LG CordZero A9 vs. Dyson V10 Absolute Comparison

LG CordZero A9 vs. Dyson V10 Absolute

Continuing my series on LG vs. Dyson, we’ll look at the CordZero A9 and V10 Absolute – much closer than the V15 comparison previously.

LG is a new player in this niche, and the CordZero series is its first cordless stick vacuum.

It takes its design cues from Dyson but with its (own) twists in certain aspects, like the three-button interface behind the handle.

The V10 Absolute was Dyson’s first with the horizontally aligned dustbin and signaled its shift to focusing solely on cordless vacuums.

So which option is better? I’ve put both products through a grueling series of tests to find out.

An Overview of the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V10 Absolute

LG CordZero A9

Airflow: 52 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.399 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 100% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 94.75% 📝 Weight: 6 lbs. 📝 Run time: up to 43 mins. 📝 Recharge: 3 to 4 hrs. 📝 Battery: 2300 mAh Li-ion 📝 Noise: 79.4 dB



Dyson V10

Airflow: 59.71 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.77 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 100% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 97.03% 📝 Weight: 5.9 lbs. 📝 Run time: up to 61:59 mins. 📝| Recharge: 4.5 hrs. 📝 Battery: 3600 mAh Li-ion 📝 Noise: 76.7 dB



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Introduction to the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V10 Absolute

LG CordZero A9 vs. Dyson V10 Absolute full body

Unlike the V15, the V10 Absolute doesn’t possess Dyson’s latest tech since it’s an older variant, so these machines are closer in product specifications.

However, unlike LG, the V10 uses a horizontally aligned dustbin, which signals a significant shift in how Dyson designs its products.

All models after it (V11, Outsize, V15, V12, Omni-Glide, and Micro 1.5KG) utilize the same dustbin orientation to maximize volume.

LG’s initial release has lots of shades of the V8 but with some of its flavor.

More Affordable Dyson Option: Dyson V10 Absolute

Dyson V10 Review


  • (Slightly) more airflow than the LG CordZero
  • Lengthier run time
  • Above-average at vacuuming embedded debris
  • Adjustable gates help the standard nozzle pick up large debris piles
  • Fully-sealed system


  • Non-detachable battery
  • Noisy

Before Dyson’s feature-packed options came out was the V10 Absolute. This model was a bridge between the current and previous generation models.

You can see traces of the Dyson V8 with the slide switch for toggling between three power settings and the non-detachable battery.

Since it’s an older variant, the V10 uses older tech from the previous generation Dysons like the soft roller attachment.


It like like the V8’s version since both use chunk rollers.

Dyson V8 and V10 Cleaning Heads

However, one upgrade Dyson added to the V10 is the adjustable gates, helping it to clean large debris piles previously impossible without them.


Another upgrade is the larger battery capacity – a 3600 mAh lithium-ion battery, but not a detachable one.

The capacity increase bumped the run time from 40 to 60 minutes using a non-powered attachment.

And Dyson’s claims are pretty accurate, as all the variants I’ve reviewed exceeded their claimed figures.

Unfortunately, the V10 doesn’t have all the bells and whistles.

There’s no interactive LCD screen or the laser slim roller, so whether these features are necessary will depend on the consumer.

It’s above average at cleaning surface and embedded debris but not as potent as newer Dyson options since it has a weaker motor.

But with the release of the newer variants, its price has dropped considerably – excellent news for consumers.

Lighter Alternative: LG CordZero A9

LG CordZero A9 in stick vacuum mode


  • Decent surface debris pick-up despite the low airflow (with the nozzle)
  • Lighter and more ergonomic option than the Dyson V10
  • Specialized tools for hard floors and carpets
  • The adjustable wand provides more options for consumers with height adjustability
  • It comes with two detachable batteries


  • Small dustbin
  • Leaked during the fog test

LG’s first foray into the cordless stick vacuum industry is a welcome sight to consumers – more competitors mean competition, which drives innovation and competitive prices.

The CordZero A9 copied many of Dyson’s design principles, specifically the vertically aligned dustbin.

However, LG adds some ingenuity in some aspects, particularly the charging stand/tool holder, something absent with Dyson.

LG A9 CordZero stand

Not only does it store the vacuum and tools, but it also has an extra port for charging the extra battery.

LG CordZero A9 battery storage

This product comes with specialized tools for vacuuming hard floors and carpets.

LG CordZero A9 cleaning nozzles

Despite the lack of airflow (relative to other like-priced options), it was above-average with debris pick up, even embedded dirt.

