is the tools, so carefully consider these things to see if they are enough to compensate for the A9 CordZero’s ergonomic advantages.

Interface Comparison

Dyson wins this category with its interactive LCD screen that provides real-time data with run time, Piezo readout, and potential error codes.

LG has no screen but only a three-bar LED for the battery status and the three-button power interface.

Battery and Run Time Comparison

There isn’t much variance in the battery capacity between the V12 Detect and A9 CordZero (2500 vs. 2300 mAh).

Both use a lithium-ion battery, so neither will fade during the battery’s charge cycle, but the V12 runs longer.

LG A9 CordZero
Cleaning Nozzle43 mins.N/A15 mins.
Dyson V12 Detect
Hard Floor63:00 mins37:50 minsN/A
Carpet42:00 mins27:31 mins6:25 mins

The V12 runs up to 63 minutes per battery, 20 more than the LG’s 43-minute figure, equating to over 120 minutes for variants with two batteries – compared to LG’s max of 86 minutes.

One advantage of LG is its run time in the max setting at 15 minutes compared to Dyson’s five.

Airflow Comparison

Next, we’ll look at the airflow variance, where the results are mixed.

LG A9 CordZero
Wand31 CFMN/A52 CFM
Cleaning Head24.53 CFMN/A36.32 CFM
Dyson V12 Detect
Wand27.43 CFM32.23 CFM58.74 CFM
Cleaning Head24 CFM28.52 CFM48.38 CFM

The A9 CordZero has more airflow in the lower settings, albeit negligible, but the V12 trumps it in the max setting (up to 28% more).

However, this variance isn’t a factor in the cleaning experiments as both picked up a high percentage.

Cleaning Comparison

ModelDyson V12 DetectLG A9 CordZero
Hard Floors (Surface Test)99.8%99.7%
Sand on Hard Floor99.9%100%
Carpet (Surface Test)99.45%99.95%
Deep Cleaning94.1%94.75%

Despite the airflow variance in the max setting, the cleaning test results are close – less than one percentage point gap.

So, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor since both will pick up debris well.

These results show that the Dyson V12 and LG CordZero are excellent at vacuuming surface debris and embedded stuff (up to mid-pile carpet).

Which option is better on hard floors?

Again, it’s (really) close, even with the sand experiment – both picked up most of it (100% vs. 99.9%).

Here’s a before and after shot for the Dyson V12 Detect.

Dyson V12 sand on hard floor

And LG CordZero.

LG CordZero A9 sand on hard floor tests

Even with the eye test, there’s slight variance, with both picking up everything in their path.

One aspect consumers should look at is whether they need the laser green sensor or the slim profile of the V12’s fluffy nozzle.

Dyson V12 laser slim roller inside dark room

It’s lighter and fits under low overhangs better than LG’s chunkier roller.

Hair Wrap Comparison [on Hard Floors]

Another thing to consider is how well the soft rollers resist tangles.

Please note that both don’t have an anti-tangle system, so these vacuums will rely on airflow to pick up hair.

The Dyson V12 Detect was slightly better, picking up in the high 90s (and some 100s) in most of the experiments.

Dyson V12 hair wrap soft roller

  • 5-inch strands: 96%
  • 7-inch strands: 100%
  • 9-inch strands: 92.5%
  • 11-inch strands: 98%
  • 13-inch strands: 100%

However, it’s not perfect, as hair will wrap on the axles since it has a sizable gap.

Dyson V12 hair on axle

The LG CordZero didn’t do as well, picking up only in the 90s with five-inch hair but only in the 80s with longer strands.

LG CordZero A9 hair wrap tests 1

  • 5-inch: 98%
  • 7-inch: 81%
  • 9-inch: 86%
  • 11-inch: 86%

You’ll notice more hair wrapping on the roller, which is easier to clean than trying to dislodge hair on the axle.

Edge Cleaning Comparison

Both cordless vacuums did well, picking up efficiently and leaving almost nothing behind.

First, we’ll look at the before and after shots for the V12 Detect.

Dyson V12 edge cleaning

And LG A9 CordZero

LG CordZero A9 edge cleaning 1

These are excellent results from the highly efficient soft roller nozzles.

Which is better on carpets?

Like the results on hard floors, this surface has a slight variance. The LG A9 CordZero and Dyson V12 Detect picked up a high percentage – 99s on surface debris and mid-90s with embedded sand (94.75% vs. 94.1%).

It’s that close!

Surprisingly, LG got better scores in the deep cleaning experiment – this shows its standard nozzle has better agitation than the V12 despite having less airflow.

Hair Wrap Comparison [on Carpets]

The V12 Detect did better on hard floors, whereas LG is better on carpets.

