Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V8

Tineco A11 vs Dyson V8

In this review, we’ll be looking in detail at the Tineco A11 and Dyson V8 – two of the best cordless stick vacuums at this price range.

I’ve tested each one extensively and will be sharing all the results in this comparison.

The V8 from Dyson is one of the most popular stick vacuums with its lightweight frame and smooth steering. However, it’s one of the more expensive alternatives with some limitations the less expensive A11 has addressed.

A quick overview of the Tineco A11 vs. Dyson V8

Tineco A11

Airflow: 58 CFM πŸ“ Dust bin size: 0.6 liters πŸ“ Sand on hard floor: 99.4% πŸ“ Deep Cleaning: 96.45% πŸ“ Weight: 5.5 lbs. πŸ“ Run time: up to 53 mins. πŸ“ Recharge: 3 hrs. πŸ“ Battery: 2000 mAh Li-ion πŸ“ Noise: 75.4 dB



Dyson V8

Airflow: 54.24 CFM πŸ“ Dust bin size: 0.54 liters πŸ“ Sand on hard floor: 99.5% πŸ“ Deep Cleaning: 97.7% πŸ“ Weight: 5.8 lbs. πŸ“ Run time: up to 41 mins. πŸ“ Recharge: 5 hrs. πŸ“ Battery: 2800 mAh Li-ion πŸ“ Noise: 73.2 dB



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Introduction to the Tineco A11 and Dyson V8

These two products are some of the best cordless vacuums in cleaning performance and versatility with a lightweight frame and interchangeable tools.

The V8 Absolute is one of the more popular options with its high-end build quality, above-average power, and smooth steering.

It’s the first to utilize Dyson’s hygienic system, which I think has a patent since none of the other manufacturers have copied it.

Tineco is a relatively new brand, but from what I’ve seen has been slowly improving its product offerings.

The A11 is a significant improvement over the A10 Hero. All its tools have a quick-release latch, making them easy to attach or remove.

Also, it’s got way more attachments than the V8 – the Master+ version that I have has around 13 at your disposal.

The A11 is less expensive, making it a compelling option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Dyson V8 Absolute: Better Steering, More Polish

Dyson V8 Absolute

The model I have is the V8 Absolute – the top-spec V8 option with both the Fluffy and Direct Drive attachment making it ideal for homes with hard floors and carpets.

It is slightly heavier than the A11 at 5.8 pounds, but its superior steering from both tools negates it.

One advantage the V8 has over the A11 is the responsive steering. Thanks to the sharp and responsive swivel system, both nozzles are adept at avoiding furniture.

Another feature I like is the hygienic system. It has a mechanism that forces dirt downward, so most go inside the trash container.

Tineco A11 Master: More Tools, Large Dust Bin, and Removable Battery

Tineco A11

What the TIneco A11 lacks in polish, it makes up for it in convenience features. While it’s better than the A10 with build quality, it still lags behind Dyson.

The Master+ is the A11’s premium option with soft roller and standard brush tools.

You’ll get around 13 attachments out of the box.

This includes specialty tools like the multi-angle adapter, flexible long crevice tool, and extension hose.

These attachments help much with reach in its handheld configuration. None of the Dyson cordless vacuums has this kind of variety.

Other features it has over Dyson are the trigger-lock and detachable battery.

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Interface comparison

Tineco A11 vs Dyson V8 interface

When you look at the architecture from afar, these stick vacuums have a lot of similarities.

However, there are nuances with the functionality, which we’ll look at in this section.

Both have the motor and dust bin on top with a trigger to power up the motor.


Tineco A11 vs Dyson V8 Trigger

If you look closely, the Tineco A11 has a trigger plus a lock that enables users to keep it in the β€œon” position. The Dyson V8 does not have this feature, so you’ll have to squeeze it for power continually.

But the Tineco trigger isn’t as responsive. There is a slight delay (a few milliseconds) from the time you squeeze and the motor firing.

Dyson’s trigger is almost instantaneous. The slightest pull will power it on.

Power mode switch

Another difference is the power mode switch. Dyson utilizes a slide switch for toggling between default and max, while Tineco uses a button.

Tineco will always start at the default power mode, even if you’ve previously used the max. Dyson stays at the current setting until you move the switch.


Both the Tineco A11 and Dyson V8 have the same battery placement. But Tineco’s battery is detachable without needing any tools.

Tineco A11 Li ion Battery

The V8’s battery is removable, but you’ll have to unfasten three screws to remove it.

Both batteries have LED indicators, so you’ll know when to recharge.

Power/Airflow Comparison

Next, we’ll look at how these vacuums compare in terms of airflow. I used an anemometer at the wand and main nozzle for the tests.

