10 Best Cordless Stick Vacuums in 2020: Review and Comparison

Best Cordless Stick Vacuum

Cordless stick vacuums are a lighter alternative to a full-sized upright that can tip the scales at more than 15 pounds and we’ll be looking at the best options available in this review.

Yes, these vacuums are pricier and, some say, not as reliable as their corded counterparts, but it’s hard to ignore the conveniences they bring to the table.

The fact that it does not have a cord, frees you up from having to look for a power outlet.

It’s lightweight construction and compact design features allow it to move around and under furniture with ease.

With the advancements in battery technology, some of the options here will run way past 60 minutes and yet still capable of even cleaning embedded dirt on carpet.

I’ll divide this list into two. First is the premium section for the more expensive options that provide both outstanding cleaning performance and filtration. Second, are the budget alternatives that provide decent cleaning performance but don’t filter as well.

What is the Best Cordless Stick Vacuum?

Dyson V10 Absolute

It’s hard to ignore the performance that the Dyson V10 brings to the table. This Dyson cordless isn’t the most powerful, but it’s cheaper than the V11 which makes a more attractive option. The upgraded battery enables this stick vacuum to run for as long as 60 minutes without the motorized tools. It also has the new torque drive tool that does very well on rugs and carpet scoring 99% in an industry-standard carpet deep cleaning test.

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Even with the Torque Drive tool, it will run for up to 46 minutes on the lowest setting, 26 minutes on medium and 5:42 minutes in max mode.

It won’t do as well at deep cleaning against the Dyson V11, but the price difference will make up for it.

For quick cleanup tasks, or even as the primary cleaning tool in a smaller home, the V10 Absolute is more than capable to do the task.

Upgrade Option

Tineco Pure One S12

The Pure One S12 from Tineco may not match the Dyson V11 when it comes to cleaning performance. But it makes up for it with the sheer number of attachments plus the extra Li-ion battery that doubles the run time (up to 100 mins). It isn’t a slouch when it comes to suction producing up to 43 cfm which is 16 less than the V11. However, the value of the S12 is more than just raw power. It’s got some unique features that provide more value for your dollar.

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One of the unique features is the large LED screen on top that provides information about power, battery status, and much more.

Tineco Pure One S12 Slider

The LED screen of the Tineco Pure One S12 shows vital information about the vacuum, behind it is a slider that allows you to adjust the suction manually.

Another feature not found in any of the high-end vacuums here is the sensor that automatically adjusts suction.

What’s unique about it is it boosts suction if the sensor detects more dirt. Unlike the Dyson that regulates suction based on the floor type.

There are four options to choose from – the S12 M Lite, S12 M, S12 and S12 Plus. The S12 Plus is the most expensive option and comes with both the soft roller and the direct drive power brush.

It’s also got the filter cleaning tool that’s Tineco has patented, so I don’t think you’ll see this in other brands.

I’d say the Tineco Pure One S12 is a better option than the V11 because of the sheer number of tools it offers. It’s got an extra battery that helps it extend the battery life up to 100 minutes.

A Consumer Reports’ Favorite

Bissell AirRam 1984

If the two recommendations above are too costly, then have a close look at this Bissell. The AirRam 1984 is currently Consumer Reports’ pick as their best stick vacuum thanks to its excellent performance on carpet and bare floors, low price point (compared to a Dyson), and the self-standing capability. Its unique design brings down the motor and dust cup down to the main cleaning head to maximize efficiency and also reducing the weight on the handle. This feature makes the Bissell AirRam less tiring to use for cleaning larger areas.

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Despite not having as much airflow as the Dyson V10 or V11, it still was able to deep clean as well as the V11 at 100%.

The main cleaning head has a powerful brush roll and self-adjusting gate in front that creates a seal on the pull so even embedded dirt is sucked in.

While most cordless vacuums struggle on bare floor, the Bissell AirRam excels in debris pick up regardless of size thanks again to the self-adjusting gate.

This feature provides enough clearance for larger bits of dirt to fit and then closes back down to create a seal to pick up finer particles like sand.

An overview of the best cordless stick vacuum cleaners

You can check vital information such as run time, weight, warranty, and airflow in this section.


