Tineco A10 Review: Hero vs Hero+ vs Master

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Tineco A10 Review

The Tineco A10 is an excellent option for folks looking for a cordless with the same versatility as a Dyson.

Of all the Chinese-made cordless vacuums I tested, this model is one of the better options below $200.

It has pretty decent suction and cleaning performance thanks to the 350-watt motor. It also has a mini motorized brush which is something that’s lacking in the Dibea C17 and Proscenic P8.

This means you can use this to clean hair and dirt off fabric upholstery and carpet stairs.

While this product is excellent, there are some issues that you need to be aware of. Find out more in this review if the Tineco A10 is worth the price.

Is this product a good alternative to the Dyson V8?

Tineco A10 Review

The A10 is the entry-level option of Tineco and one of their least expensive cordless stick vacuums available. But don’t let that term fool you into thinking that the A10 has entry-level performance as it scores high in the cleaning tests I did. In fact, it scored higher compared to the more expensive Dyson V8 Absolute that I tested a few weeks back. However, there are some minor issues that you need to be aware of which I’ll discuss below.

This variant in particular that I’m reviewing is the “Hero” model that only comes with the standard brush tool with the stiff bristles that work great on carpet. But I purchased the soft roller attachment separately to see how it does on hard floors.

A quick look at the features of the Tineco A10

  • A 350-watt digital motor that produces up to 110 air watts of suction in Max mode
  • The main unit only weighs 2.87 pounds
  • Has one detachable lithium-ion battery
  • The LED battery indicator tells you how much charge is left
  • Easy to empty bin
  • Has a post-motor washable HEPA filter
  • Comes with a switch lock, so you don’t have to continually squeeze the trigger
  • LED headlights on the main cleaning head
  • Swivel steering
  • 2-year warranty


  • A versatile and lightweight cordless vacuum that can clean on floors, upholstery and much more
  • Decent run time of up to 25 minutes
  • Easy to remove Li-ion battery
  • The bright LED light on the main cleaning head helps track dust under furniture
  • HEPA filtration helps keep allergens inside the bin


  • Short run time in max mode (just a little over 6 minutes in my tests)
  • The crevice and brush tool doesn’t have a quick-release latch
  • Dirt capacity is small (only 0.4 liters)
  • Cleaning head does not go completely flat which limits reach under furniture

What to expect from the Tineco A10?

Tineco A10 Stick Vacuum
Tineco A10 has the same design cues as the Dyson V8

Upon opening the box, I thought that Tineco did an outstanding job with the packaging.

All components are stored in separate, corrugated cardboard boxes, each with a separate plastic packaging.

In terms of design, the Tineco A10 looks very much like the Dyson V8. Both have the same trigger switch, detachable wand, and interchangeable tools.

There are three different A10 options available. These include the “Hero”, “Hero+”, and “Master”. All these options have the same motor and battery.

What’s different between each variant is the attachments and extras that come in the box and the color scheme.

So the sample I got from Tineco is the entry-level Hero version that only has the basic tools such as the crevice, brush, and mini-turbo brush. Recently, I purchased the soft roller attachment just to see it does on hard surfaces.


Tineco A10 Trigger Lock
The green arrows point to the trigger lock in the “off” (left) and “on” (right) position.

One feature that separates the A10 from any Dyson cordless vacuum is the trigger lock mechanism that gives users the option to leave the trigger at the “on” position.

So there’s no need to continually squeeze the trigger when cleaning a large area inside the home.

You also can use the trigger as is without the lock which gives the users more options.

LED Headlight

Tineco A10 LED Headlight on Main Brush

Another feature absent in the Dyson but present with Tineco is the LED headlights on both the soft roller and the multi-tasker power brush.

A row of LED lights helps illuminate the path of the cleaning heads which is a big help when cleaning dark areas underneath furniture.

Dirt Bin

The A10’s bin is almost the same as the Dyson V6’s bin with a capacity of 0.4 liters. It isn’t a lot so you will have to empty it often.

It has a quick-release latch that relies mostly on gravity to dispose of dirt. One feature that’s lacking is the hygienic system found in the Dyson V8 that pushes dirt downward.

There will be some debris that will seep through the mesh filter on the upper part of the bin. But that’s easy to clean since you can remove the filter housing easily just by twisting it off.

Like the Dyson V6, you can remove the clear part of the bin. It makes it easy to thoroughly clean this part if needed.

Twin Filter System

Tineco A10 Dual Filter

The Tineco A10 has two filters – a pre-motor and a post-motor HEPA filter that’s washable.

Tineco says that the HEPA filter can block allergens up to 0.3 microns from coming back out through the exhaust.