Here are the results.

Tineco A11
Wand31.9 CFM58 CFM
Cleaning head24.35 CFM39.72 CFM
Dyson V8
Wand31.34 CFM54.24 CFM
Cleaning head26 CFM36.95 CFM

There isn’t much difference in the airflow between these two products. To my surprise, the Tineco A11 yielded higher scores at the wand. It also had more airflow at the nozzle in the max setting.

The results were consistent with the cleaning test results where the Tineco A11 had higher overall scores (more on that below).

Cleaning Comparison

Next, we’ll look at how these vacuums compare to one anotherβ€”first, the results.

ModelTineco A11Dyson V8
Hard Floors (Surface Test)99.88%99.66%
Sand on Hard Floor99.4%99.5%
Carpet (Surface Test)99.8%97.29%
Deep Cleaning96.45%97.7%

The Tineco A11 has a higher overall score than the Dyson V8 – 99.8% vs. 98.21%.

One factor that pushed the score up is its superior performance on the surface cleaning tests, where it was better – 99.8% vs. 97.29%.

How does the Tineco A11 and Dyson V8 clean?

These two products are similar in how it cleans. You can use both as a stick or handheld vacuum depending on the need.

The V8 Absolute and A11 Master have the soft roller and standard brush attachments that work well at cleaning hard floors and carpets, respectively.

Above floors, both offer a variety of attachments that enable it to clean these areas.

The A11 has more tools than the V8, so users will have more options for what they’ll use for a particular task.

It has several tools that increase the reach and usability for cleaning areas up high. Dyson doesn’t have these tools, so it lags in this facet.

Which is better on hard floors?

The Tineco A11 was slightly better with the total percentages than the A11. However, the V8 is somewhat better at cleaning sand on this surface.

One advantage Tineco has is its standard brush performs better at cleaning larger piles of dirt than the V8.

Sand on hard floor comparison

Tineco A11 sand on hard floor test

The V8 Absolute was the better of the two in the sand on hard floor test.

  • Dyson V8: 99.5%
  • Tineco A11: 99.4%

I did the tests with both the soft roller and standard brush attachments, and the results above are the averages.

Dyson V8 sand on hard floor

The good news is that even the traditional nozzles can pick up sand at a high rate of efficiency. But my preference is the Tineco’s version as it has better padding with the rubber wheels, which minimize the risk of scuffing.

Hair Wrap Comparison (on Hard Floors)

Next, we’ll at how well these vacuums resist hair tangles. I tested both on various hair strands with before and after photos.

Here’s the result for the Dyson V8.

Dyson V8 hair wrap on hard floors

  • 5-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 7-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 9-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 11-inch: 89% inside the bin; 11% on the brush
  • 12-inch: 63% inside the bin; 37% on the brush

And the Tineco A11.

Tineco A11 hair wrap on hard floors

  • 5-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 7-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 9-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 11-inch: 40% inside the bin; 60% on the brush

The V8 Absolute did much better on longer strands picking up more hair even above nine inches, while the A11’s limit is 11 inches.

Dyson’s chunkier roller is a factor since there’s thicker brushes avoid tangles better.

Edge cleaning comparison


The V8’s Fluffy attachment is much more efficient than the Tineco A11.

The V8’s Fluffy tool is superior to Tineco’s soft roller attachment cleaning this area. It’s more efficient and does the job with fewer passes.

If you look underneath, the reason is apparent. The Fluffy tool’s roller is closer to the sides than Tineco.

Tineco A11 vs Dyson V8 Cleaning Heads

Even if you use the standard brush, Dyson’s tool is better since it is wider.

The more responsive steering also helps the V8 clean these areas better.

Carpet Cleaning Comparison


We’ll look at how well the Dyson V8 and Tineco  A11 clean carpet.

ModelTineco A11Dyson V8
Carpet (Surface Test)99.8%97.29%
Deep Cleaning96.45%97.7%

One surprise for me is the Tineco A11 picking more than the V8 on the carpet surface test.

The difference isn’t significant, but it mirrors the results of the airflow tests where the A11 was slightly better.

However, the Dyson V8 was better in the deep cleaning test picking up 97.7% versus the 96.45% score of the Tineco A11.

The bulkier brush and stiffer bristles played a factor in why the V8 was able to pick up more. You’ll have to use the highest power setting to achieve this much pick-up.

Both these vacuums are decent for cleaning carpet, but if you want something that’ll run further, consider the Tineco Pure One S12.

Hair Wrap Comparison (on Carpets)

We’ll look at how well the Dyson V8 and Tineco A11 resist tangles on carpets. Again, I tried it on five, seven, nine, eleven, and twelve-inch strands.