Dyson V10 Absolute
  • Airflow: up to 33 cfm
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 61 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 97.03%


Tineco Pure One S12
  • Airflow: up to 49 cfm
  • Weight: 6.68 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 66 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 98.3%


  • Airflow: up to 27 cfm
  • Weight: 7.75 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 42:47 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 100%


  • Airflow: up to 44 cfm
  • Weight: 12.03 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 31:01 mins.
  • Warranty: 5 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 70.2%


  • Airflow: up to 59 cfm
  • Weight: 5.9 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 74 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 100%


  • Airflow: up to 46 cfm
  • Weight: 5.75 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 42:48 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 97.7%


  • Airflow: up to 32 cfm
  • Weight: 8 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 60 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 84%


  • Airflow: up to 43 cfm
  • Weight: 2.84 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 26:06 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.
  • Deep cleaning: 90%


  • Airflow: up to 33 cfm
  • Weight: 6.39 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 22:06 mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.


  • Airflow: up to 31 cfm
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Run time: up to 20:08mins.
  • Warranty: 2 yrs.

Best Overall: Dyson V10 Absolute

Dyson V10 Review


Despite not being the latest, the Dyson V10 is an excellent option for folks looking for a versatile cord-free stick vacuum for their whole home cleaning needs.

It’s got that rare combination of power, versatility and outstanding filtration not seen in a lot of cordless vacuums.

With the V11 on board, the V10’s prices have gone down significantly. The price drop makes this a more attractive option the more expensive V11.

What makes this a good option?

  • Less expensive than the V11: The V10 Absolute’s cleaning performance versus the V11 isn’t that far off to justify the price difference. Unless your home has wall to wall carpeting, the V10 is the better option in my opinion.
  • Will clean carpet and hard floors: There’s no questioning the performance of the V10 on bare floor and carpet. The soft roller and torque drive tools will clean floors well.
  • Runs for more than an hour: Using any of the suction only tools such as the crevice or brush attachments, the V10 will run for as long as 61 minutes.
  • Large dust cup: The 0.75-liter capacity almost doubles that of the Dyson V8. It’s also larger than the Bissell AirRam’s 0.6-liter volume.

Potential issues

  • Costly alternative: Despite the price drop, the V10 is still one of the more expensive options for the list.
  • Top-heavy: The larger motor and battery have increased the weight making this even more top-heavy.

The V10 is a major shift in the direction that Dyson is making as a company. James Dyson recently said that their company is now only focusing solely on cord-free vacuums. The subsequent release of the V11 less than a year after these variants shows that Dyson is serious about their plan.

One of the major developments Dyson did with the V10 is airflow and that is evident with the jump in power from the V8 to the V10.

They did this by realigning the bin horizontally so that there is less drag.

The result is shown in the cleaning performance where it scores high marks on both surface pick and deep cleaning.

It was able to pick up to 99% on medium pile carpet on industry-standard tests done by Vacuum Wars. I did a test of my own and it picked up 97.5% using the max power setting.

While the soft roller tool is excellent on bare floor, the torque drive head is also a capable tool thanks to the two adjustable front gates.

A high-end stick vacuum like the Dyson V10 is insanely expensive. If the idea of buying such an expensive vacuum isn’t your cup of tea then I suggest having a close look at these options that cost below $100.

The clearance is large enough for Cheerios or cereal to fit through, but you’ll need to zigzag the cleaning head for to funnel the debris through the gates.

I’d say that the V10 Animal is a better option for those who don’t mind not having the soft roller head.

To give you an idea of how long it runs, here are the figures with the torque drive tool attached:

  • Low: 46:16 mins.
  • Medium: 26: 56 mins.
  • High: 6:30 mins.

Even with the bump in power, Dyson was able to extend how long the battery runs thanks to the larger Li-ion battery.

However, this comes at the cost of weight.

The V10 is a top-heavy vacuum. Using this for extended periods for cleaning floors will tire out your arms. The weight at the handle is around 3 pounds, compare that to the Bissell AirRam at 0.9 pounds – it is a significant difference.

Bottom line:

Folks looking for a versatile and powerful cleaning tool should give the Dyson V10 a close look. It has excellent cleaning performance thanks to the new V10 motor and a large, seven-cell, 525-watt lithium-ion battery. This battery will last for 15-years according to James Dyson so this should bode well for its long term viability.

Upgrade Pick: Tineco Pure One S12

Tineco Pure One S12

The Pure One S12 is Tineco’s latest cordless stick vacuum and its best available product to date.

This variant is packed with high-tech features some of it isn’t found in other brands like the Dyson or Shark.

One of which is the large LED screen on top that provides information such as battery life and power mode that is adjustable using a slider. This feature is only available in the S12 and S12 Plus.

What makes this a good option?

