Tineco A10 Review: A Sub $200 Cordless Option

Last updated on December 3rd, 2018 by Garrick Dee

The Tineco A10 is a great option for folks looking for a cordless with the same versatility as a Dyson.

Of all the Chinese-made cordless cleaners I tested, this is one of the better ones all around.

It has pretty decent suction and cleaning performance thanks to the 350 watt motor. It also has a mini motorized brush, something that’s lacking in the Dibea C17 and Proscenic P8.

This means you can use this to clean hair and dirt off upholstery.

Let’s see in this review how this vacuum does in terms of performance and if it is worth the $200 price tag in Amazon.

A quick look at the features

  • 350 watt digital motor that produces up to 110 air watts of suction in Max mode
  • Main unit only weighs 2.87 pounds
  • Detachable lithium ion battery
  • LED battery indicator tells you how much charge is left
  • Easy to empty bin
  • Has a post motor washable HEPA filter
  • Comes with a switch lock so you don’t have to constantly squeeze the trigger
  • LED headlights
  • Swivel steering
  • 2 year warranty


  • Versatile and lightweight cordless that can clean on floors, upholstery and much more
  • Decent run time of up to 25 minutes
  • Removable battery is easy to replace
  • Bright LED helps track dust under furniture
  • Easy to empty dirt bin
  • HEPA filtration helps keep allergens inside the bin


  • Short run time in max mode
  • You’ll need to exert some effort in attaching the crevice and combination brush/upholstery tool
  • Bin is on the smallish side so you’ll need to empty often
  • Does not go completely flat which limits reach under furniture

What to expect from the Tineco A10?

Upon opening the box, I thought that Tineco did their best at manufacturing a high quality cordless vacuum.

Components of this product were stored in separated corrugated boxes. And there’s a feel of quality when you open it.

I’m not saying it’s at the level of Dyson because it isn’t but it’s getting close.

Remember there was a time that people thought Japanese cars were not good.

What happened?

Companies like Toyota eventually overtook American brands like Ford and became the standard when it comes to reliability.

There will come a time when Chinese made cordless vacuums will seriously compete with the likes of Dyson.

Before I continue, please watch this video to see what’s inside the box, the different features and a cleaning test. So make sure to watch it from start to finish.


Dyson-like design and some unique features

The main vacuum body has a similar design to a Dyson.

It’s got the same trigger switch, bin with trap door underneath, HEPA filter behind the motor, removable tube and interchangeable tools.

But it’s got some features that Dyson does not have.

Squeeze the trigger and the 350 watt motor purrs to life. Beside the trigger is another switch that you can pull.

When you do so it keeps the trigger squeezed for you. This means less strain on your fingers and wrist.

It’s a nice wrinkle to have and gives you an option if you squeezing the trigger doesn’t fancy you.

LED headlights

In front of the main cleaning head are 5 small diodes of LED lights that help illuminate the vacuums path.

This may not sound a big deal but if you’ve tried cleaning areas under furniture, this light sources helps a lot in terms of tracking dust.

Dirt bin

The A10’s bin is almost the same as the Dyson V6’s bin so it can hold around 0.3 liters.

One good feature about the bin is how easy it is to empty. When you open the bin, most of the contents will drop down.

There will be some debris that will seep through the mesh filter on the upper part of the bin. But that’s easy to clean since you can remove the filter housing easily just by twisting it off.

Like the Dyson V6, you can remove the clear part of the bin. This makes it easy to deep clean periodically.


Powering this cordless is a 350 watt motor that produces 110 air watts of power. This is just 5 watts shy of the Dyson V8 but 10 air watts more than the V7.

So the $200 price tag is actually great value for money when it comes to power.

There are actually two variants available – the space blue and variant orange. Both have the same specs but the later has one extra battery pack and has the soft roller attachment similar to the one found in the Dyson.

Run time

The 21.6 volt Li-Ion battery will run up to 25 minutes in normal mode and 6 minutes in max – same specs as the Dyson V6.

You can buy an extra battery if you want to extend the run time and charge the second battery while using the other if you need to use this often.

HEPA filtration

Behind the motor is a washable HEPA filter that Tineco says will filter up to 0.3 microns of the allergens from coming out of the exhaust.

Since this is a bagless vacuum, you will still be exposed to the allergens when emptying it.

Cleaning performance

The unit I have is the “space blue” so I wasn’t able to test the soft roller cleaning attachment which does a great job on hard floor surfaces.

Here are some before and after photos on bare floor and carpet.

Bare floor


You can see clearly that the low profile design does not do very well on bare floor surfaces. If you find yourself cleaning a mess similar to this, you’ll probably be better off using the crevice tool or the soft roller cleaning head.

On low pile rug, it did a superb job in cleaning the big pile of mess I scattered. It picked up all of the surface dirt I scattered and agitation was pretty good for a cordless.

However do not expect deep cleaning performance because it will not have the agitation or power to do so.

High end upright and canister vacuums like a Dyson will have as much as three times more suction.

Upholstery cleaning

For cleaning upholstery like chairs and sofa, you’ll have a couple of options. First there’s the mini-turbo brush that does well as cleaning bigger messes on fabric upholstery. If you have pets, this is also a good tool to have to remove pet hair.

The A10 also comes with a combination brush and upholstery tool. Bristles on this tool are pretty stiff which makes it good for agitating stubborn dirt. If the brush is too stiff what you’re cleaning you can remove it and use the felt-like material to upholstery inside your vehicle.

Easy storage

Storing this vacuum and its tools won’t be a problem thanks to the handy tool storage.

There’s no need to drill holes on the wall  or worry about misplacing any accessory because everything is stored in one location.

Product specifications

AttachmentsCrevice tool

Combination brush and upholstery

Mini turbo brush

Main cleaning head

Extension wand (blue tube)
Brush roll on/offNo
Battery21.6-volt Li-Ion
ChargerPlug-in charger
Charging timeN/A
Battery life25 minutes (normal)
6 minutes (max)
Net weight2.87 lbs (main unit)

5.03 lbs (with floor tool and wand)
Shipping weight12.75 lbs.
Cleaning path12.7"
Overall length48"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeLifetime washable filter
Dust capacityN/A
Air WattsUp to 110 air watts
VoltageAuto volt
Manufactured inChina
Warranty2 yrs.

What’s inside the box?

You’ll get a total of 5 attachments out of the box and these include:

  • Crevice tool
  • Combination brush and upholstery
  • Mini turbo brush
  • Main cleaning head
  • Extension wand (blue tube)

These tools are interchangeable and make this versatile capable of cleaning different parts in your home.

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this in Amazon for just under $200. And it is eligible to their 2-day shipping if you join Prime.

Extended warranties are also available of up to 3 years if you want that extra peace of mind.

The verdict

If you’re looking for something that has almost similar power to a Dyson and not want to spend $300 and up then this is a good option.

In terms of tools, power and cleaning performance, the gap isn’t that wide. However it still doesn’t match Dyson in terms of quality but it’s getting there.

Tineco will have to iron some little details out like making the crevice and combination tool easier to attach and remove. They could also add the soft roller cleaning head to their product. These add-ons will be a $100 premium over the regular A10.

It does have some neat features that Dyson does not have like the LED headlights and the trigger lock.

Overall still great value for money at the $200 range which is a big reason why it is so popular at least in Amazon.

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