Since this is a bagless vacuum, there will still be dust exposure when you empty the bin.

One issue with the cyclonic system of Tineco is it isn’t as good as a Dyson when it comes to keeping dirt away from the filter.

If you live in a dusty area or clean a lot of pet hair and dust, the filter will soil at a much faster rate than a Dyson. So it will require more frequent cleaning.

The pre-filter cleaning tool does help as it provides a way for consumers to clean the filter without having to remove it from the vacuum.

Easy storage

Tineco A10 Tool Caddy

The Hero and Master version come with a tool caddy storage (Tineco calls this part “the Storehouse”) where you can store the vacuum’s attachments, including the extension wand and vacuum.

It has two slots for the two main nozzles, two slots for the non-powered tools, one for the mini-turbo brush, and space for one extra battery.

Other A10 options like the Hero+ have the wall-mountable charging dock with slots for storing three attachments.

One Quirk

Tineco A10 with crevice tool attached
The crevice tool in the A10 doesn’t have a quick-release latch.

While the Tineco A10 and A11 are similar when it comes to design, there’s one quirk with the A10 that needs to be disclosed.

The two suction-only tools, the crevice, and the 2-in-1 brush tool do not have a quick-release latch.

Tineco A10 2-in-1 Tool
The 2-in-1 tool also doesn’t have the quick-release latch.

This means that attaching and removing these tools will require a little bit more force as it only relies on friction without the lock.

Fortunately, the attachments in the Tineco A11 that have the quick-release lock are compatible with the A10. So you can purchase these attachments separately if you want to save some money.

How much power does the Tineco A10 have?

According to Tineco, the A10 has a 350-watt brushless motor that they say has as much power as the Dyson V8.

To see if this claim is accurate, I used an anemometer to measure airflow at the wand and compare it to the V8.

Please refer below to see the results.

  • Low: 31.5 CFM
  • Max: 51 CFM

Based on these results, the A10 almost equals the V8 when it comes to airflow at the lowest setting (31.5 vs 32 CFM), but lags behind at the max setting (51 vs 54 CFM).

Compared to the Dyson V7, the A10 has more power at the default (31.5 vs 29 CFM) and max setting (51 vs 50 CFM).

Considering the current price of the A10 Hero which is under $200, it does provide a lot of value for money.

How long does the Tineco A10 run?

Tineco says that the 21.6-volt Li-ion battery will run for up to 25 minutes.

One feature I like with the Tineco battery across their product line is how easy it is to remove because of the quick-release lock.

Tineco A10 Battery Charging

The Hero version that I got only has one battery but you can purchase extra batteries for the A10 on Amazon.

Unfortunately, the Hero and Master versions don’t have the dual charging dock that you’ll get in the Tineco A11 so you can only charge one battery at a time.

How does the Tineco A10 clean?

Much like the Tineco A11 and Pure One S12, the A10 offers a similar type of versatility thanks to the removable tube and the interchangeable tools.

One advantage it has over the two other Tineco products is it’s the lightest option. In handheld mode, this vacuum weighs just a little over 2 pounds.

This interchangeability is what gives the A10 it’s versatility. You can use this as a handheld or stick vacuum.

However, remember that the design bias of the A10 is to clean floors which is its primary function.

To do this, Tineco provides consumers with two primary tools for cleaning bare floors and carpet.

Tineco A10 Primary Floor Nozzles
The A10 has two tools for cleaning floors. On the left is the multi-tasker power brush and on the right is the soft roller power brush.

The soft roller power brush is only available if you purchase the Master version while the multi-tasker brush is available in all A10 models.

While the soft roller is an excellent tool for cleaning hard surfaces, the A10’s standard brush roll will be able to handle stuff like dust without any issues.

However, it will struggle with cleaning large piles of messes as it lacks a funnel that the Pure One S12 has that will prevent it from pushing dirt forward.

Minus the tube, this vacuum is usable as a handheld thanks to the variety of attachments.

It doesn’t have a diverse collection of tools as you’ll see with the A11, but the good news is you can purchase any of the A11 tools and it’ll fit on the A10.

Cleaning performance

To test how the Tineco A10 cleans different types of debris, I put it through a series of tests on stuff like Quaker oats, quinoa, pet litter, and coffee grounds on hard floor, low, and mid pile carpet.

These are the standard tests I do in the most recent reviews I’ve done.

Here are the overall scores of the test.



Hard Floor


Carpet (Surface Pickup)


Carpet (Deep Cleaning)


For a vacuum at this price range, the results are very impressive. Take note that I used the tools found in the higher end Master variant that includes the soft roller and the multi-tasker power brush.

