Tineco Pure One S12 vs Dyson V11

Tineco Pure One S12 vs Dyson V11

In the past decade or so, one brand has been dominant in the cordless stick vacuum niche – Dyson.

But one start-up is challenging them and manufacturing high-quality cord-free products.

In this comparison, we’ll be looking at the Tineco Pure One S12 and the Dyson V11 Torque Drive.

Tineco has introduced some unique features not found in any Dyson product, and we’ll look at some of those in this review.

First, here’s a quick overview of the Tineco Pure One S12 vs. Dyson V11.

Tineco Pure One S12

Airflow: 61.72 CFM πŸ“ Dust bin size: 0.6 liters πŸ“ Sand on hard floor: 99.9% πŸ“ Deep Cleaning: 98.3% πŸ“ Weight: 6.6 lbs. πŸ“ Run time: up to 102 mins. πŸ“ Recharge: 3-4 hrs. πŸ“ Battery: 2500 mAh Li-ion πŸ“ Noise: 70.4 dB



Dyson V11

Airflow: 66.65 CFM πŸ“ Dust bin size: 0.77 liters πŸ“ Sand on hard floor: 99.4% πŸ“ Deep Cleaning: 100% πŸ“ Weight: 6.68 lbs. πŸ“ Run time: up to 74 mins. πŸ“ Recharge: 3 hrs. πŸ“ Battery: 3600 mAh Li-ion πŸ“ Noise: 78.5 dB



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Introduction to the Tineco Pure One S12 and Dyson V11

These two cord-free stick vacuums are some of the best I’ve tested so far, and each one offers something distinctive to the table.

Both are premium options with the capability of cleaning hard floors and carpet with efficiency.

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive is one of the best stick vacuums (corded or cordless) for cleaning carpet thanks to its out of this world airflow.

In contrast, the Tineco S12 will overwhelm you with the sheer number of tools.

Tineco Pure One S12: Lots of Tools, Detachable Battery, Two Batteries

Tineco Pure One S12

One thing I like about Tineco products (except for the Tineco A10) is the sheer number of tools.

The Tineco S12 is no exception, as it comes with more than ten attachments at your disposal. These aren’t gimmicky tools, but useful instruments designed to clean different areas.

For example, you can attach the extension tube and the flexible long crevice tool if you need that extra reach.

You can’t do this with the Dyson V11 since it lacks these attachments.

The two lithium-ion batteries combine to run for over 100 minutes with non-powered tools and more than 74 minutes with the main cleaning nozzle.

You can purchase more batteries if you want it to run longer. Furthermore, the charging dock can charge two batteries simultaneously, with less waiting time.

Dyson V11 Torque Drive: Great for Cleaning Carpet, Better Steering, Easier to Empty

Dyson V11 Intro

While the Pure One S12 has more tools, the Dyson V11 is much better at deep cleaning carpet.

It’s my go-to vacuum when I need to remove embedded sand that other vacuums can’t pick up.

Please note that the V11 also has the Fluffy option with the soft roller attachment if you need something for hard floors.

Despite being bulkier than the Tineco S12, it steers better – sharper and more responsive. The V11 will avoid furniture with a twist of the wrist.

The hygienic bin also makes it easier to dispose of dirt. It employs a point-and-shoot approach – point the vacuum’s receptacle on the trash container then push the red lever.

Most of the contents end up inside the trash. The S12 doesn’t have this feature but only relies on a trap door, so it’s a bit messier.

Interface comparison

Tineco S12 and Dyson V11 screen interface

Both the V11 and S12 have displays at different locations.

The V11 Torque Drive has an LCD screen behind the motor with a single button for toggling between different power settings.

Dyson V11 LCD screen

It provides real-time information about how much charge is left, the amount of time remaining before you need to recharge, and error codes.

Tineco’s screen is on top of the motor with a slider switch behind it for adjusting power.

Tineco S12 slider

Unlike the V11, it doesn’t have a fixed number of settings – only a range. I don’t use it much, only when I need to deep clean the carpet.

It also provides real-time information with how much charge is remaining, but it doesn’t show you a timer as you’ll see in the V11.

The screens both these vacuums have great contrast – light-colored fonts on a dark background, so it’s easy to read.

The V11 Animal has a different screen than the Torque Drive. It’s not dynamic – only with three icons for the power settings plus another graphic for the error codes.


Tineco S12 and Dyson V11 trigger

Both Tineco and Dyson have a trigger switch to turn on the motor. However, the similarity ends there.

The V11’s responsiveness is superior to the S12 – the slightest pressure powers the motor.

With the S12, there’s a delay of a few milliseconds. Whether or not this matter depends on your preference.