  • It’s got a horde of tools: When it comes to the sheer number of tools, the Pure One S12 comes with a bunch. It will vary depending on the model, but one constant for all options is the mini-turbo brush.
  • Dirt detect sensor: The Tineco’s sensor is unique in that it adjusts suction based on the amount of dirt and not the type of surface it is cleaning. Unlike the Dyson where suction increases when it sensor detects carpet and decreases it on hard floor.
  • More power than the Dyson V10: Power at the wand is at 43 cfm – 2 cfm higher than the Dyson V10 in its highest setting.
  • Deep cleans carpet: The powerful suction translates to superb performance on carpet as the Pure One S12 was able to pick up 99% of sand on medium-pile carpet.
  • Two batteries: All packages come with two Li-ion batteries that will run for up to 100 mins combined.

Potential issues

  • High cost: This variant will almost cost as much as the top-of-the-line Dyson V11, but it does come with more tools, an extra battery, plus the soft roller cleaning head, so you’ll be getting more for every dollar you spend.

Not only did Tineco improve upon the performance of their previous models – the A10 and A11, they also improved the fit and finish.

It’s also got the most number of tools out of the box. I’ll mention a few that are interesting.

Tineco Pure One S12 Tools


The first is the filter cleaning tool that Tineco has a patent on. It makes the process simple and mess-free.

Another tool is a camera attachment that helps with visibility when cleaning above-floor areas.

As for cleaning performance, the S10 performs quite well, picking up almost 100% of surface dirt on carpet and hard floor. It also excels at cleaning embedded dirt on carpet, picking up 99% in its highest setting.

Bottom line:

The Tineco Pure One S12 is at the same price range as the V11, but it provides better value with the diversity of tools it’s got. No, it isn’t as powerful as the Dyson, but the difference really isn’t significant.

Consumer Reports’ Favorite: Bissell AirRam 1984

Readers of the Consumer Reports’ blog will be familiar with this vacuum.

The Bissell AirRam 1984 is their pick for the “best stick vacuum” replacing the Dyson V8 Absolute.

It scores an excellent rating on their carpet and bare floor cleaning tests.

The unique design of the AirRam puts the least amount of weight on the handle – less than a pound.

This puts less strain on the arms and wrist when cleaning floors. The bottom-heavy design also allows it to stand on its own unlike the Dyson V10 or V11.

What makes this a good option?

  • Excellent performance on carpet and bare floor: Despite not having as strong a suction as the Dyson, the Bissell AirRam still is an outstanding cleaner on carpet and hard floor. This is a testament to the exceptional design of the main cleaning head capable of cleaning large and small particles of dirt on various surfaces.
  • Less tiring to use: With most of the weight at the base, maneuvering this stick vacuum around won’t be as tiring as the more top heavy options such as the Tineco and Dyson.
  • Decent dust cup size: The 0.6 liter capacity isn’t the largest but it’s large enough for small cleaning tasks.
  • More reasonably priced: This Bissell is proof that you don’t have to spend top dollar for a vacuum that can clean.
  • Self-standing: Another advantage of the bottom-heavy design is its ability to stand on its own. There’s no need for a separate dock to store this vertically.
  • Removable battery: The Li-ion battery can be removed with the need for special tools and replacement batteries are available.

Potential issues

  • No extra tools: This vacuum will only clean floors. It does not have any hose, wand, or extra tools for cleaning upholstery, but it is compact enough to use on stairs.
  • Plastic clips on the handle can break: There were complaints about the plastic clips on the handle breaking. Bissell will send you a replacement if it does under warranty.
  • No HEPA filter: It does not have a sealed system or HEPA filtration, but most of the vacuums in this price range don’t so it isn’t really a con.

The Bissell AirRam is built for cleaning floors, nothing else with its motor and dust cup at the base.

This was done to improve airflow and maximize the power output of the smaller motor.

The downside to this design is the lack of extra tools for cleaning upholstery. However, this vacuum is light enough that it’s usable to clean stairs though not as easy to use on it.

It’s has a low profile design that can fit under most furniture. The swivel steering is smooth enough that cleaning around the furniture will not be a concern.

In terms of dirt capacity, the AirRam can hold a decent amount at 0.6 liters which is bigger than the Dyson V8 (0.54 li.), but still smaller than the V10 (0.77 li.).

One feature I like is the lever that helps push out stubborn dirt that gets stuck at the back of the bin.

It does not have any HEPA filtration, but most of the stick vacuums in this price range don’t so it’s not a big deal. The foam filter is washable and you’ll have to wash it often to maintain airflow and performance.