What impressed me the most is the consistency of the results across different types of debris. Unfortunately for owners of homes that only have hard floors, the A10 doesn’t have an option that only has the soft roller power brush so if you want this attachment, you either have to buy it separately or purchase the Master variant.

Hard floor cleaning

To test how the A10 cleaning hard floors, I used the soft roller bar to see how well it picks up.

Here are the results of the tests.

Quaker Oats






Pet Litter


The soft roller tool of the A10 was able to pick up most, if not all, of the debris scattered, please check the photos below to see before and after shots on quaker oats, coffee grounds, quinoa, and pet litter.

Tineco A10 cleaning quaker oats on hard floor

Tineco A10 cleaning coffee grounds on hard floors

Tineco A10 cleaning quinoa on hard floors

Tineco A10 cleaning pet litter on hard floors

I also tried using the A10’s standard brush roll on Quaker oats and coffee grounds, but it did not do so well. So my conclusion is that the multi-tasker brush is best utilized on carpets.

Another area I tested the Tineco A10 is how it does on larger bits of dirt like Fruit loops.

Here’s a before and after shot of how it did and it did an excellent job at doing so.

Tineco A10 Fruit Loops Test

It was able to pick up most of the Fruit loops on the floor. I said most because there were a few pieces that wedged on the soft roller head.

Tineco A10 Fruit Loops on soft roller

Unfortunately, the multi-tasker did not do as well at cleaning Fruit loops because it lacks the adjustable gates found in the Dyson V10 or V11 or the funnel in the Pure One S12.

Tineco A10 Multi Tasker on fruit loops

Carpet cleaning

Next, let’s look at the results on carpets. I did a series of tests on low pile and medium-pile carpet to see how well the multi-tasker brush handles debris on these surfaces.

Again, I used the same four debris on these tests – quinoa, Quaker oats, coffee grounds, and pet litter.

Low pile carpet test results

Quaker Oats






Pet Litter


The results on low pile carpet are impressive at the A10 got nearly perfect scores identical to the more expensive Pure One S12.

Check the before and after shots below on how the A10 cleaned (in order) quaker oats, coffee, quinoa, and pet litter.

Tineco A10 cleaning quaker oats on low pile carpet

Tineco A10 cleaning coffee grounds on low pile carpet

Tineco A10 cleaning quinoa on low pile carpet

Tineco A10 cleaning pet litter on low pile carpet

This tells me that the multi-tasker power brush has excellent design cues that prioritize cleaning carpet over anything else. Whatever it lacks when it comes to cleaning hard floors, it makes up for it when it comes to debris pick up on carpets.

Medium pile carpet test results

Quaker Oats






Pet Litter


One of the biggest surprises with the A10 is its performance on mid pile carpet.

Tineco A10 cleaning quaker oats on mid pile carpet

Tineco A10 cleaning coffee grounds on mid pile carpet

Tineco A10 cleaning quinoa on mid pile carpet

The results were better than that of the Pure One S12 (99.57% vs. 99.22%) which is a surprise for me since the latter has more airflow. Another surprising result for me is the deep cleaning tests where the A10 scored an average of 97.5% which isn’t too far from the 99% score of the Pure One S12.

You can say that the A10 definitely provides a lot more value for the dollar considering how close it is to the more expensive Tineco cordless option.

However, there’s the issue of the attachments that do not have the quick-release latch that makes it harder to remove.

Upholstery cleaning

For cleaning upholstery like chairs and sofas, you’ll have a couple of options.

First, there’s the mini-turbo brush that does well as cleaning bigger messes on fabric upholstery.

Tineco A10 Mini Turbo Brush

If you have pets, this is also an excellent tool to have to remove pet hair.

The A10 also comes with a combination brush and upholstery tool. Bristles on this tool are pretty stiff which makes it suitable for agitating stubborn dirt.

Tineco 2-in-1 Brush Tool

If the brush is too stiff for what you’re cleaning, you can remove it and use the felt-like material for cleaning fabric upholstery.

Product specifications

FeaturesTineco A10
Brush roll on/offNo
Battery21.6-volt Li-Ion
ChargerPlug-in charger
Run Timeup to 26:44 mins.
Weight2.87 lbs (main unit)

5.03 lbs (with floor tool and wand)
Cleaning Path12.7"
Overall Length48"
Battery IndicatorYes
Filter Type1 Pre-Motor Filter

1 HEPA Filter
Dust Capacity0.4 liters
Air Watts110 air watts
Manufactured InChina
Warranty2 yrs.

What’s inside the box?

Tineco A10 Attachments

Take note that the A10 variant I have is the entry-level Hero and the soft roller attachment isn’t included (I purchased this separately).

