Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away Speed (NV803) Review

Shark has been busy in terms of developing new products and this new product is another innovation from their lab.

Shark Duo Clean NV803 Review

They were the first to utilize the “Lift” system that separated the bin and frame to extend reach.

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Next upgrade waw the “Powered Lift Away” feature where Shark engineers designed a product in such a way that it would function as an upright and canister.

They did this by making the frame, bin and floor tool separate so with a push of a button the bin breaks away from the frame but with the hose still attached to the floor tool.

Next innovation was the DuoClean system that combined a soft roller head (similar to the Dyson V6) and a bristled brush.

The Shark DuoClean Powered Lift-Away combines all these features into one package and the latest upright in their product line.

It has the same motor as the Rocket Powered Lift-Away (NV752) but the dual brush system provides better agitation.

This means it will provide better agitation on both carpet and bare floor, especially large chunks of debris.

All these improvements comes at a price so is it worth the added cost?

A quick look at the features

  • Most advanced Shark upright
  • Now with DuoClean that adds a soft roller to a bristled brush that will help pull in large debris
  • Lift mode provides above-the-floor cleaning on upholstery, stairs, etc.
  • Powered Lift Away detaches the canister in order to extend the reach of the cleaning head
  • Anti-allergen seal technology + HEPA filtration will filter 99.99% of dust and allergens
  • LED headlights
  • 5 year warranty


  • DuoClean brush roll provides very good agitation on carpet and bare floor
  • Has HEPA filtration (filters out 99.99% of allergens)
  • Versatile – able to clean not just floors but also stairs, upholstery, etc.
  • Great at cleaning large debris
  • Long warranty (5 years)
  • Better agitation compared to the Shark Rotator Powered Lift Away


  • Most expensive Shark upright
  • Smaller bin compared to the older NV752

What to expect from the latest Shark upright?

Shark calls this their most advanced upright vacuum to date.

It combines all the latest features found in all the other Rotator series products rolled into one.

Similar to the NV752

In terms of features this product is similar to the Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV752) that allows you to use the main cleaning head in canister mode.

This new product adds the DuoClean feature that has two motorized brushes – a soft roller and bristle brush that improves agitation.

To see a glimpse of this product please watch this video recorded by V-Blogger Ibaisaic. You’ll see the features, assembly and a cleaning test.

According to the review, this vacuum uses an 850 watt motor and an 80 watt power nozzle. The label says that it will consume 33.5 kWh per annum and produce 84.8 decibels of noise.

Filtration is very good because it got an A-rating. This means that allergens up to 0.3 microns will stay inside the bin but since this is a bagless there will be some exposure to dust when you empty it.

In terms of performance, it got a C-rating for picking up dust on hard floor and carpet. This is considered above average because the rating is between A and G.

New cleaning head

The biggest upgrade in the DuoClean Powered LiftAway would be the cleaning head.

Instead of a bristled brush, it now uses the DuoClean system that combines a soft roller and bristled brush.

Shark added a safety feature in this product not found in older variants. With the cover taken off, this vacuum will not turn on.

Cleaning this two beater bars is easy because it easily pops off. It even comes with a tool that will help cut off wrapped up hair around the bristled brush. It has a grooved part where you can slide the blade to remove any hard wrapped around.

The soft roller brush is washable and will work well pulling not just large debris but also fine dust on bare floor.

Here’s a view of the main cleaning head’s brushes…

Aside from the soft roller and bristled brush, it also has two side brushes for edge cleaning. But you’ll notice that there is a considerable gap on the left side (almost 2 inches) while the right has very little gap.

So this machine will do well in terms of edge cleaning on just one side.

Dirt bin

To remove the dirt bin, press the latch located on the handle. One feature I like is that it has two doors – one at the bottom and another on top.

This features makes it easier and less messy to empty dust that cling on the plastic shell.

It does have a smaller bin compared to the LiftAway NV752 (0.9 vs 1.4 dry quarts).

Washable filter and HEPA filter

Under the dust bin are two washable filters that Shark recommends to wash every 3 months. Remember that the interval will also depend on the environment around you. If you live in a dusty area, frequency may increase.

It has two pre-motor filters – one made from sponge and other from felt. These two are washable.

Tip: Buy an extra filter so that you are still able to use the vacuum while waiting for the other filters to dry up.

This also comes with a post-motor HEPA filter.

Shark says that this filter is also washable but not as often – just once every 9 months or so.

Handle and control

At the handle there is a slide switch that toggles between carpet and hard floor. Below it is a suction control lever that allows you to control air flow and regulate suction.

This is useful when cleaning area rugs because too much suction will make it difficult push.

Swivel steering

Even in upright mode, moving this vacuum around furniture will be easy thanks to the swivel steering.

It won’t be as flexible as a Dyson but it up for it with the Lift Away feature.

In this mode, you can use it as a canister vacuum to clean areas like this…

Not many uprights can boast of a reach like this though Bissell has copied this design in their new products.

LED headlights

Another neat feature is the LED headlights that will help track down almost invisible dust and dirt hardwood and low lighted areas under furniture.

