Dyson Gen5 Outsize Review

Dyson Gen5 Outsize Review

The Dyson Gen5 Outsize is one of two new Dyson releases armed with its latest technology.

One (literally huge) difference is the size – the Gen5 Outsize is Dyson’s heaviest option (at over 5 pounds and 11.4 ounces, with a capacity of 1.89 liters, which is in upright vacuum territory.

The added size means it feels heavier – most notably above floors, where it’s nearly unusable as a handheld unless you have the biceps of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

However, there are benefits to the upsized frame, such as the capacity (I’ve already mentioned), so there’s no need to empty it as often.

Supersized Version Of The Dyson Gen5 Detect
  • Ergonomics - 92%
  • Cleaning - 100%
  • Deep Cleaning - 100%
  • Quality - 94%
  • Design - 95%
  • Value - 92%


The Dyson Gen5 Outsize is a supersized version of the Gen5 Detect. It has similar features but with a larger frame aimed at consumers looking for a cordless vacuum with a large dustbin capacity. It’s not the first Outsize variant to come out, but it offers better tools out of the box compared to the older Outsize when it was initially released. There are obvious ergonomic downsized with the upsized frame, but the larger capacity helps it store more dirt without emptying as often.


  • Large dustbin capacity at 1.89 liters
  • Superb cleaning performance
  • More suction than the Gen5 Detect
  • Excellent at cleaning long hair, especially on carpets
  • HEPA filtration
  • Not as noisy as the Gen5 Detect


  • Very expensive
  • Not very usable as a handheld
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Introduction to the Dyson Gen5 Outsize

Here’s a video review of the Dyson Gen5 Outsize and how it compares to the Gen5 Detect.

The Gen5 Outsize is one of two new Dyson Gen5 releases in the past 12 months – the other is the Gen5 Detect.

As I’ve said in the video, the Gen5 Outsize is (basically) a supersized version of the standard Gen5 Detect with larger dimensions aimed at consumers looking for a cordless stick vacuum with an upright-like capacity.

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These products have the same features, but the Gen5 Outsize has a slightly downgraded power output of 250 air watts. 

Or 12 below the Gen5 Detect’s 262 air watts.

With the highly efficient cleaning nozzles, this drop isn’t significant.

1. Fluffy Optic Nozzle

Dyson Gen5 Outsize fluffy optic

One of the most helpful upgrades for the Gen5 Detect is the Fluffy Optic nozzle, which is twice as bright as the older V15 nozzle.

The Gen5 Outsize and standard Gen5 Detect use the same nozzle – these are interchangeable.

One advantage of the fluffy optic tool is its brightness, enabling it to reveal more dust than the laser slim roller.

Dyson Gen5 Detect and V15 Detect green laser comparison

2. 12.6-inch Wide Digital Motorbar Nozzle

Dyson Gen5 Outsize digital motorbar nozzle

Another supersized aspect of the Gen5 Outsize is the digital motorbar nozzle.

It has the same design as the Gen5 Detect version but is almost three inches wider (12.6″, to be exact).

Both have the same brush design, with a protruded layer at the base of the bristles designed to resist tangles.

Above the brush are combs to help untangle hair.

This tool provides an excellent seal with the flexible plastic behind the roller and works well vacuuming carpets.

3. New LCD Display

Dyson Gen5 Outsize screen

Another upgrade Dyson put in the Gen5 Outsize is the refreshed LCD, showing horizontal bars instead of vertical ones in the V15 Detect.

Aside from the change of bar alignment, the display shows what each bar represents.

Dyson Gen5 Detect particle description

The screen above is from the Gen5 Detect, but the Gen5 Outsize has the same screen design.

Consumers can also view the run time status underneath the Piezo readout.

4. Triggerless Design

Another enhancement in the Gen5 Outsize is the triggerless design, improving its ergonomics since consumers don’t need to squeeze anything.

A red button above the LCD screen acts as the power switch.

This is helpful, especially with the Gen5 Outsize with the added weight (more than a pound heavier than the Gen5).

5. HEPA filter

Like the standard Gen5, the Gen5 Outsize also has a HEPA filter, which Dyson has also introduced in other variants, notably the Dyson V8 and V15.

Dyson says it can block particles up to 0.1 microns.

6. Two Batteries

One significant advantage of the Gen5 Outsize over the standard Gen5 is it has two batteries and chargers, doubling the run time.

It may not run as long as the Gen5 Detect using the soft roller tool, but the extra battery doubles the range.

Plus, the two chargers enable consumers to charge the batteries simultaneously.

7. New Two-in-One Crevice Tool

Another tool Dyson introduced with the Gen5 series is this new two-in-one crevice attachment, neatly tucked inside the extension tube.