Bottom line:

The Bissell AirRam 1984 is an excellent option for people looking for a sensibly priced stick vacuum that will clean floors. It performs well on rugs, carpet, and hard floors plus it’ll run for over 42 mins at its lowest setting which is more than enough for a cordless vacuum. Don’t expect any versatility as this vacuum will only clean floors and stairs.

Excellent on Hard Floors: Shark ION P50

Shark ION P50 Review

One of the most unique options to come out is the Shark ION P50.

Instead of following the Dyson footprint of using a detachable wand, Shark came up with its own design where this stick vacuum will morph into a canister vacuum.

Another feature unique to the ION P50 is the DuoClean design that combines the soft roller and a traditional bristle attachment. Shark has a patent to this so you won’t see it in other brands.

Shark ION P50 Duo Clean Head

The DuoClean technology is one of the best options available for cleaning bare floor and surface dirt on carpet. It won’t do as well in terms of deep cleaning though at an 86% score in tests.
Shark manufacturers some of the more innovative upright and stick vacuums out there. Learn more about their latest technology such as the Zero-M, DuoClean, and ION Flex in this article.
Since the two elements are combined, there’s no need to change the cleaning head every time there is a transition from carpet to hard floor and vice versa.

What makes this a good option?

  • DuoClean is superb: The ION P50 is hands down the best option for homes with hard floor because of the DuoClean head. Its ability to pick up dirt of various sizes is ranks up there and even better than Dyson’s soft roller in my opinion.
  • Exceptionally long run time: With the main cleaning head, the P50 will run for up to 31 minutes. Using the suction only tools, that goes up to 55 minutes and 22 seconds.
  • Huge dust cup: The P50 has one of the largest dirt capacities for cordless vacuums available right now. It can store up to 4 cups of dry dirt, bigger than a Dyson V8, V10 and V11.
  • Easy to empty bin: Emptying the dust cup is easy thanks to the large doors on both sides. It is designed such that it isn’t prone to debris getting stuck.
  • Bright LED lights: Visibility in low light areas won’t be an issue thanks to the LED lights on the cleaning head. This feature helps greatly in cleaning dust under furniture.

Potential issues

  • Expensive: Despite being cheaper than the Dyson, the ION P50 is still more costly than most of the options here. But the technology it brings to the table makes up for the high cost.
  • Hard to use on stairs: The long nozzle on top of the main cleaning head makes it tough to use it on stairs.

The distinctiveness of this vacuum cleaner is evident in the design with the motor and dust cup closer to the base.

This design makes it less top-heavy and less tiring to use when cleaning floors.

In terms of weight, it is one of the heaviest, but in lift away mode it becomes one of the lightest to use with the dust cup on your non-dominant hand lightening up the load.

Even in stick mode, it is one of the easiest to use because most of the weight is down below.

The wand is easy to remove and great for cleaning above-floor areas like upholstery using any of the add-on tools.

Bottom line:

The Shark ION P50 is an excellent alternative to a Dyson if you’re looking for something at a lower price point. It offers similar versatility and cleaning performance for surface dirt. Shark backs up their products with a long 5-year warranty which easily stomps a Dyson.

Best for Carpet: Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 Review

One of the biggest issues with cord-free vacuums as little as 5 years ago is its inability to effectively clean carpet for lengthy periods.

Most options back then will run for only 20 minutes then power is cut off. The Dyson V11 solves this issue thanks to some great engineering.

Further upgrades to the battery technology have increased battery life for up to 30% across all power settings and configurations!

What makes this stick vacuum cleaner a good option?

  • Will deep clean carpet for longer periods: The biggest advantage the V11 has over the V10 is its ability to deep clean carpet for up to 43 minutes.
  • Automatically adjusts suction: Inside the main cleaning head is a sensor that detects the floor type and adjusts suction accordingly. This feature further helps with maximizing battery life.
  • LCD screen: Behind motor is an LCD screen that gives you a heads up when to clean (or replace) the filters, battery life, and power setting.
  • More power: The upgraded motor in the V11 has 27.6% more suction than the V10. This increase is evident in the deep cleaning tests where it scored a 100%, and it performed best in the crevice pick up test.
  • Runs longer: On average the V11 will run for about 30% longer than the V10. If you live in a larger home with lots of carpet, this may be the better option.

Potential issues

  • Insanely expensive: Depending on where you purchase this, the V11 will be very, very, very costly.
  • Heavy: The larger motor and battery has a negative side effect – an increase in weight. This variant weighs close to 7 pounds!