Stair cleaning

One of the toughest areas to clean at home is the stair area. Depending on your home’s design, it would be impossible to clean this areas using an upright or stick.

But the DuoClean Powered LiftAway makes this possible in canister mode with the hose detached from the wand and attached directly on the powered floor tool.

Not even a Dyson upright has this versatility. Okay, maybe the V8 Absolute can do it but it’s a cordless and this vacuum is much cheaper.

What comes inside the box?

Shark comes with a bevy of tools that will clean virtually any area inside your home and vehicle.

  • Pet Multi tool
  • Duster crevice tool
  • Under appliance wand
  • Pet power brush
  • Accessory bag (to store these)

Bare Floor Cleaning

The older Shark Rotator Powered LiftAway came with a separate tool for bare floor. This one does not because it already has the dual brush feature with the soft roller up front.

Can this new floor tool pick up well or is it just hype?

The mess you see has dust, dog biscuits, rice, all the nasty stuff that you’ll likely encounter on a daily basis.

After a single back and forth pass it was able to pick up nearly 100% of all the dirt scattered on tile. Agitation is good that it even picked up debris on grout.

The soft roller did a great job pulling dirt towards the inlet and not snowplow it. It makes it much more efficient in terms of cleaning larger debris compared to an traditional floor tool with a low profile opening.

Carpet Cleaning

Will the DuoClean system of Shark be effective at cleaning up a big mess on carpet?

After a single pass here’s how it looks like…

Agitation is pretty impressive as it was able to pick up the large pile of mess after just a single pass.

The soft roller brush did a good job of picking up the large clumps of dirt, something that a bristled brush may leave behind.

It floor tool also has a higher opening thanks to the roller so larger bits of dirt will not plow forward.

Pet Hair

The DuoClean system will work well picking up pet hair on bare floor or carpet. And with the ability to attach the handle direct to the main cleaning head, it wouldn’t have difficulty cleaning pet hair on carpeted stairs.

It also comes with a “Pet Powered Brush” that will work well picking up pet hair on fabric upholstery. It does not have a motor (only air-driven).

The tool did a good job picking up pet hair on the ottoman chair but most of it wrapped around the brush.

This is a common problem with tools such as these but cleaning it is easy since it’s easy to open. So you’ll have easy access just in case you need to deep clean.

Product Specifications

AttachmentsPet Multi-Tool

Duster Crevice Tool

Pet Power Brush

Under Appliance Wand

Accessory Bag
Brush roll on/offNo
Cord Length30 feet
Net weight15 pounds
Shipping weight23.3 pounds
Cleaning path11.9"
Overall length46.1"
Filter typeWashable
Dust capacity0.9 dry quarts
Voltage850 watts
Manufactured inChina
Warranty5 years

Consumer Reviews

Three things consumers like – (1) versatility, (2) power, and (3) lightweight. Based on current reviews, Shark has changed the way consumers thought about uprights.

A lot of upright vacuums are heavy, bulky and only clean floors. Even if some of these have a hose and wand, it usually is short and unusable beyond cleaning the sofa.

When you combine the “Powered Lift Away” feature with the DuoClean technology, you’ll get a vacuum that is both versatile and a great cleaner.

It may not match brands like Miele or Rainbow in terms of power but the versatility makes up for it. And consumers love this versatility.

I’d call this the Dyson of the upright vacuums because of the level of interchangeability.

It has enough tools to clean nearly every nook and cranny of your home. You can actually remove the handle from the wand and attach it directly on the floor tool. This allows you to clean carpet stairs.

Assembling this is easy thanks to locking mechanism that clicks. Build quality is solid and instruction manual is easy to follow.

One consumer complained about the narrow cleaning path that he measured at 9 inches. But a narrow head would mean it would fit in tighter areas better at the expense of coverage.

Another review said that this didn’t perform as well on carpet as a Dyson Cinetic that produces much more power. But remember the Shark is much cheaper and more versatile so this negates the performance difference.

You may need to empty more often because it has a smaller bin compared to the previous Rotator variant.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this the Shark DuoClean Powered LiftAway from Amazon for around $250. And this will be eligible for the 2-day free shipping if you join Prime. Amazon also offers extended warranties of up to 3 years for that extra peace of mind.

This is also available from for around the same price.

To Wrap Up

Shark has done it again with the DuoClean Powered LiftAway. They’ve managed to improve an already good product with the Rotator NV752 by adding the dual brush system in the main cleaning head.

This technology improves agitation on bare floor and carpet. It will clean not just fine particles of dirt but also large chunks. The soft roller brush does a good job pulling dirt towards the inlet and not snowplow.

It’s so good that Shark tells consumers to remove any wires because it will try to pick it up. That’s how good the agitation is.

Filtration is also good thanks to the “Anti Allergen Complete Seal” and post motor HEPA filter. All filters are washable so you may want to buy an extra set to avoid any downtime waiting for it to dry.

This new technology comes at a premium. Expect to spend close to $100 more if you buy in Amazon.

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