Dyson Cyclone V10 vs V15 Detect Side-by-Side Comparison

We’ll look closely at the Dyson V10 and V15 in this comparison. It’s an overdue article with all the Dyson articles I’ve written, but I’m writing it to help consumers torn between these options.

These models represent how far Dyson products have come. The V10 was the first Dyson to utilize the horizontal dustbin, representing James Dyson’s master plan of developing better cord-free products.

The V15 Detect was the crown jewel of this vision, as it was the most potent Dyson cordless until the Gen5 Detect came out.

Now, I’m comparing these products in detail.

An Overview of the Dyson V10 and V15 Detect

More Basic: Dyson Cyclone V10

Dyson V10 Review

Airflow: 59.71 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.77 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 100% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 97.03% 📝 Weight: 5.9 lbs. 📝 Run time: up to 61:59 mins. 📝| Recharge: 4.5 hrs. 📝 Battery: 3600 mAh Li-ion 📝 Noise: 76.7 dB

The Dyson V10 offers a lighter frame, a more basic interface, and above-average cleaning performance. Its technology is somewhat dated since it was introduced more than five years ago, but consumers will enjoy more savings than the newer and more powerful V15 Detect. If you don’t mind not having the added illuminating of the laser slim roller, the longer run time, or the detachable battery, this is an excellent option inside smaller homes.


  • Cheaper than the V15 Detect
  • Quieter motor
  • Lighter frame
  • The simpler design should last longer
  • Abundant parts availability
  • Above-average cleaning performance


  • Non detachable battery
  • Not as good as the V15 at deep cleaning carpet
  • Shorter run time



Better Tech: Dyson V15 Detect

Dyson V15 Detect

Airflow: 73 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.77 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 99.8% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 100% 📝 Weight: 6.8 lbs. 📝 Run time: up to 84:19 mins. 📝 Recharge: 4.5 hrs. 📝 Battery: 3600 mAh Li-ion 📝 Noise: 80.8 dB
The V15 Detect offers nearly every new feature of Dyson but at a reduced cost since it’s no longer the flagship. But don’t let this deter you from considering it. One reason is the huge price reduction. This model offers the same high-end performance as the Gen5 Detect but at a cheaper cost. Another reason to consider this is newer releases come with the upgraded laser slim roller with the twice-as-bright green laser. This model will run longer, deep clean better, and have more helpful attachments.


  • Better cleaning performance on carpet
  • It runs much longer (over 84 minutes in the lowest setting on hard floors)
  • The bright green laser accentuates almost-invisible dust
  • Detachable battery
  • Offers the latest Dyson tech at a reduced cost


  • More expensive than the Dyson V10
  • Noisy




* If you click the links above and purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost.

Similarities of the Dyson V10 and V15 Detect

Despite the technology gap, there are notable similarities between these products.

1. Trigger


The V10 and V15 Detect utilize a trigger as a power switch for turning on the motor.

Whether this feature is practical will depend on your preference. I don’t mind using the trigger for cleaning floors, but it can be tiring to use in its handheld configuration.

Dyson V15 trigger

Consumers have been clamoring for a change, and Dyson acquiesced, first with the V12 Detect, then the Gen5 series.

2. Horizontal Dustbin

Dyson V10 hair in dust cup

The next similarity is their horizontal dustbins, so these models have the same capacity of 0.77 liters.

Another similarity of the V10 and V15 Detect is both utilize the hygienic system.

Dyson V15 hygienic system

3. Interchangeable Tools

The V10 and V15 Detect utilize interchangeable tools, enabling consumers to use them as a handheld or stick vacuum.

Dyson V15 tools

  1. High-torque cleaning head
  2. Slim roller attachment
  3. Wall mountable dock
  4. Extension tube
  5. Crevice tool
  6. Hair screw tool
  7. Wand clip
  8. Flexible extension hose
  9. Soft dusting brush
  10. Combination tool
  11. Charger

DysonV10Tools 1

  1. Soft roller
  2. Torque Drive
  3. Mini turbo brush
  4. Crevice tool
  5. Combination tool
  6. Soft dusting brush
  7. Extension wand
  8. Charging dock

The number of attachments (or tools) will vary depending on the model. Some variants will have fewer, like the Animal variant, since it only has the standard brush roll.