These improvements give the V11 the ability to clean larger homes, even those with lots of carpet.

Take note that the “Absolute” option with the soft roller attachment is not available in the United States, but only in the United Kingdom or in Asia.

But it isn’t really a big deal because the torque drive tool is more than capable of tackling hard floor regardless of debris size.

Inside the brush of the torque drive is a sensor that detects what type of floor it’s cleaning. If it senses carpet, it automatically increases suction.

However, it will not detect the amount of dirt, so regardless of how dirty the floor is it will not adjust suction even if the volume of dirt increases. Only the Tineco Pure One has this feature.

There’s also an LCD screen that provides critical information about filter (when to change or clean), power mode, and run-time remaining which automatically changes on the fly depending on the power mode, surface, and configuration.

Dyson V11 LCD Screen

Bottom line:

The Dyson V11 is a glimpse of what to expect from cordless vacuums in the future. It has a ridiculous amount of power and runs way past the 60-minute figure using the suction only tools. The only issue is the price if you’re willing to spend for high-end vacuuming technology.

Budget High-End: Dyson V8 Animal

Dyson V8 Review


Using the term budget and Dyson in the same sentence may sound oxymoronic, but for this instance, I feel that it is applicable.

I put the Dyson V8 over the V6 here because of the significant improvements in two key areas – run time and dirt disposal.

The V8 is equipped with the hygienic dust cup system that’s easier to empty. It will also run longer than the V6 – up to 42 minutes using suction only tools.

Performance won’t be as good as the Dyson V10 or V11 as far as deep cleaning carpet is concerned, but it’s almost identical with debris pick up on any surface.

What makes this a good option?

  • Lower price point: The top-spec V8 Animal costs only a fraction of the V10 and cleans almost as well (at least on carpet).
  • Lighter option: One issue with the next generation Dyson cordless vacuums is their weight that makes vacuuming more tiring on the forearm. The V8 is a better alternative for people for something lighter and more compact.
  • Decent power: The V8 digital motor produces 46 cfm of airflow in the max setting. This power is evident in deep cleaning test results were the V8 picked up 92% on medium pile carpet which is better than the Shark ION P50 (86%) and F80 (84%).
  • Adaptable to any cleaning need: This variant comes with enough attachments to clean different areas in the home such as upholstery, vents, and much more.

Potential issues

  • Smallish dust cup: The V8 can only hold up to 0.54 liters of dry dirt. It’s not too small, but compared to the capacity of the ION P50, it pales in comparison.
  • Still costly: Even with the drop in prices, the V8 is still one of the more expensive options in this list.

For a number of years, the V8 was a popular cordless stick vacuum option, not only in Amazon, but also in Consumer Reports.

The combination of power, versatility, and compact design make it a popular choice.

It was still able to do very well in deep cleaning tests, scoring 92% which is better than the Shark ION P50 and Roidmi F8 storm.

Still, the V8 Animal is still more expensive than those two and suitable for homes that have carpet.

Bottom line:

The Dyson V8 Animal is an excellent option for people looking for a lightweight stick vacuum that will do well on carpet. It also doubles as a hand vacuum suitable for cleaning upholstery and stairs.

Best Upright Style Cordless Stick Vacuum: Black + Decker PowerSeries Pro Anti-Allergen

Black & DeckerP ower Series Pro HCUA525JA Review

Another type of stick vacuum to look at is the upright style variety.

Manufacturers actually call these products upright cordless vacuums because they are upright, meaning it stands upright on its own.

These vacuums have upright vacuum qualities that include having larger dirt making it an excellent alternative for cleaning large flat spaces.

The Black + Decker PowerSeries Pro is the best of the bunch thanks to its versatility, battery life, and above-average cleaning performance.

What makes this a good option?

  • Above-average cleaning performance: The PowerSeries Pro Anti Allergen version is the best performing of all the popular upright cordless vacuums with a deep cleaning performance of 84%. It’s better than the Hoover Signature Series (78%) and the Shark Navigator FreeStyle (76%).
  • Large capacity dust cup: The 1-liter capacity easily beats the Dyson V10 (0.77 liters), and the Bissell AirRam (0.6 liters).
  • Lift away makes it feather-light cleaning above floors: This vacuum will morph into a lightweight canister-type vacuum in lift-away mode.
  • Has some versatility: It comes with three types of brush tools and a crevice tool for cleaning different zones aside from floors.
  • Runs for an hour: The 60-minute claim of Black + Decker is accurate, but only on the low power setting with the brush off.