But one advantage the S12 has is the trigger lock, which keeps the motor in the on position.

This feature is handy for cleaning large areas as you don’t need to squeeze the trigger as much.

It minimizes finger and arm fatigue.

Power mode switch

The way you adjust the power settings varies with these two vacuums. In the V11, there’s a silver button right below the LCD screen that enables users to shift between three different power settings.

The S12 has a slider for this purpose. So it doesn’t have a fixed amount of settings, but a range. You use your finger to adjust suction by sliding up or down. I only use it for the max setting when I need to deep clean carpets.

Otherwise, I press the auto button right in front of the slider and let the iLoop sensor do the work.

Battery and Run Time

The Tineco S12 utilizes a 2,500 mAh Li-ion battery, while the V11 Torque Drive has the Nickel-Cobalt-Aluminum battery. Dyson doesn’t specify the capacity – but it’s a lot based on the run time.

Between the two, the S12 will run longer with the two batteries combined – up to 100 minutes with non-powered tools.

Dyson V11
Non-powered71:11 mins.
40:12 mins.
6:53 mins.
Cleaning head74:58 mins.
46:11 mins.
7:14 mins.
Tineco S12
51:21 mins. x 2
10:47 mins. x 2
Cleaning head
37:35 mins. x 2
10:10 mins. x 2

However, the V11 will run for around 74 minutes with the Torque Drive attachment at the lowest power setting. Strangely it ran shorter with the crevice tool attached – approximately 71 minutes.

The Tineco battery slides out easily without needing to unfasten anything. You’ll need to press these levers to remove it.

For the V11, it would depend on the model you buy. There’s a version with the click-on battery and another with the bolt-on battery.

I believe the newer version with the click-on battery is already available on Amazon.

Power/Airflow comparison

In this section, I’ll compare how these two vacuums compare when it comes to airflow.

Since vacuum cleaner manufacturers don’t have a uniform method of disclosing power, I used an anemometer to measure in two critical areas – tube and main nozzle.

Airflow is a good barometer on how well a vacuum will perform, especially on carpets where the V11 excels.

First, here are the results.

Dyson V11
Wand34.55 CFM41.91 CFM66.13 CFM
Cleaning head28.52 CFM31.94 CFM53.58 CFM
Tineco S12
Wand34 CFMN/A61.72 CFM
Cleaning head27.95 CFMN/A50.71 CFM

The Dyson V11 has more power in the max setting, either with the main cleaning head (5.03%) or suction-only attachments like the crevice tool (6.8% more).

Even with the higher airflow, there isn’t much of a difference in how well these vacuums clean.

How does the Tineco S12 and Dyson V11 clean?

Both these vacuums are usable as handheld or stick vacuums.

You’ll get a variety of tools out of the box for cleaning different areas in your home.

The only difference is you’ll get more tools from the Tineco S12 than the Dyson V11. So consumers will have more options with what to tool to use for a particular task.

You’ll get two cleaning nozzles with the S12 – a soft roller and standard brush tool.

Tineco Pure One S12 Primary Floor Tools

The V11 Torque Drive has one attachment for cleaning floors.

DysonV11TorqueDriveHead 2

The Torque Drive has two adjustable gates to fit in large bits of debris.

Cleaning performance comparison

Now, let’s look at how well these cleans hard floors and carpets. Spoiler alert – t’s very close!

ModelTineco S12Dyson V11
Hard Floors (Surface Test)99.88%99.72%
Sand on Hard Floor99.9%99.4%
Carpet (Surface Test)99.34%99.26%
Deep Cleaning98.3%114%

The V11 Torque has higher overall scores – 99.66% vs. 99.17% because it was consistent across the board despite not having the soft roller attachment.

However, the Pure One S12 was slightly better with the surface debris test on hard floors and carpet.

Which is better on hard floors?


The Tineco S12 had higher averages than the V11 Torque Drive on hard floors, which I expected because it has a soft roller tool.

This attachment is more efficient than the Torque Drive attachment of the V11 in cleaning debris on hard floors, but the difference isn’t much.

The Torque Drive is usable on hard floors, but there’s a higher risk of scratching the surface because of the lack of padding.

If you want the Dyson V11 on hard floors, opt for the Fluffy variant that comes with the soft roller attachment.

Sand on hard floor comparison

The soft roller attachment of the S12 is better on this surface, as seen in the scores below.

  • Tineco S12: 99.9% – average from the soft roller and standard brush
  • Dyson V11: 99.4% – using the Torque Drive attachment.

It was able to pick up nearly all the sand in the forward pass. In contrast, the V11 left a trail of sand after the initial pass but picked these up in the succeeding passes.