Differences Between the Dyson V10 and V15 Detect

Next, we’ll examine the differences between the V10 and V15 Detect.

1. Interface

The Dyson V15 has an interactive screen displaying a myriad of information from the run time status to the Piezo sensor readout.

Dyson V15 LCD close up

Also, it shows a visual of the error codes and power status.

The Dyson V10 is bare and has no screen behind the motor.

Dyson V10 vs V11 interface

Dyson introduced the interactive screen in the V11 Torque Drive (right). The V10 Absolute (left) has no screen with the filter base filling the back.

2. Battery

Dyson V15 detachable battery

Another difference between these cord-free products is the battery. The V15 has a detachable battery, while the V10 has a fixed one.

One benefit of a detachable battery is it’s easy to extend the run time by purchasing a spare.

3. Soft Roller Design

One subtle change Dyson put in the V15 Detect is utilizing the slim roller attachment, which fits better in cramped spaces.

Dyson V15 soft roller attachment

It’s not as chunky as the V10 soft roller.

Dyson V12 vs. V10 soft roller comparison

This girth difference helps the V15 fit in lower clearance areas.

Another upgrade is the laser slim roller, the best in class at highlighting almost invisible dust.

Dyson V15 accentuates dust

I’ve tested numerous brands, and none comes close to this tool’s illumination.

Dust pops when the bright green light flashes.

4. Standard Brush Roll

One issue with the Dyson V10 brush roll is it lacked an active anti-tangle system, meaning it didn’t have any combs to untangle long hair strands.

Short hair is not an issue; longer strands will wrap around the brush.

Dyson V10 standard brush

Dyson fixed this issue in the V15 Detect by adding combs above the brush.

Dyson V15 high torque floor tool

This tweak improved its cleaning performance on long hair and is one of the best at vacuuming long strands over nine inches.

Another subtle change is the notches wrapping around the roller where the bristle sits.

These help with hair cleaning and prevent tangles.

Ergonomic Comparison

There’s (around) a one-pound difference between the Dyson V15 and V10, giving the latter better ergonomics, especially in its handheld configuration.

However, there’s not much difference in their stick ergonomics as both have the same feel in this setting.

One quirk with Dyson stick vacuums is added friction on carpets at boost (or max) power.

The V15 is more efficient at cleaning in the auto setting since it picked up more debris during the experiments.

Interface Comparison

The interface is one of the most apparent differences between the Dyson V10 and V15 Detect.

It shows the generation gap between these models. The V10 has no screen behind the motor, only a sticker on the filter.

The V15 Detect has an interactive screen showing different data sets from the run time to the Piezo sensor readout.

Dyson V15 LCD close up

Run Time Comparison

The Dyson V10 and V15 Detect have the same rated 60-minute run time claim.

Both utilize a 3600 mAh lithium-ion battery, but their run times vary since the V15 uses a more energy-dense battery.

I tested these cordless vacuums by running them from full charge to empty, and here are the results.

Dyson V15 Detect
Hard Floor84:19 mins41:30 mins.N/A
Carpet56:58 mins17:23 mins11:02 mins
Dyson V10
Non-motorized61:59 mins31:33 mins5:07 mins
Torque Drive46:45 mins25:37 mins5:42 mins

These vacuums exceeded their run time claims, but the V15 is better since it accomplished it using the laser slim roller.

It ran for over 80 minutes in the lowest setting, while the V10 only lasted 46 minutes using the torque drive tool.

The most significant advantage of the V15 Detect is its efficiency at the auto setting, where it got 100% (of sand) in the deep cleaning experiment.

Airflow Comparison

A critical aspect of cordless vacuums is airflow, especially on carpeted surfaces where suction is a massive factor in cleaning performance.

I used an anemometer to measure air flowing through the cleaning nozzle and extension tube. Check the results below.

Dyson V15 Detect
Wand34.55 CFM42.38 CFM73 CFM
Cleaning Head29.98 CFM36.32 CFM69.19 CFM
Dyson V10
Wand28.57 CFM36 CFM59.71 CFM
Cleaning Head26 CFM31.37 CFM49.27 CFM

With the handheld tools and nozzle, the Dyson V15 Detect is better in every setting. It got as much as a 20% difference in the highest setting at the wand.

This variance is seen in the cleaning experiments since it’s much better and more proficient.