Potential issues

  • HEPA filter not washable: The post-motor HEPA filter of the PowerSeries Pro Anti Allergen isn’t washable and needs to be replaced every few months.
  • Heavy: This vacuum is heavy weighing 8 pounds, but with most of the weight at the bottom, it’s pretty light on the forearm.
  • Long recharge time: It will take between 5 to 6 hours to fully charge.
  • Internal battery: The built-in battery isn’t replaceable unless you bring it to a Black + Decker service center.

This cordless upright will function as a handheld vacuum in lift-away mode. The flexible hose and wand give it good reach and the ability to clean furniture, stairs, etc.

It scores above-average marks in the embedded sand deep cleaning test, picking up around 84%.

The dirt bin has ample size – holding up to 1 liter of dry dirt, and it has a trash compactor feature that pushes the dirt down.

Black+ Decker Power Series Pro Dust Bin

Looks like a trash compactor that pushes down dirt to carve out more space inside the bin.

It’s a neat feature to have to carve out more space inside the bin and delay vacuum longer.

Black + Decker claim that a full charge will last for 60 minutes. That figure is accurate but only at low power and the brush turned off.

Tests show that the optimal setting is at medium power with the brush roll on which brings down the run time to 31 minutes and 13 seconds. It is still a very decent number for a cordless.

However, it will take 5 to 6 hours to go back from empty to full – very lengthy.

Bottom line:

If you don’t mind having to wait as much as 6 hours to recharge, the Black + Decker PowerSeries Pro is an excellent choice for people looking for a good performing upright-style cordless vacuum. I’d recommend the Anti-Allergen version because it has the HEPA filter and performs the best.

Out of the Box Option: MOOSOO Cordless Stick

Moosoo Cordless Stick Vacuum

MOOSOO is a new brand compared to other brands such as Shark, Bissell, and Dyson, but it’s been making waves thanks to the outstanding performance and reasonable pricing.

Three of their most popular models are the 618A, 618B, and the K17 (upgraded version).

Of the three, the 618B has the most airflow with 43 cfm on its high setting. The K17 has 39 cfm at high and 27 cfm on low while the 618A has 36 cfm on high and 30 cfm on low.

This power is seen in the deep cleaning tests where the 618A and 618B picking up 90% and the K17 at 88%.

The difference isn’t really significant considering the K17 has a better brush design that resists hair tangles well and a redesigned dust cup that doesn’t clog with large debris.

What makes this a good option?

  • Sensibly priced: MOOSOO offers a mid-level option for a stick vacuum that deep cleans almost as well as a Dyson V8.
  • LED headlights: There’s a row of LED headlights on the cleaning head that helps track dirt under furniture.
  • Lots of attachments: The K17 is the most attachments with three extra tools for upholstery and stairs.
  • Lightweight and nimble: All these options weigh less than 4 pounds with the K17 being the lightest and most maneuverable.
  • Removable battery: The battery is removable and replacement batteries are available at a reasonable price.

Potential issues:

  • Does not have a sealed system: MOOSOO says that their products have HEPA filtration, but results of the fog tests say otherwise.
  • Can’t clean extra-large dirt on hard floors: Even with the ridges on the main cleaning head, it isn’t big enough to accommodate large stuff like fruit loops on bare floor.

All three have extra tools that help with above-floor cleaning. Of the three, the K17 has the most attachments.

Run time will vary depending on the option you choose.

The XL-618B will run the longest based on tests at 26 minutes and 6 seconds which is the best in terms of power/airflow ratio.

The XL-618A comes in second with 20 minutes and 36 seconds on high and the K17 is last running at just 17 minutes and 58 seconds.

All these tests were done with the main cleaning head attached, so expect figures close to that.

Bottom line:

The MOOSOO cordless does not wow you with jaw-dropping numbers, but it’s not as expensive as the other options at the top – a big reason why it is so popular right now. What matters is it cleans well, runs long enough and has enough tools for cleaning different areas at home.

Budget options

The next section is the budget alternatives for people who want something more reasonable. These options fall below the $100 and won’t clean as well as the premium alternatives. Another downside is the filtration or the lack thereof – these low-priced vacuums don’t offer much filtration, so allergens will seep through the exhaust.

Dirt Devil Reach MAX

Dirt Devil Plus BD22510PC Review

Of all the stick vacuums in this list, the Dirt Devil Reach Max is the most inexpensive.

Surprisingly, it also has the most power, comparing it to the other vacuums in the same price range.

Aside from raw power, it also has an interesting collection of tools.