Between the two, the S12 is the no-brainer option for folks living near the beach or sandy area.

Again, get V11 Fluffy if you want to benefit from Dyson’s superior swivel system.

Or you could purchase the V10’s Fluffy tool, which will fit on the V11.

Edge cleaning


This is an area where Dyson products shine. Regardless if you’re using the Fluffy or standard brush roll.

The Torque Drive attachment of the V11 is more efficient than any of the primary nozzles of the S12 thanks it the broader brush.

Carpet cleaning comparison


The results in the surface debris test are very close between these two, with the S12 with a higher score.

ModelTineco S12Dyson V11
Carpet (Surface Test)99.34%99.26%
Deep Cleaning98.3%114%

Regardless, you won’t go wrong with either if you’re looking for a stick vacuum that can clean surface dirt – both will do well.

However, the V11 excels at cleaning embedded sand. It’s the best cordless stick vacuum I’ve tested so far on this surface.

The V11 Outsize and the Riccar R10CV are the only other cord-free vacuums with more suction than the V11 Torque Drive.

For the deep cleaning test, I rubbed 100 grams of sand on medium-pile carpet – the V11 Torque Drive picked up 114% versus 98.3% of the Pure One S12.

The 114% may sound unrealistic, but it’s the sand particles left by other vacuums in the previous tests.

Large debris comparison


You’ll need to shake the V11 cleaning head to coax large debris to one of the two gates.

There are no issues with the Tineco S12 and Dyson V11 in picking up large debris like Cheerios and Fruit loops on carpets or hard floors.


Cleaning large debris on carpet won’t be a problem for these two vacuums.

Take note that you’ll need the S12’s soft roller attachment to pick up sizable debris on hard floors since the standard nozzle doesn’t have enough clearance.

The V11’s Torque Drive has adjustable gates, so even extra-large Fruit loops will fit. But you’ll have to coax it to one of the gates.

Hair wrap comparison

I tested each vacuum on one gram of five to seven inch human air, and there were a few strands (if any) wrapping around the brush.

Dyson V11 hair wrap

Barely anything wrapped on the V11 Torque Drive attachment.

Tineco S12 hair wrap test on carpet

Likewise, the Tineco S12 brush roll did an excellent job resisting tangles.

Even the soft roller attachment of the S12 was able to resist tangles well.

Dust bin comparison


The V11 utilizes Dyson’s hygienic system that I like as it has a mechanism for pushing dirt downward.

In contrast, the Tineco S12 only has a trap door and relies on gravity for the task. But the broader base ensures that most of the contents will go into the trash container.

Long strands of hair will wrap around the metallic filter piece in the middle, though.

Filter comparison

The Tineco S12 has two filters – one pre-motor filter accessible underneath the dust container and a post-motor filter behind the motor – both are washable. But you’ll have to replace the post-motor filter of Tineco once every 12 months.

Tineco Pure One S12 Filters

In the V11, there’s only one filter at the back of the motor. It’s a bigger piece with more surface area than the filter of the Dyson V10.

Dyson V10 and V11 post motor filter

Dyson filters are washable, and you don’t need to replace it. However, it’s a good idea to buy at least one extra filter, so you’ll have something to use while the other filter dries.

Also, the pre-motor filter of Tineco soils faster than a Dyson filter. You’ll have to clean it with more frequency.

Noise comparison

To measure noise, I use a sound meter from a few feet away with the main nozzle attached.

Airflow ratingLowMidHigh
Dyson V1166.5 dB
68.7 dB
78.9 dB
Tineco S1267.2 dBN/A
70.4 dB

The Dyson V11 is the noisier option of the two – close to 79 decibels at the max setting.

Tineco did an excellent job with the S12 with muffling the noise. It only recorded 70.4 decibels at the max setting.

Ergonomics comparison

There isn’t much weight difference between the S12 and V11 – only a 0.08-pounds.

But the larger motor and battery of the V11 make it more top-heavy.

You can feel most of the weight if you’re using this for an extended period on carpets.

And if you use the max setting on the carpet. It’s more challenging to push forward –takes more effort, and more strain on the arm and wrist.

The S12 is more comfortable to move around on carpet since it doesn’t have the same seal as the V11.

With that said, you have to realize the V11 is better at cleaning embedded dirt, so that’s the trade-off you’ll have to consider.

Another advantage of the V11 is its steering. It turns at a sharper angle than the S12, so it requires fewer turns to avoid the furniture. Not the case with the S12 with a less responsive swivel.

Maintenance comparison

You’ll need to clean specific components of these vacuums regularly to keep it running at an optimal level.