One advantage of its vertically aligned dustbin is its lightweight nature since it isn’t as bulky, making it a better option for handheld use.

It has similar tools as the Dyson V8 but not Dyson’s variety, so it’s limited in its functionality.

Similarities between the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V10 Absolute

While these products don’t look similar, there are some similarities if you look closely.

1. Soft Roller

LG CordZero A9 vs Dyson V10 soft roller

There’s not much variance between the Dyson V10 and LG CordZero soft roller attachment.

Both use the identical chunky roller with LG’s version (slightly) wider.

These tools efficiently pick up debris on hard floors, and the cleaning experiments back these claims.

2. Versatility

The LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V10 Absolute are versatile cordless vacuums usable in various configurations.

Consumers can use this as a handheld vacuum for cleaning upholstery and a stick vacuum for cleaning flat surfaces.

However, the tools will vary for these products. Dyson has more out of the box.

Dyson V10 tools

  1. Soft roller
  2. Torque Drive
  3. Mini turbo brush
  4. Crevice tool
  5. Combination tool
  6. Soft dusting brush
  7. Extension wand
  8. Charging dock

Since it isn’t as popular, LG doesn’t have as many tools, with fewer options and no third-party manufacturer support.

LG Cord Zero accessories 1

  1. LG CordZero A9
  2. Soft roller
  3. Standard brush roll
  4. Crevice tool
  5. Combination tool
  6. Power punch nozzle
  7. Two batteries
  8. Stand dock

One advantage of LG is the charging stand/storage rack – something Dyson doesn’t have out of the box.

It provides consumers a venue for storing the vacuum vertically, minimizing the risk of misplacing the attachments.

Differences between the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V10 Absolute

Next, we’ll look at the variances between these products, starting with the dustbin.

1. Dustbin

LG CordZero A9 vs. Dyson V10 Absolute dustbin

There’s a considerable size variance between the LG CordZero and Dyson V10 dustbin – size and volume.

The Dyson V10 (nearly) doubles the capacity (0.77 vs. 0.399 liters) and has a hygienic system, making the emptying process straightforward.

LG doesn’t have this feature, but the AZ927KVMS variant has the debris compactor feature increasing the capacity up to 2.4 times.

2. Battery

The next variance is the battery – capacity and range. Dyson started using the 3600 mAh li-ion batteries with the V10, progressively improving range.

Dyson V10 model look up

This model has a (claimed) run time of 60 minutes, exceeding the claim at 61 with the crevice tool.

LG uses a smaller 2300 mAh battery with less range (43 mins), but most options come with an extra, doubling that number to 86.

However, Dyson’s battery isn’t detachable.

Dyson V10 attach new battery

Consumers will need to use a screwdriver to remove it, whereas the LG CordZero battery has a release latch, making it easier to remove.

LG CordZero A9 battery capacity 1

3. Power Switch

Dyson utilized the trigger in the V10 Absolute, while LG uses a three-button layout to turn on the vacuum and toggle between the two power settings.

The V10 uses a slide switch for toggling between the three suction settings. It’s the last Dyson cordless stick vacuum with this feature after the V7 and V8.


Not until the Omni Glide and Micro did Dyson put a push-button switch, and their latest releases, the V12 Detect and Gen5 Detect, have adopted it.

4. Seal

All Dyson products, including the V10 Absolute, have a sealed system that didn’t leak during the fog test.

Dyson V10 fog test

While the LG CordZero has a HEPA filter, its seals weren’t as good, and there were visible leaks.

LG CordZero A9 fog tests

The good news is it didn’t leak badly, but there was visible seepage through the HEPA filter and trap door underneath.

Ergonomic Comparison

One significant advantage of LG’s vertically aligned dustbin is the lightweight frame, making it more ergonomic than the bulky Dyson V10 body.

If you’re looking for a stick vacuum with above-average handheld usability, strongly consider the CordZero A9 because of this feature.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have as many tools as Dyson, but what it has is enough for most vacuuming tasks.

Interface Comparison

LG CordZero vs. Dyson V10 interface

Unlike the V11, Outsize, and V15, the V10 Absolute has no LCD screen.

This model retains the same design elements as the V8 but with a horizontally-aligned dustbin.

Dyson V8 and V10 Max Switch

It’s the last Dyson option with a non-digital interface.

LG doesn’t use a trigger but a three-button interface to power the vacuum and toggle between the two power settings.

LG CordZero A9 handle controls

In front of it is the three-LED battery indicator, similar to the V10’s version, but Dyson has it below the handle.