I like the design since there’s no need to carry something extra to clean upholstery on the fly since it’s stored inside the wand.

It isn’t as narrow as the standard crevice tool, but it is as helpful with the slidable brush attachment.

How Much Power Does the Dyson Gen5 Detect Have?

I used two metrics to measure power – airflow and suction, using an anemometer, y-gauge, and water lift gauge.

Here are the results of the suction tests.

  • Unsealed: 28″
  • Sealed: 85″

The unsealed test represents normal usage, while the sealed test simulates vacuum usage on carpets with closed gates.

These results are some of the highest of the vacuums I’ve tested, but these are done using the boost setting.

However, there’s no guarantee that a high-suction stick vacuum will clean. Other factors matter, like brush roll design.

Next, we’ll look at the airflow results using the standard nozzle.

  • Eco: 28.52 CFM
  • Auto: 33.4 CFM
  • Max: 59.5 CFM

And the extension tube.

  • Eco: 33.4 CFM
  • Auto: 42.72 CFM
  • Max: 73 CFM

These results are above average for a cordless stick vacuum but surprisingly lower than the Gen5 Detect since the Gen5 Outsize has more suction.

Nonetheless, it was excellent during the cleaning experiments, getting a high score in most of the experiments.

Cleaning Performance

I tested the Gen5 Outsize on various debris types, from Quaker Oats to sand and hair, to see how well it picked up.

First, here are the results.

  • Overall: 100%
  • Hard Floor: 100%
  • Sand on Hard Floor: 100%
  • Carpet: 100%
  • Deep Cleaning: 100%

Please note that these are results from the standard cleaning tests (details below), where I tested the Gen5 Outsize on debris like Quaker Oats, coffee grounds, quinoa, sand, and pet litter.

I separated the results of the hair wrap test into another section.

Hard Floors

Dyson Gen5 Outsize hard floor results

  • Quaker Oats: 100%
  • Coffee Grounds: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 100%

The Gen5 Outsize was outstanding on this surface, picking up a perfect 100% score. I noticed the fluffy roller did not scatter as much debris during the experiments, which could explain why it got a high score.

Sand on Hard Floor

Dyson Gen5 Outsize sand on hard floor


Another strength of the Gen5 Outsize is its efficient sand pick up, getting a 100% score in two experiments.

It’s something to consider if you live in a sandy area – beachfront owners put this on your shortlist.

Edge Cleaning

Dyson Gen5 Outszie edge cleaning

The fluffy optic nozzle’s efficiency is seen in the edge cleaning tests, where the Gen5 Outsize got everything after a few passes.

Hair Wrap [on Hard Floors]

Next, we’ll look at the hair wrap experiment on hard floors, where I tested the Gen5 Outsize on hair between five and twelve inches.

Dyson Gen5 Outsize hair wrap on hard floors

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 66%
  • 9-inch strands: 100%
  • 11-inch strands: 100%
  • 12-inch strands: 92%

The results are mixed, but it was excellent in most tests, getting 100% in three tests and 92% in the twelve-inch experiment.

In some experiments, I used more than one gram of hair, which is extreme since you won’t be cleaning this much during regular chores.

One issue with the soft roller design is the gap between axles, where hair tends to wrap.

Dyson Gen5 Outsize hair on axle

If you’re planning on using this product to clean pet hair, it’s something you’ll need to clean regularly.


I tested the Gen5 Outsize on the same debris on low and mid-pile carpets.

One advantage of the Gen5 Outsize standard nozzle is its broad cleaning path at 12.6 inches.

However, it’s hard to push on carpet since there’s more friction.

It’s almost three inches wider than the standard Gen5 and covers more ground per pass.

Low Pile

Dyson Gen5 Outsize low pile results

  • Quaker Oats: 100%
  • Coffee Grounds: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 100%

The results were excellent on this surface, getting 100% on all the tests.

Please note that I used the auto setting during the initial passes, then switched to the boost (or max) setting in the subsequent passes with the gates halfway open.

Mid Pile

Dyson Gen5 Outsize mid pile results

  • Quaker Oats: 100%
  • Coffee Grounds: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 100%

Again, the results on mid pile carpet are excellent, picking up 100% in all the tests.

The eye tests show that it picked up everything from the surface.

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum capable of picking up dirt on this surface, the Gen5 Outsize is an excellent alternative to an upright vacuum but a costly one.

Deep Cleaning

Another plus for the Gen5 Outsize nozzle is its ability to agitate and pick up embedded dirt on carpet.

I used fine sand, and it got a 100% score. Again, I used the max setting to achieve these numbers since I used (really fine) sand.

