Dyson DC65 Animal Review

For homes with wall to wall carpeting, an upright vacuum is an essential tool in your cleaning arsenal to deep clean carpet.

Replacing carpet is very expensive, and you’ll have to do your due diligence in terms of maintenance for it to last a long time.

One of those maintenance items would be vacuuming to remove sand, dust, pet hair, all sorts of contaminants. This not only keeps carpets looking new, but it also keeps the home clean.

Let’s have a close look at the Dyson DC65 Animal. It’s Dyson’s answer for cleaning stubborn pet hair.

This variant comes with a stiffer bristled beater bar that has its motor for better agitation.

It also comes with the bestselling tangle-free turbine tool that helps cleaning pet hair off upholstery.

So pet hair owners, if you’re looking for an all in one vacuum cleaner that will pick up pet hair on both carpet and upholstery, this is worth considering.

However, this upright isn’t cheap at just less than $500. Is it worth the hefty price tag? We will find out in this review.

An Excellent Option for Pet Owners Inside Homes with Lots of Carpets

Dyson DC65 Animal

Dyson DC65 Animal Review

The Dyson DC65 is an excellent option inside homes with lots of carpets because of it’s monstrous airflow. Dyson has been know to manufacture vacuums that can clean embedded dirt and the DC65 is no exception because of the strong agitation and airflow. It also comes with the tangle-free turbine tool that can clean pet hair on fabric upholstery, even mattresses, without clogging up. If you’re looking for an upright that can clean wall to wall carpet, this upright is a good option to consider.

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A quick look at the features

  • Uses root cyclone technology that allows this machine to keep up suction performance even as the dirt cup is full.
  • 245 air watts of suction at the cleaner head – claimed by Dyson to have at least twice more suction than any other brand
  • The reconfigured brush is stiffer and delivers 25% more power allowing it to dig deeper into thicker strands of carpet
  • Ball technology will enable it to turn on a dime despite its heft
  • Weighs around 17.35 pounds
  • 35-foot power cord (51.7-foot overall reach)
  • .55 gal dirt cup capacity
  • Lifetime washable filter
  • Five-year warranty

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  • Excellent for deep cleaning homes with wall to wall carpeting
  • Long power cord – 35 feet
  • Ball technology makes it easy to maneuver
  • Strong suction
  • Even it’s an upright, and it is still capable of above the floor cleaning
  • Has long hose that will allow you to clean stairs
  • Lifetime filter (no need to replace during the lifetime of this machine)
  • Long warranty


  • Very expensive
  • Somewhat heavy
  • May struggle cleaning stairs

What to expect from the Dyson DC65?

The DC65 Animal is designed for pet owners in mind thanks to the redesigned brush roll with stiffer bristles capable of cleaning pet hair from carpet.

If the Dyson Cinetic is too expensive, then this is your next best option not only for pet owners but for homes with lots of carpets.

Tangle-free turbine tool

This “Animal” variant comes with the tangle-free turbine tool that will pick up pet hair on upholstery like sofa, beds, and chairs.

This tool alone makes it worth it if you own pets that shed a lot of hair.

Some versatility

Even though it is upright, it is perfectly capable of above the floor cleaning thanks to the long hose and wand.

Plus, it comes with tools like the combination crevice/brush tool and soft dusting brush that allows it to clean a variety of surfaces.

Dyson DC65 Animal Features

What comes in the box?

The toolset of the DC65 is pretty diverse, you’ll get the following:

  • 2-in-1 crevice/brush tool
  • Soft dusting brush
  • Tangle-free turbine tool

Cord Length

The power cord is pretty decent at about 35 feet long, but it does not have cord rewind. So you’ll have to wrap this up around the cord hooks manually.


Dyson gives its customers a five-year warranty on all upright vacuums. And it claims that this vacuum is torture tested to last for ten years.

Filter Clean up

The DC65 has two filters. One on top of the dust cup, and the second one inside the ball.

Dyson recommends that you clean these filters at least once every three months to maintain cleaning performance. Only use tap water, and there is no need to use any detergents. Make sure that the filters are dry before reinstalling them.

Bare Floor Performance

On bare floors, it has enough airflow to pick up dust and smaller particles of debris.

One significant advantage of the strong suction is that this would be capable of picking up fine dirt that can accumulate along groves of hard floor areas. You’ll see it in the video below.

Testing the feature of the DC65, the suction power compared to the Shark Lift-Away and Hoover WindTunnel, plus performance tests on different surfaces.

Take note that you’ll be able to turn off the brush bar with a switch located on top of the dirt cup, so you can use this to clean Berber carpet.