The chunkier brush roll is why the V12 has the advantage in other categories like airflow.

LG Cordless A9 hair wrap test on carpet

  • 5-inch: 99%
  • 7-inch: 100%
  • 9-inch: 100%
  • 11-inch: 99%

It picked up in the 99s and 100s across the board, while the Dyson V12 struggled with eleven-inch hair, only picking up 46%.

Dyson V12 hair wrap on carpet

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 95%
  • 9-inch strands: 91%
  • 11-inch strands: 46%

However, one plus for the V12 Detect is the torque screw tool, which is excellent at cleaning long hair strands (even high quantities) on fabric upholstery.

Dyson V12 hair screw tool before

Nothing wraps on the brush, even with this much hair.

Dyson V12 no hair on hair screw tool

Noise Comparison

ModelLG A9 CordZeroDyson V12
Low72.0 dB70.1 dB
Auto/MidN/A72.5 dB
Max79.4 dB80.7 dB

I used a sound meter beside the vacuum to check for the noise experiment. It’s the most accurate method since you’ll be handling it similarly.

The LG CordZero is the noisier option in the lower setting (over 72 decibels), while the V12 Detect was louder in the boost (or max) setting at over 80 decibels.

But it’s only a slight variance, so I don’t think this is a deciding factor.

More Dyson Comparison Articles

Dyson Versus Other Brands

Maintenance Comparison

Like all cordless stick vacuums, the Dyson V12 Detect and LG A9 CordZero have needed maintenance to last for years.

You’ll be spending a few hundred dollars on these products, so ensuring they last as long as possible makes sense.

  1. Primary nozzle: Clean the soft roller and standard nozzles weekly to reduce unnecessary wear and friction.
  2. Dustbin: Empty it after every run so the motor runs efficiently and prevents dust mites from breeding.
  3. Filter: Wash the filter monthly to prevent too much dust accumulation and degraded performance. I’d advise against washing the pleated portions since these use paper and will degrade with repeated washing.
  4. Battery: Avoid using the max setting for extended periods to prevent it from overheating and shortening its life.

Product Specifications

Dyson V12 Detect
LG A9 CordZero
Cordless Stick
Cordless Stick
Run time
up to 63 mins.
up to 43 mins.
2-3 hours
3-4 hours
Dirt capacity
0.35 liters
0.399 liters
5.2 pounds
6 pounds
Cleaning Path
58.74 CFM
52 CFM
2 yrs
2 yrs

Where can I purchase the Dyson V12 Detect and LG A9 CordZero?

These cordless stick vacuums are available in online stores like Amazon. Check the links below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: I’ll earn a commission if you purchase through any of the links above, but at no extra cost, so it’s a win for us!

Which offers the better value?

There isn’t much price variance between the LG A9 CordZero and Dyson V12 Detect.

The latter is slightly costlier but has more premium features, a more extended range, and better parts availability, thanks to Dyson’s popularity.

Cleaning performance is nearly identical based on experiments, so consumers must check their feature needs to decide which is better.

4 Reasons to Choose the LG CordZero

  1. (Slightly) Better Ergonomics: LG’s lighter frame offers better maneuverability in its handheld and stick vacuum configurations.
  2. Less expensive: Based on what I’ve seen on Amazon, the LG CordZero is cheaper and has less expensive alternatives than the V12 Detect.
  3. Excellent cleaning performance: Despite the lower airflow, the A9 CordZero picked up (slightly) more than the V12 Detect – a testament to its high-end agitation.
  4. Better hair pick-up: The CordZero’s standard nozzle did better than the V12 with eleven-inch strands, picking up 99% (vs. the V12’s 46%)

5 Reasons to Choose the Dyson V12 Detect

  1. More extended range: The V12’s two batteries will run longer than the LG CordZero (63 vs. 43 mins per battery)
  2. Easier to empty: Its hygienic system has a mechanism for pushing dirt downward.
  3. Tracks dust: This variant has the laser slim roller, helping it track almost invisible dust, regardless of the lighting conditions.
  4. More technology: The V12 Detect is a smaller version of the V15, so it adapts its features without the premium cost.
  5. Better filtration: 

The Verdict: Matter of Features

Choosing between the Dyson V12 Detect and LG A9 CordZero will depend on your desired features.

LG’s lighter frame makes it better ergonomically, but not by much since the weight difference is tiny.

The Dyson V12 offers more technology without breaking the bank. If having the latest technology is paramount or needed (like the laser slim roller), the V12 is the better option.

Otherwise, the LG CordZero is a good, less expensive alternative that will vacuum well.

Change log:

  • March 1, 2024: replaced the cover photo with a larger one and edited some parts of the article to improve readability.

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