These include an onboard crevice tool and a stair tool with an adjustable swivel that you can also use on the vertical parts of the stairs.

The stair tool can swivel to the side making stair cleaning a more seamless process.

It has outstanding power and airflow that shows in the results of the cleaning tests. However, the not-so-stiff-bristles hamper it in deep cleaning.

There are two main issues with the – the dust cup and battery. There’s no issue with the battery performance but since it is built-in the vacuum, there’s no way of replacing it DIY, but there haven’t been issues with so far reading the reviews.

The dust cup is small and not removable. It’s got lots of tight crevices where dust and small debris will latch on to making it difficult to clean.

What makes this a good option?

  • Least costly option: The Dirt Devil Reach MAX is the cheapest alternative of all the choices here.
  • Excellent suction: It also scores high in terms of airflow, measuring 33 cfm on high and 29 on low which is slightly below the Dyson V10 on the low and medium. These are outstanding features from a vacuum at this low price point.
  • Remarkable surface dirt pickup: The high airflow numbers translate well in how it picks up dirt on both bare floor and carpet. It is able to tackle small to large debris without any issues.
  • Decent run time: In tests, this cordless will run for up to 24 minutes on low power and 14 minutes and 58 seconds on high, again outstanding figures from something this cheap.

Potential issues

  • Hard to empty: The dirt bin of this vacuum is notoriously difficult to empty because of the tight clearances.
  • So-so agitation: Don’t expect this vacuum to deep clean carpet because the bristles aren’t stiff enough to do so.

Bottom line:

The Dirt Devil Reach MAX is a decent option thanks to its low price and outstanding debris pick up at least for surface dirt. Unfortunately, there are some issues as I’ve outlined above, but if you can look past those this is a decent alternative for people looking for something economical.

Bissell Multi Reach 21513

The Bissell Multi Reach is another option at this price range with cool features that help a lot with usability.

It’s got LED lights on both the main cleaning head and the handheld unit that helps significantly with visibility.

Another strong point of this Bissell is the attachment set. It’s got some excellent tools that include an onboard crevice tool, a high-quality brush tool, high reach extension wand, and a power brush stair tool.

The Multi Reach is built for cleaning tight spots with its lightweight design and slim compact design.

Aside from above floor cleaning versatility, the coolest feature, in my opinion, would be the multi-surface technology.

Bissell Multi-Surface Technology

The Multi-Surface technology from Bissell is innovative because the gate opens as you push the vacuum forward to allow large debris to fit and the closes on the pull to create a seal.

It is an innovative gate that opens up on the forward push to allow large debris to fit through and closes upon the backward pull to provide maximum airflow.

This ingenious design performs best on hard floors as it swallows up everything in its path except (this includes pet hair) for extra-large debris like fruit loops.

It also does well on carpet, picking up surface dirt like hair, dust, sand, pet litter, and this time, extra-large stuff like fruit loops.

What makes this a good option?

  • Outstanding floor cleaning tool: The innovative gates of the main cleaning head allow large debris to fit through on the forward push while maintaining airflow and seal on the backward push.
  • An excellent option for pet hair: It’s got right toolset to tackle pet hair on floors and upholstery.
  • Bright LED lights: The main cleaning head and the handheld part of the vacuum have LED lights that help greatly in tracking almost invisible dust.
  • Removable battery: The Li-ion battery can be easily removed and buying extras isn’t expensive.

Potential issues

  • Small dust cup: The compact design does not allow Bissell to put in a large dust cup.
  • Does not deep clean: It lacks agitation to deep clean like an upright, but that’s a rarity for a cordless stick vacuum in this price range.

Bottom line:

Pet owners looking for a lightweight and easy to use cordless stick vacuum should look at this Bissell Multi Reach. It isn’t as powerful as the Dirt Devil, but the outstanding design of the tools make up for the lack of power.

What makes a great cordless stick vacuum?

How to Choosea Cordless Stick Vacuum

Choosing a great product that will work well inside your home depends on the need.  A good benchmark would be how well it performs on carpet. Chances are a vacuum that does well on carpet will also do well on bare floor.

Here are some guidelines to look during product selection.