Cleaning Comparison

ModelDyson V10Dyson V15 Detect
Hard Floors (Surface Test)98.84%99.85%
Sand on Hard Floor100%99.8%
Carpet (Surface Test)98.4%100%
Deep Cleaning97.03%100%

The Dyson V15 Detect got a nearly perfect score (99.91%) – a testament to its high airflow and efficient cleaning performance.

One benefit of the high airflow is it vacuums dirt more proficiently, even in the automatic setting, which is the best mode on carpets.

Another is the bright green light from the slim roller attachment, helping users track dust better.

Which Option is Better on Hard Floors?

These products are efficient at vacuuming dust from this surface. Even with the cleaning result disparity, there’s a slight variance in daily cleaning tasks.

The V10 was perfect in the sand experiment, picking up a 100% average in two tests.

Dyson V10 sand on hard floor test using the soft roller

The V15 Detect had a lower average (only slightly) at 99.8%.

Dyson V15 sand on hard floor

My brother-in-law resides in Mountlake Terrace and is happy with the V10’s performance on this surface.

Since he lives inside a smaller residence, run time isn’t an issue because the task is done in under 20 minutes.

Edge Cleaning

There’s not much variance in this aspect, as the V10 and V15 Detect are efficient at vacuuming dirt in this area.

For the recent experiments, I used coffee grounds to mimic light debris in this area.

A before and after shot for the Dyson V10. It’s a mixture of coffee grounds and quaker oats, picked up in the cleaning tests.

This was before I made the tests uniform. Regardless, the results show the proficiency of Dyson’s soft roller attachment.

Dyson V10 edge cleaning

Even with the considerable dirt scattered, it gobbled everything out.

The V15 is equally proficient, getting everything out after a few passes.

Dyson V15 edge cleaning

Hair Wrap [on Hard Floors]

Despite not having combs for untangling hair, the V15 Detect soft roller tool performed well during the hair wrap experiment.

Dyson V15 hair wrap on hard floor

  • 5-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 7-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 9-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 11-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 12-inch: 80.6% inside the bin; 19.4% on the brush

It got 100% in all the experiments, except for the 12-inch, where it (still) got 80.6%.

However, an Achilles heel of the V15 slim roller is hair wrapping on the axle since there’s a gap.

Dyson V15 hair on axle after 12-inch test

Cleaning hair wrapped here can be tedious.

The Dyson V10 was decent but not as good at cleaning long strands.

Dyson V10 hair wrap on hard floor experiments

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 95%
  • 9-inch strands: 91%
  • 11-inch strands: 46%

It only got 100% in the five-inch experiment but struggled especially with long eleven-inch hair, only getting 46%

One aspect of why it didn’t pick up as much is the lower airflow output.

Which Option is Better on Carpets?

The V15 Detect, thanks to its higher airflow, cleans carpets better.

Dyson’s upgrades in its standard nozzle are noticeable on this surface, specifically in resisting hair tangles, which we’ll examine below.

It got a 100% average in the deep cleaning experiments, even in the auto (or middle) setting.

This facet is critical since consumers can use it in this setting to clean carpets without exhausting the battery quickly.

Also, it’s efficient with cleaning surface dirth with the upgrades. One feature it doesn’t have is the seal behind the brush roll, which is present in the Dyson V8.

Dyson V15 high torque underneath

The Dyson V10 has a similar design as the V15 but with an older brush roll configuration.

Dyson V10 standard brush close up

Hair Wrap (on Carpets)

The V15’s high airflow helps it pick up more hair with fewer tangles, even on longer strands.

Dyson V15 hair wrap on carpet

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 100%
  • 9-inch strands: 100%
  • 11-inch strands: 99%
  • 12-inch strands: 98%

It’s nearly perfect in all the tests, getting 100% in the five-, seven-, and nine-inch experiments and 98% with eleven and twelve-inch hair.

These numbers are much better than the V10 results.

Dyson V10 hair wrap experiment on carpets

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 100%
  • 9-inch strands: 91%
  • 11-inch strands: 56%

The V10’s lower airflow and lack of a comb affect its hair-cleaning performance, especially strands above nine inches, where it only got 46%.

You can see hair wrapping on the brush roll.

