Dyson V8 Comparison: Reviews of Different V8 Variants

The V8 is currently the latest cordless vacuum Dyson has in its product line right now.

It’s got the most powerful motor, longest lasting battery and the best agitation of all their cordless products.

And we’ll look closely at the different variants that are available.

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I’ve written in detail about the Dyson V8 Absolute in this review. Click that link if you want to find out more about how it performs and features.

For this comparison, I’ll briefly go through all the improvements that the Dyson V8 has over the V6.

1. Bigger Motor

This new Dyson comes with an improved motor that has upped the power by approximately 15% more. The new V8 motor produces a maximum output of 115air watts while the V6 has 100 air watts.

In default mode, however, the V6, V7 and V8 variants have 22 air watts on tap.

To give you some perspective, the Black and Decker BDH2000FL has the same amount of power. But what separates the Dyson would be the superior agitation.

2. Better Agitation

More importantly, the V8 has better agitation – around 150% better to be exact. It will provide better cleaning performance, especially on carpet where agitation plays a considerable role in how much dirt it can pick up.

Design of the motorized tools remains the same. It has one soft roller head called the “Fluffy” and another bristled tool called the “Direct Drive” head.

3. Improved dirt bin

Perhaps the most significant improvement at least for me would be the dirt bin. Not only is the V8 bin bigger, emptying it is much easier than before.

No longer will you need to use your fingers to dislodge dirt trapped between the outer casing and inner mesh filter. The new design has a lever on top that you pull, and the machine does the rest.

Instead of just relying on a trap door and gravity to empty dirt, the new design helps push dirt out. With the mesh filter out of the way, its easier to remove any statically charged dirt like pet hair with the extra space.

4. New battery

The new lithium-ion battery extends the run time of the V8 from 25 minutes (without any motorized tools attached) to 40 minutes.

With the motorized tools attached, run time is around 25 minutes. And with the “Max” engaged that goes down to 7 minutes.

5. Less Noise

Dyson says that the new V8 their engineers have developed “significant acoustic improvements” to reduce sound without compromising suction power.

To give you an idea of how this translates to the real world, watch this video.

In terms of loudness, the V8 only produces around 66 while the V6 produces approximately 74 in normal mode. In max-mode, that number goes up over 80 decibels in the V6 and only 76 decibels in the V8.

So that’s around a 7 and 4-decibel difference in normal and max mode respectively.

6. Max Switch

The last upgrade would be the max switch that unleashes the full power of the V8 motor.

Instead of using the same pushbutton switch, Dyson changed it to a slide switch that makes it easier to turn on.

Dyson V8 Comparison: The Different variants

Right now there are two variants – the V8 Absolute and V8 Animal with the former being more expensive.

To clarify that all V8 products have the same motor and bin. So performance is the same, and the main difference would be the tools that come along in the package.

Both have a HEPA filter, so 99.9% of allergens stay inside the bin.

Dyson’s HEPA filter at least in their cordless line is washable, so you don’t have to buy anything extra during the lifetime of the machine.

V8 Absolute

This is the most expensive and feature rich variant currently in the V8 line up armed with the soft roller head and direct drive cleaner head.

It makes this variant a great option in homes with both carpet and hard floor surfaces.

Other attachments include:

  • Combination tool
  • Crevice tool
  • Mini motorized tool
  • Soft dusting brush

V8 Animal

The V8 Animal has the same toolset as the V8 Absolute but minus the soft roller head. Opt for this variant if your home only has carpet inside.

I believe the bristled tool can picking up dust on bare floor. But it’ll struggle cleaning large debris like chips or cereal.

If you don’t need the soft roller cleaning head, then you can save yourself some dough by opting for the V8 Animal.

Where can I buy this?

If you live in the United States, my favorite place to buy this would be in Amazon because of the fast turnaround time and the free 2-day shipping if you are a Prime member.

To give a comparison buying the V8 Absolute direct from Dyson.com will cost around $350. It will be a bit cheaper in Amazon if you want fast 2-day for Prime members.

For UK residents, Amazon.co.uk is the place to find the best deals. Buying this from Dyson UK will cost around £520.00 for the Absolute and £370.00 for the Animal.

Dyson UK also has the “Total Clean” variant that comes with two additional tools – the up top adaptor and flexible crevice tool.

You also have the option to go for a refurbished V8 if you don’t mind buying something used.

How is this different from the V7?

Just recently, Dyson has released a new variant in the market called the V7. This product combines the features of the V6 and V8 at a more affordable price than the V8.

It is a V6 with the upgraded bin design and slide max button switch. If you’re not a fan of the bin of the V6 but don’t want to spend a whole bunch for the V8, then this is a good compromise.

The verdict

Right now the Dyson V8 line up isn’t as massive as the V6 product line. But I expect that to change as time goes on.

When Dyson introduced the V6, it only had a single variant, but now it has 10.

There are two main options – the V8 Absolute and Animal. The former has the direct drive cleaner head and soft roller head that work well on carpet and bare floor respectively. It is a no-brainer option for homes with carpet and bare floor.

The MotorHead only has the bristled direct drive tool that will work better on carpet that it will on bare floor. But it still is capable of picking up dust on hard floors but don’t expect it to clean large debris as well.

Dyson UK has released a third variant called the “Total Clean” that adds two additional tools that’ll increase reach.

These include the top adaptor and “Flexi crevice” tool – a flexible combo tool.

If the V8 is too expensive, then you can save some dough and go with the V7 product line.

It is a V6 with the dirt bin and max switch of a V8. Should you feel like you don’t need the power but want the other upgrades then go with this option.

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  1. For those of us not in the U.K. but with a V8 Absolute, can we, or will we be able to add on the 2 additional parts that are currently only available in the U.K.?

  2. I would like to know what the difference is between the Dyson V8 Absolute and the Dyson V8 Absolute Plus They look exactly the same to me, but there must be due to price difference. Thanks in advance.
    June Rowlstone

  3. Hi was wondering with the silver @ blue v6 model is there only that one air filter to clean or is there a way you can clean the internal filtration thank you

    1. I have a prepolished hardwood floor, would like to know should I buy v8 absolute or v8 animal.?Please respond me ASAP, because I want to purchase of Black Friday.

  4. Am I right in thinking that the v8 total clean is exactly the same as the v8 absolute but just with two extra tools ?
    Surely there must be some other slight difference for Dysin to make 2 models ?
    Would welcome your thoughts ,thank you

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