Run Time Comparison

Dyson V10 Absolute
Non-powered61:59 mins.31:33 mins.5:07 mins.
Cleaning Nozzle46:45 mins.25:37 mins.5:42 mins.
LG CordZero A9
Cleaning Nozzle43 mins.N/A15 mins

Dyson utilizes a larger battery (3600 vs. 2300 mAh), but the run time variance with the cleaning nozzle isn’t much (46 vs. 43 mins).

Add that LG has two batteries, giving it the edge over the V10 since consumers can’t remove its battery easily without tools.

Another plus for LG is its long run time in the max setting (15 vs. 5 mins), so it deep cleans carpets for longer stretches.

Airflow Comparison

Next, we’ll look at the airflow of these products, and I used an anemometer to check air turbulence going through the nozzle and extension wand.

LG A9 CordZero
Wand31 CFMN/A52 CFM
Cleaning Head24.53 CFMN/A36.32 CFM
Dyson V10 Absolute
Wand28.57 CFM36 CFM59.71 CFM
Cleaning Head26 CFM31.37 CFM49.27 CFM

The V10 Absolute has more airflow than LG, even if it’s an older variant in both the wand and nozzle.

It has (up to) 13% more at the extension tube, making it above average in cleaning loose debris.

Cleaning Comparison

ModelDyson V10 AbsoluteLG A9 CordZero
Hard Floors (Surface Test)98.84%99.7%
Sand on Hard Floor100%100%
Carpet (Surface Test)98.4%99.95%
Deep Cleaning97.03%94.75%

Even with the higher airflow, the Dyson V10 picked up less surface debris than the LG CordZero A9 (at least for these experiments).

One reason could be the old method of doing these tests.

Dyson V10 cleaning test using coffee on hard floor

Instead of spreading debris on a horizontal plane, I did so vertically, perpendicular to the nozzle.

So there’s more likelihood of it not picking up as well.

Nonetheless, the scores were closer despite the V10’s airflow advantage.

Which is better on hard floors?

Both picked up 100% in the sand on hard floor tests, one criterion I use to gauge performance on this surface.

Here’s a before and after for the Dyson V10 Absolute.

Dyson V10 sand on hard floor test using the soft roller

And the LG CordZero A9.

LG CordZero A9 sand on hard floor tests

There isn’t any variance, even with the eye test, as both got every crumb of sand.

Both models have a soft roller attachment, which is highly efficient at picking up debris, even with sand.

Hair Wrap Comparison [Hard Floors]

While airflow isn’t a factor in picking up surface debris, it is in cleaning hair, especially vacuuming long strands.

None of these products have an active anti-tangle system with soft roller attachments, so it relies primarily on airflow to prevent anything from tangling.

And the V10 picked up a higher percentage across the board, except for eleven-inch hair.

Dyson V10 hair wrap on hard floor experiments

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 95%
  • 9-inch strands: 91%
  • 11-inch strands: 46%

It only got 46% with eleven-inch strands compared to LG’s 86%.

LG CordZero A9 hair wrap tests 1

  • 5-inch strands: 98%
  • 7-inch strands: 81%
  • 9-inch strands: 86%
  • 11-inch strands: 86%

LG picked up a lower percentage with seven and nine-inch hair but is much better at vacuuming eleven-inch hair.

I don’t recommend either for cleaning heavy pet hair because some of it will wrap on the axles or roller (especially with long hair).

Edge Cleaning Comparison

There’s not much variance between the Dyson V10 and LG CordZero in cleaning edges, as both got (nearly) everything in this area.

Dyson V10 edge cleaning

Even with this much debris, the Dyson V10 picked up nearly every crumb.

The LG CordZero A9 also did excellent, picking up nearly everything.

LG CordZero A9 edge cleaning 1

You can’t go wrong with either at cleaning this area.

Which option is better on carpets?

The LG CordZero (actually) picked up more surface debris, but the V10 Absolute got three percentage points better with embedded sand (on mid-pile carpet).

Dyson’s higher airflow is why it got a higher average, but it’s using the max setting, where LG runs further (15 vs. 5 mins).

One advantage of the V10 is the adjustable gates, enabling it to pick up large dirt piles without snowplowing them.

Dyson V10 snowplow effect

Hair Wrap Comparison [on Carpets]

Surprisingly, the LG CordZero was better at cleaning hair on carpets, picking up in the high 90s and 100s in experiments between nine and eleven inches, despite having less airflow.