Noise Comparison

ModelDyson V15Dyson V10
Low70.3 dB64.1 dB
Auto/Mid72.3 dB71.6 dB
Max80.8 dB76.7 dB

One downside of the V15 Detect’s high airflow is the higher noise levels, as it exceeded 80 decibels in the maximum setting.

Fortunately, consumers can use the auto setting in most cleaning tasks, around 8 decibels quieter.

The V10 isn’t as noisy, but since it’s not as efficient on carpets, you’ll need to use the max setting more often.

Maintenance Comparison

Like all vacuum cleaners, the Dyson V10 and V15 need maintenance to function efficiently for years.

Since it cleans dirt, not everything goes inside the dirt receptacle. Some chunks of debris accumulate on the brush and filter.

To minimize friction, you must ensure these components are clean and free from any obstruction.

Less friction equates to longer service life for these vacuums.

  1. Brush roll: Clean the fluffy tool and standard roller roll to remove dirt and hair accumulating on the surface and axles.
  2. Dustbin: Empty it after every cleaning cycle to prevent dust mites from breeding inside. Doing this also ensures efficient cleaning performance since the filter is free from obstructions.
  3. Filter: Wash the single-piece filter monthly to remove dust and gunk sticking on the surface. Avoid soaking the inner HEPA filter in water since it uses a paper element that can degrade over time.
  4. Other tools: Wipe using a slightly damp microfiber towel to clean any dust and hair sticking on the bristles or tool.
  5. Tool: Don’t use the maximum setting for extended stretches to prevent the battery from overheating.

Product Specifications

Dyson V10
Dyson V15 Detect
Cordless Stick
Cordless Stick
Run time
up to 61 mins.
up to 84:19 mins.
3.5 hours
4.5 hours
Dirt capacity
0.77 liters
0.77 liters
5.9 pounds
6.8 pounds
Cleaning Path
50.3 CFM
73 CFM
2 yrs
2 yrs

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Dyson Versus Other Brands

Where Can I Purchase the Dyson V10 and V15 Detect?

Consumers can purchase these cordless stick vacuums from online stores like Amazon.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you purchase through the links above. But at no additional cost to you, it’s a win-win for us!

Which Option Offers Better Value?

With the Gen’s release, the price of the V15 Detect has gone down significantly.

So, the gap between it and the V10 shrank. Ask me this question when the V15 was the flagship, and I might tell you that the V10 would suffice on hard floors.

But with the difference shrinking, it’s more enticing to get the V15 Detect since it has the latest technology and runs longer.

To help you decide, I’ve enumerated the reasons for each model below.

5 Reasons to Choose the Dyson V15 Detect

  1. Better Features: The V15 Detect has Dyson’s latest tech, including the laser slim roller and torque screw tool.
  2. Dust tracking: Its bright green laser from the slim roller tool accentuates dust particles better than any LED-equipped stick vacuum I’ve reviewed.
  3. Longer run time: This model uses a more energy-dense battery, enabling it to run further (more than 80 minutes).
  4. Excellent for cleaning hair: The higher airflow and enhancements in its cleaning nozzles help it resist tangles better.
  5. Detectable battery: This feature helps consumers extend run time.

4 Reasons to Choose the Dyson V10

  1. Cheaper: This model is cheaper than the V15 Detect, especially during the sale season.
  2. Decent run time: Even with the older battery technology, the V10 still runs for over 40 minutes with the nozzle.
  3. Simpler design: Disassembling and cleaning it will be easier since it has fewer components to assemble.
  4. Lighter frame: It is around a pound lighter, giving it better ergonomics than the V15.

The Verdict: Do You Want the Latest Tech?

Despite the Gen5 Detect’s release, the V15 isn’t far off with features.

The price drop makes it a tempting option for consumers looking for a primary vacuum inside larger homes with a mix of hard floors and carpets.

Dyson’s enhancements in the V15’s airflow and design make it more efficient with cleaning dirt on floors and upholstery.

The V10’s price didn’t drop as dramatically as the V15, but it’s still a cheaper alternative.

It’s an excellent option inside smaller homes since it’s efficient enough on hard floors to finish the task before the battery runs out.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as efficient on carpets but still decent on this surface.

Try getting one during sale season like Prime Day or Black Friday.

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  • April 19, 2024: Added a video review and restructured the beginning of the article.

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