  1. Roller brush: Nearly all of the models here that did well in cleaning tests use a brush roll whether it’s a soft roller, a bristle brush or a combination of both as in the case with Shark.
  2. Airflow/suction: These two play a crucial part in determining how well or poorly a vacuum will clean. Of the two, airflow is weightier because vacuums with higher airflow tend to perform better regardless of surface. Unfortunately, manufacturers don’t use a uniform unit to measure this, so an anemometer and a suction gauge are used to measure these two metrics.
  3. Clearance: This feature is important because not only will you clean dust, but also other stuff like cereal, pet litter, etc. A cleaning head with too little clearance for debris will just snowplow larger bits of dirt. The top brands have adjustable gates that help with this. Others rely on a second brush roll – usually a soft roller for this task.
  4. Battery life/run time: To fully maximize a stick vacuum, it needs to run for at least 20 minutes. Fortunately, the best models here exceed the 60-minute mark but these options are more expensive.
  5. Replaceable batteries: Perhaps the biggest weak point of a cordless would be the battery, if it is built-in and there’s no replacement available, the vacuum becomes disposable after a certain period.
  6. Profile: One of the primary plus points of stick vacuums is its ability to go deep under furniture. A low profile is a must-have for this task to be a success.
  7. Swivel: Having this feature helps greatly in moving the vacuum around and under furniture. It also puts less pressure on your forearms as there will be less effort in steering.
  8. Multi-functionality: A lot of people buy these vacuums as a supplementary tool to an upright. So having additional tools that will help clean areas such as stairs and upholstery adds a lot of value. It also helps save space because a separate product for such is no longer needed.
  9. Size/Weight: Buying a lighter and compact vacuum helps a great deal not just with storage but also with usability. Most 2-in-1 stick vacuums that check these boxes are light enough to use for cleaning let’s say ceiling vents and nimble enough to clean edges, furniture, and stairs.
  10. Self-standing: The ability of the vacuum to stand on its own helps with storage as there’s no need to drill walls for a dock or lay it down on the floor and occupy more space than needed.
  11. Brand: I hate to sound like a snob but the brand should also play a crucial part in your selection. The most trusted brands have an excelling track record for aftersales service and availability of parts in the aftermarket.

Corded vs. Cordless

The debate between choosing a corded and cordless stick vacuum will boil down to convenience vs. longevity.

Cordless vacuums rely on a battery for power. The longer you use it, the shorter it runs.

Fortunately, batteries technology has evolved to a point that Dyson says that the batteries they use on the V10 series and onwards will last for 15 years.

Batteries also suffer from the “memory effect” where suction can fluctuate depending on the battery level.

A stick vacuum with a cord does not have these issues as there is always a constant source of power.

The downside to these products is the presence of a cord and the need to plug and unplug – it can be annoying.

Also, there aren’t as many options for corded vacuums as cord-free options are more popular than ever.

Fortunately, the best options you’ll see here will run for as much as 100 minutes – from two batteries.

Some have detachable batteries and replacements are available online at reasonable prices.

The verdict: What is the best stick vacuum?

There’s no doubt that a cord-free stick vacuum is a must-have tool inside most houses today.

Their combination of power, technology, cleaning performance, and run time make it a very useful cleaning tool to keep dust, dirt, and pet hair away.

Choosing the best one will depend on the need and budget. The top three options here aren’t cheap but offer excellent cleaning on a variety of surfaces.

With the exception of the Bissell, the Dyson V10 and Tineco Pure One S12 offer pass emissions tests making sure that the air you breathe stay clean while vacuuming.

Best Value for Cleaning Performance

The Dyson V10 is on the upper echelon when it comes to raw power and cleaning prowess. It isn’t as powerful as the V11 but it’s cheaper which makes it a more sensible option. Combine that with the lifetime washable filter, vast toolset, and long battery life, it’s the best option available right now.

Check the latest price of the Dyson V10

Best Value for Hard Floors

Homes with hard floor will benefit from the Shark ION P50. The DuoClean head is one of the finest for dirt pickup on hard surfaces. With most of the weight near the base, it’s one of the easiest to use for vacuuming floors. The large 4-cup capacity dirt bin enables this to clean larger areas without having to pause to empty.

Check the latest price of the Shark ION P50

Best Value for Attachments

Nothing comes close to Tineco Pure One S12 when it comes to the sheer number of tools you’ll get out of the box. It has every conceivable attachment for cleaning a different part of the house. Heck, it even has one for cleaning the filter. This option is also one of the most high-tech with high-end performance.

Check the latest price of the Tineco Pure One S12

Best Value for Cleaning Floors

The Bissell AirRam is the easiest on the forearm when navigating floors weighing only 0.94 pounds at the handle. It does extremely well on bare floor and carpet which is a reason why Consumer Reports named it their top stick vacuum. However, it does not have any other tools which limit it to just cleaning floors.

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