Please check the list below for the description of the tools

  1. LED Multi-Taker Power Brush: This tool is Tineco’s version of the standard brush roll with soft and stiff bristles that works great on carpets and hard floors.
  2. LED Soft Roller Power Brush: An excellent tool for cleaning small to large debris on hard floors.
  3. Crevice Tool: For cleaning tight areas around the upholstery.
  4. Mini Power Brush: For cleaning stubborn dirt or hair on fabric upholstery.
  5. 2-in-1 Dusting Brush: Combines a brush and upholstery tool.
  6. Extension wand (blue tube): This tool gives the A10 the ability to toggle between a handheld or stick vacuum.
  7. Storehouse: Caddy for storing the vacuum and its attachments.

These tools are interchangeable and make this vacuum a versatile tool that’s usable in different areas of the home or vehicle for cleaning dry dirt.

Not all models come with the same set of attachments. The entry-level A10 comes with the least number of tools while the A10 Master has the most number of attachments.

Please check the table below to see the tools that come along with the different Tineco A10 variants.

1 x 2,000mAh
1 x 2,000mAh
2 x 2,000mAh
Direct Drive LED Multi-tasker Power Brush
LED Soft Roller Power Brush
Automatic Pre-filter Cleaning Tool
Mini Power Brush
2-in-1 Dusting Brush
Crevice tool
Hair Cleaning Tool
Wall Mountable Dock
Li-ion Battery
PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Should I buy the Tineco A10?

The Tineco A10 may not be as refined as the Dyson V8 or even the V6, but for what you’ll be getting, it’s good value for money.

In terms of power, it’s almost equal to the V8 in the default setting but lags behind at max mode.

One issue would be the lack of a quick-release lock with the suction-only tools that take some points away when it comes to usability.

You can purchase A11 attachments for the A10 as there will be no issues when it comes to compatibility if this is a big concern.

Another issue would be the design of the cleaning head. The piece that connects the head and extension wand sits at a fixed angle which can affect how this vacuum cleans under furniture.

You can turn the body sideways so it goes flat, but this position can be a little bit awkward.

You should buy the Tineco A10 if you:

  • Want a cordless vacuum that costs under $200: The Tineco A10 is a good value at just under $200. Not only will you get an assortment of tools, but it also has a tool storage caddy for storing all of these attachments.
  • Need a versatile tool for cleaning a small house: This product is usable as a stick or handheld vacuum, capable of cleaning floors, upholstery, vents and everything in between.
  • Don’t want to continually squeeze the trigger: Tineco has a feature that allows you to lock the trigger in place so you don’t have to constantly squeeze it to clean the home.
  • Need a vacuum that can clean hard floor and carpet: The soft roller attachment and “Multi-Tasker” power brush are both capable of cleaning dirt from hard floors and carpets respectively.
  • Need a cheaper option that can deep clean carpets: The A10 scored 97.5% in the cleaning tests I did on medium-pile carpet. which is surprisingly higher than the Dyson V8 and V10.

Click here to learn more about the Tineco A10.

The Verdict

The Tineco A10 is an excellent alternative to the Dyson V7 or V8. It has comparable airflow and versatility at an attractive price point.

Like it’s primary competitor, it’s got a wide range of tools that gives this product a lot of versatility.

Despite being the cheaper option, the Tineco A10 actually scored higher in the cleaning tests I did, even in the deep cleaning tests it scored 97.5% versus 94.3% of the V8.

One of my favorite features is the removable battery that makes it easy to replace just in case it stops working.

Both cleaning nozzles have LED headlights which are not a feature available with the Dyson which makes it better at tracking dirt underneath furniture.

Though it has its quirks like the lack of a quick-release latch for some of the tools, the workaround is easy – just buy the A11 attachments.

The Tineco A10 is great value for money in the sub-$200 range – a big reason why it is so popular in Amazon.

A More Cost Effective Option To The Dyson
  • Ergonomics - 93%
  • Surface Cleaning - 99.81%
  • Deep Cleaning - 97.5%
  • Quality - 94%
  • Design - 92%
  • Value - 93%


The Tineco A10 brings a lot to the table when it comes to features and performance. Even though this model is Tineco’s entry-level option, there’s nothing entry-level with its performance. It scored better than the Dyson V8 in nearly all the cleaning tests I did and that includes the embedded coffee grounds on medium pile carpet test. It does have its share of issues such as some tools lacking a quick-release mechanism that makes it harder to remove and the inferior filtration system versus the Dyson. But considering the price difference, I consider this product a bargain.

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  1. Which cordless vacuum do you prefer
    Dyson V6 Orgin or Tineco A10?
    I can either one on sale for $150.00
    Thank you.

    • If both are at the same price level, I’d go with the Dyson.

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