Hair Wrap [on Carpets]

Dyson Gen5 Outsize hair wrap on carpet

  • 5-inch strands: 100%
  • 7-inch strands: 100%
  • 9-inch strands: 100%
  • 11-inch strands: 100%
  • 12-inch strands: 100%

Next, we’ll look at how much hair the Gen5 Outsize picked up during these experiments, which is a lot.

Again, this is a strength of the new digital motorbar brush roll (or a fancy term for the standard nozzle).

It has combs and protrusions around the brush, helping it resist tangles that other vacuums don’t have, so it’s excellent at cleaning hair.

Since there aren’t any gaps on the axles, hair doesn’t wrap on it.

So, it’s another alternative to consider if you need a cordless vacuum for cleaning long hair on carpets.

Tools Out Of The Box

  1. Dyson Gen5 Outsize unit
  2. Fluffy optic nozzle
  3. Digital motorbar nozzle
  4. Two-in-one crevice tool
  5. Torque screw tool
  6. Extension tube

These are the same attachments as the standard Gen5 Detect but note that other variants will have different tool inclusions, so always check.

How Long Will The Dyson Gen5 Outsize Run?

One advantage of the Gen5 Outsize is it comes with two batteries out of the box, doubling its run time.

Here’s the result of the Gen5 Outsize using the fluffy optic nozzle.

  • Eco: 79:50 mins (*159:40 mins)
  • Auto: 45:47 mins (* 91:34 mins)
  • Boost: 14:28 mins (* 28:56 mins)

And the results using the digital motorbar nozzle.

  • Eco: 53:47 mins (* 107:34 mins)
  • Auto: 25:50 mins (* 51:40 mins)
  • Boost: 12:13 mins (*  24:26 mins)

* Run time with two batteries.

The Gen5 Outsize isn’t as good as the Gen5 Detect if you look at the results per battery, but the second battery takes it to another level.

Also, you can charge both simultaneously since it comes with two chargers.

How Noisy is the Dyson Gen5 Outsize?

I use a sound meter to check the noise levels of the Gen5 Outsize, and there are some surprises compared to the Gen5 Detect.

First, here are the results with the fluffy optic nozzle.

  • Eco: 71.1 dB
  • Auto: 71.4 dB
  • Boost: 79.6 dB

And the digital motorbar nozzle.

  • Eco: 72.0 dB
  • Auto: 74.0 dB
  • Boost: 84.0 dB

While it was noisier than the Gen5 Detect in the lowest setting, it was noticeably quieter in the auto and boost settings, which is surprising because of its higher suction (at least in boost mode).

Product Specification

ModelDyson Gen5 Detect Outsize
Brush roll on/offNo
Battery2 x 36.0 volt 2500 mAh Li-ion battery
Charging time4.5 hrs.
Battery lifeup to 159:40 mins. (from one battery)
Weight8.6 lbs.
WidthFluffy optic - 9.8"
Digital Motorbar - 12.6"
Overall length50"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeHEPA filter
Dust capacity1.89 li
AirflowUp to 73 CFM
Warranty2 yrs.
PriceCheck Price

Where Can I Purchase The Dyson Gen5 Outsize?

Consumers can purchase this Dyson product from online stores like Amazon. Check the link below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you click on any of the links above, but at no extra cost, so it’s a win-win for us!

Is the Dyson Gen5 Outsize Worth It?

One thing to consider before purchasing the Gen5 Outsize is its humongous cost. This Dyson product is one of the most costly cordless vacuums available, breaching the four-figure mark.

Given this high cost, are you willing to spend on it?

5 Reasons to Consider the Dyson Gen5 Outsize

  1. Generous-sized dustbin: The Gen5 Outsize doubles the Gen5 Detect capacity at 1.89 liters.
  2. Excellent cleaning performance: It got 100% in nearly all the cleaning experiments.
  3. Great for cleaning long hair: This cordless vacuum will pick up long hair strands, especially on carpets.
  4. Two batteries: The extra batteries doubles the run time to over 159 minutes.
  5. Tracks dust: This model comes with the same fluffy optic nozzle as the Gen5 Detect, which tracks almost invisible dust better than any tool I’ve reviewed.

The Verdict: Pricey But Decent Upright Alternative Inside Larger Homes

The Dyson Gen5 Outsize isn’t on most people’s shortlists, given its exorbitant cost.

And I don’t recommend it unless (1) you can afford it, and (2), you live inside a large home with lots of carpets and prefer to use a cordless.

It has the same features as the Gen5 Detect but with a larger frame to accommodate more dirt.

There are downsides to the Gen5 Outsize’s ergonomics since it’s more than a pound heavier than the standard Gen5 model.

So, are you okay with these limitations and the hefty price tag to enjoy the capacity and cleaning benefits?

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