These include filters, brushes, and dust containers.

One advantage the V11 has is it utilizes a lifetime filter, so you don’t need to replace it. It should last the life of the vacuum. You can buy an extra filter to eliminate the downtime, but aside from that, you don’t need to buy more.

Tineco’s HEPA filters need to be replaced annually.

As for parts, Dyson has a slight advantage because multiple vendors, aside from Dyson, sell them. If buying an original battery is too expensive, you can opt for replacement OEM alternatives, which will eventually be available because Dyson is so famous.

Even hard-to-find parts like the cyclonic module are available in stores like eBay.

Tineco parts are also available for sale, but you can only buy them from Tineco’s store on Amazon, so they’ll cost a bit more.

Tools out of the box

Here are the tools you’ll get out of the box with the Tineco S12.

Tineco S12 Tools

  1. Direct drive power LED brush
  2. An LED soft roller power brush
  3. Soft dusting brush
  4. 2-in-1 dusting brush
  5. Crevice tool
  6. Flexible long crevice tool
  7. Mini turbo brush
  8. Automatic pre-filter cleaning tool
  9. Dual-charging wall-mountable dock
  10. Extra Li-ion battery
  11. Flexible extension hose
  12. Multi-angle adapter
  13. Extension tube

And the Dyson V11 Torque Drive

Dyson V11 tools

  1. Mini turbo brush
  2. Soft dusting brush
  3. Crevice tool
  4. Combination tool
  5. Stubborn brush tool: It has stiffer bristles than the combination and the soft dusting brush, which makes it great for cleaning pet hair.
  6. Wand storage clip
  7. Docking station

Other Tineco and Dyson comparison

Spec comparison

Tineco S12
Dyson V11
Cordless Stick
Cordless Stick
Run time
up to 100 mins
up to 74 mins
3 hours
3 hours
Dirt capacity
0.6 liters
0.77 liters
6.6 pounds
6.68 pounds
Cleaning Path
61.72 CFM
66.13 CFM
2 yrs
2 yrs

Where can I buy the Tineco S12 and Dyson V11?

You can buy these stick vacuums from online stores like Amazon or Walmart. Click the links below for the current prices.

There are sub-model options available for the Dyson V11 and Tineco S12, so don’t forget to check the individual product reviews for more details.

Disclosure: I’ll earn a commission if you purchase through any of the links above, but at no additional cost to you, so it’s a win-win for us!

Which offers the better value?

Both alternatives bring a lot of value to the table. In terms of price, it’s close, both premium products, so that shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

We’ll look at other aspects.

The Tineco Pure One S12 has more accessories than the V11 Torque Drive, so you’ll have more options with above-floor cleaning.

Dyson doesn’t have as many tools, but it has more responsive and sharper steering. It also cleans embedded dirt better for a more extended period than the S12 from a single battery.

The hygienic system in the V11 means less exposure to dirt – since it pushes it down.

Tineco will run longer with the two batteries, but the V11 utilizes better battery technology that doesn’t fade as much as Tineco.

Consider these facts when deciding between the Tineco S12 and Dyson V11.

The Verdict: Has Tineco S12 Overtaken the Dyson V11?

After testing these two products extensively, I’d say that you can’t go wrong with either.

Selecting one will depend on your preferences.

The Tineco S12 is an excellent option if you want a vacuum with lots of tools – the “S12 Plus” variant comes with 13 attachments.

It works well as an all-around vacuum for cleaning hard floors and carpet – with enough tools to tackle various areas inside your home or vehicle.

The Dyson V11 is the better option for carpet because it picks up more gunk embedded under the strands.

I’d recommend it for people who have wall-to-wall carpeting at home.

4 Reasons to buy the Tineco Pure One S12

  1. Two Li-ion batteries: The S12 and S12 plus comes with two Li-ion batteries that will run for up to 100 minutes.
  2. Lots of tools: You’ll get up to 13 attachments for cleaning different parts of your home.
  3. Better at cleaning surface dirt: One surprise for me is the S12 scored higher in the surface cleaning tests on hard floors and carpets.
  4. LED headlight: This feature helps with visibility and tracking dust.

4 Reasons to buy the Dyson V11 Torque Drive

  1. Excellent at deep cleaning carpet: The V11 is one of the best cordless vacuums at cleaning embedded dirt on carpets.
  2. Better steering: Dyson stick vacuums are among the best in the business with its ball steering system – V11 is an excellent example.
  3. Larger dirt capacity: The V11 has a 0.77-liter dirt volume – 24.81% more than the Tineco S12.
  4. Hygienic system: This feature makes the V11 more straightforward to empty.

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