One issue with the design is its inability to clean large bits of dirt. It will snowplow stuff like Cheerios or Fruit loops.

For homes that have lots of hard floors, something with soft roller attachment like the Shark APEX upright or the Shark ION P50 stick vacuum would be a better fit.

Carpet Performance

The reconfigured brush bar is claimed by Dyson to be shorter and stiffer, plus it delivers 25% more power, so that means better deep cleaning power on carpets where this machine will shine.

To show you how it performs on carpets, watch this video on how it cleans up the soil.

Based on the video, the DC65 was able to pick up all if not most of the soil on the carpet in just a few passes. Remember, this is the performance of a ten-month-old machine.

Torture test on carpet and hardwood

It does have a slight snowplow effect when cleaning larger bits of debris like beans. It was able to pick up most of the dirt on the first pass. And it has strong enough suction to pick up trash on the cracks and crevices of the hardwood.

Upholstery Performance

Cleaning upholstery won’t be an issue as it comes with several tools for the task.
It has the crevice and brush combination tool, soft dusting brush, and tangle-free turbine tool.
If you own pets and live in a home with lots of carpets, this model is an excellent option because the tangle-free turbine will work best at picking up pet hair on upholstery.
Check the video to see how it works.

Pet Hair Removal

This is where the tangle-free turbine brush will shine. It will be capable of picking up long hair with minimal risk of clogging, unlike a tool with a motorized brush that is more prone to hair wrapping up.

Just watch this torture test not only on hair but on paper and other stuff.


Product Specifications

ModelDyson DC65 Animal
AttachmentsCombination crevice/dusting brush

Stair tool

Tangle-free Turbine tool

Soft dusting brush
Cord Length35 feet
Auto Cord RewindNo
Motorized brushYes
Brush on/off switchYes
Filter clogged indicatorNo
Full bin indicatorNo
Self propelledNo
Net weight17.35 pounds
Shipping weight24 pounds
Hose lengthN/A
Cleaning Path13.4"
Overall reachN/A
Dirt capacity.55 gallons
Filter type2 washable filters (one is located on top of the dirt cup and the 2nd is located inside the ball)
Power245 air watts
Voltage120 volts
Manufactured inMalaysia
Warranty5 years

What do consumers say?

Over 200 people left a review in Amazon alone, and most of them loved how it cleaned carpet.

Some even tried using this after using another upright, and the DC65 was still able to pick up lots of dirt.

Consumers mentioned that it did an excellent job cleaning pet hair and fine dust on carpets.

A lot of them said that even if their carpet looks clean, there was still a lot of nasty stuff they never thought was there.

One downside too with any upright with a roller bar is hair will wrap upon it. So you’ll have to clean this part regularly to maintain performance.

Another strong point of this vacuum is the agitation. The brush comes with its motor so that agitation will be better—definitely a good option for deep cleaning carpet.

At over 17 pounds, this is by no means a lightweight machine, but the ball technology makes it easier to move around.

I did mention earlier in this review that you can use this for above the floor cleaning, but some consumers did complain that the wand didn’t have a handle. You have to hold the base of the rod, which isn’t very ergonomic.

Another complaint is the lack of storage for the various attachments.

Cleaning stairs will be a struggle even with the hose because of the bulk. You can pair this with a handheld vacuum suitable for stairs.

Overall, consumers didn’t seem to mind paying for the hefty price because it was an investment to them.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy the Dyson DC65 Animal in Amazon, and it’ll be eligible for their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Amazon also sells extended warranties of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

Please note that if you buy through the link above, I will earn a commission, but at no extra cost to you, so it’s a win-win for both of us!

To wrap up

This upright will work best in homes with a lot of carpets because of the suction and new brush roll that has better agitation.

It is capable of picking up a variety of dirt from fine dust to medium-sized ones like crush chips.

When you try cleaning larger bits like beans or cereal, it will have a slight plowing effect, and you may have to use the dusting wand to clean these types of dirt, but you’ve got to remember the tests I’ve shown above are torture test, and you’ll not encounter these amounts of trash when on everyday cleaning.

The long power cord and hose make also make this capable of cleaning a large home even with stairs.

It also excels with above the floor cleaning because of the long hose and attachments. Plus, it has the tangle-free turbine tool, which is a great tool to have in cleaning upholstery and car interiors.

This add-on by itself will be worth $70 when you buy it separately.

Now, the price may be too much for some, but for folks who can afford this is an excellent investment for people looking in a full-sized vacuum that they can use to deep clean carpet, rugs, and upholstery.

The lifetime filters mean you don’t have to buy any replacement filters throughout the lifetime of this machine.

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