LG Cordless A9 hair wrap test on carpet

  • 5-inch strands: 99%
  • 7-inch: 100%
  • 9-inch: 100%
  • 11-inch: 99%

Unfortunately, even with the higher airflow, the V10 Absolute wasn’t as good,  struggling with eleven-inch hair, only getting 30%.

Dyson V10 hair wrap experiment on carpets

  • 5-inch strands: 96%
  • 7-inch strands: 100%
  • 9-inch strands: 92.5%
  • 11-inch strands: 30%

I think the LG’s chunkier brush roll is one factor that enables it to resist tangles better.

Noise Comparison

I used a sound meter to check these vacuums for the noise test, and here are the results.

ModelLG A9 CordZeroDyson V10 Absolute
Low72.0 dB64.1 dB
Auto/MidN/A71.6 dB
Max79.4 dB76.7 dB

Despite the lower airflow, the LG CordZero recorded higher decibel levels in the low and max settings.

The variance isn’t as significant with the ear test, and I placed the sound meter farther with Dyson than in the LG experiment, so that’s also a factor.

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Maintenance Comparison

These cordless stick vacuums need upkeep to maintain their performance for years. I’ll enumerate a list of components below to clean and recommended intervals.

  1. Primary brush roll: Check and clean the soft roller and standard nozzle (at least) weekly to remove any dust and hair accumulation on the roller and axles to prevent unnecessary wear and tear. If you own pets, do this maintenance more often.
  2. Dustbin: Empty it after every cleaning chore and avoid overfilling it to prevent overworking the motor and clogging the outer filter.
  3. Filter: Wash it monthly (at least the primary filter) to maintain suction and prevent performance degradation. Don’t use any detergents, only cool running water, but avoid soaking the pleated component since it uses a paper element.
  4. Battery: Avoid using the max setting for extended stretches to avoid overheating it and prolonging its service life.
  5. Tools: Use a clean microfiber towel to wipe the tools and accessories to remove any surface dust accumulation.

Product Specifications

LG CordZero A9
Dyson V10 Absolute
Cordless Stick
Cordless Stick
Run time
up to 43 mins.
up to 61 mins.
3-4 hours
3.5 hours
Dirt capacity
0.399 liters
0.77 liters
6 pounds
5.9 pounds
Cleaning Path
52 CFM
59.71 CFM
2 yrs
2 yrs

Where can I purchase the LG CordZero A9 and Dyson V10 Absolute?

These products are available in online stores like Amazon. Check the links below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: I’ll earn a commission if you purchase through any of the links above, but at no extra cost, so it’s a win for us!

Which offers the better value?

Given its price variance, it’s a toss-up between the Dyson V10 and LG CordZero A9.

Each model offers distinct advantages. I’ll enumerate below and compare these pluses with what you prioritize before making a decision.

5 Reasons to Choose the LG CordZero A9

  1. Two batteries: Most CordZero A9 variants come with two batteries, doubling the claimed run time to 86+ minutes, more than 20 mins longer than the V10 Absolute.
  2. Detachable battery: LG’s battery has a release latch, making it easy to remove.
  3. Storage and charging stand: It comes with a stand to store the vacuum and tools, plus charge the extra battery – something missing from most Dyson options.
  4. Better at cleaning hair: Despite the lower airflow, the LG CordZero picked up more hair, particularly on carpets.
  5. Runs further in the max setting: This model will run longer at the max setting (15 vs. 5 mins)

4 Reasons to Choose the Dyson V10 Absolute

  1. Better at cleaning embedded debris: The V10’s higher airflow enables it to pick up more (embedded) dirt on carpets.
  2. More tools: The Absolute variant comes with more attachments than LG. Also, there will be more tool options because of Dyson tool interchangeability.
  3. Third-party support: Dyson’s popularity means more manufacturers will design tools for it to make a profit.
  4. Larger dustbin: The 0.77-liter capacity nearly doubles LG’s volume (0.399 liters).

The Verdict: Close Call, Will Depend on What You Prioritize

There isn’t much variance between these cordless vacuums in cleaning performance, so consumers will need to look at other aspects as deciding factors.

Also, price-wise these are close, but that will vary depending on the season.

Do you prioritize capacity? The Dyson V10’s larger dustbin enables it to clean a bigger space without emptying it as often.

Do you need to clean lots of long hair? Surprisingly, the LG CordZero is better, especially on carpets, where it got more.

Is a detachable battery a must-have feature? Again, the advantage goes to LG since it has a detachable battery and two of them!

Again, list the things you’ll need and check the results I’ve enumerated in this comparison before making a final call.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.