Here are the results for the Dyson V8.

Dyson V8 hair wrap on carpet

  • 5-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 7-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 9-inch: 100% inside the bin; 0% on the brush
  • 11-inch: 83% inside the bin; 17% on the brush
  • 12-inch: 16% inside the bin; 84% on the brush

And the Tineco A11.

Tineco A11 hair wrap on carpet

  • 5-inch strands: 95% inside bin; 5% on the brush
  • 7-inch strands: 72% inside bin; 28% on the brush
  • 9-inch strands: 59% inside bin; 41% on the brush

Again, the Dyson V8 picked up more hair and resisted tangles from long strands better with its chunker brush.

These experiments reveal that the Dyson V8 is better for long hair strands, even pet hair, factoring in the hygienic system.

Large debris comparison


The Tineco A11 and Dyson V8 soft roller attachments can pick up large and extra-large stuff like Cheerios and Fruit loops.

I like the ample clearance of the V8 roller since it has more space for larger piles of mess.

The A11’s soft roller is decent, but it doesn’t have as much open space – it plows stuff like Fruit loops forward.

Tools out of the box

One thing I like about Tineco products is the sheer amount of tools you’ll get.

For the A11 Master+, you’ll get thirteen tools.

Tineco A11 tools

  1. LED Multi-tasker power brush
  2. LED Soft roller power brush
  3. Mini power brush
  4. Crevice tool
  5. 2-in-1 dusting brush
  6. Flexible long crevice tool
  7. Multi-angle adapter
  8. Flexible extension hose
  9. Dual charging powerhouse/dock
  10. Extra Li-ion battery
  11. Automatic pre-filter cleaning tool
  12. Soft dusting brush
  13. Extension wand

Some of my favorite tools of the A11 include the extension hose, flexible long crevice tool, and multi-angle adapter. I also like the dual charging dock since it can charge two batteries simultaneously.

The Dyson V8 has a decent amount of devices, but not as much –  it won’t have as much reach.

Dyson V8 tools

  1. Fluffy tool
  2. Direct drive tool
  3. Mini turbo brush
  4. Soft dusting brush
  5. Combination tool
  6. Crevice tool
  7. Docking station
  8. Extension wand

Run time comparison

Let’s look below to see how long each vacuum will run.

Tineco A11
Non-powered26:44 mins. x 210:38 mins. x 2
Cleaning head25 mins. x 210:10 mins. x 2
Dyson V8
Non-powered41 mins.7:23 mins.
Cleaning head31:33 mins.8:31 mins.

On a per battery basis, the Dyson V8 wins, but the Tineco A11 Master comes with two batteries. Combining the run time of both, it exceeds the figures of the Dyson V8.

The detachable batteries also make it easier to replace them if it breaks down.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy to replace the V8 battery as you’ll need to remove three screws first.

Can you replace the Dyson V8 and Tineco A11 battery?

Yes, the batteries of both vacuums are replaceable. The V8 has the advantage of the sheer number of options available, original or aftermarket.

It’s harder to replace as you’ll need to unfasten three screws, but you can get one for less than the price of a Tineco replacement battery.

Tineco batteries are detachable without having to unbolt anything.

Dust bin comparison

The Tineco A11 has a larger capacity dust container at 0.6 liters, while the V8’s bin is slightly smaller at 0.54 liters.

Between the two, I like the Dyson better because it has a hygienic system that pushes dirt downward.


Tineco doesn’t have such a feature, so it relies on gravity and a slight shaking to achieve the same result.

The broad base of the A11 helps in this regard as fewer bits of debris will get stuck in the bin.

Filter comparison

Both these vacuums have two filters – a pre-motor and post-motor HEPA filter.

Here’s a look at the V8’s filters.

Dyson V8 filters 1

And the Tineco A11 filters.

Tineco A11 filters

The Dyson cyclonic system does a better job of filtering out dirt, so the cleaning intervals are longer. Also, there’s no need to replace the Dyson post-motor HEPA as it is a lifetime filter.

Tineco’s cyclones don’t filter as well, so the primary filter gets filthy at a more rapid pace. Depending on usage, you’ll have to wash it more often, like once or twice a month.

Tineco A11 pre motor filter

Also, the post-motor filter needs to be replaced every year. So it’s one recurring expense.

Tineco A11 post motor filter

Regardless, I would recommend buying extra filters for both to minimize downtime.

Noise comparison

Next, we’ll look at noise levels. I used a sound meter to measure noise from a few feet away with the main brush attached for these tests.

Here are the results for both the V8 and A11.

ModelTineco A11Dyson V8
Low72.9 dB62.8 dB
Max75.4 dB73.2 dB

The V8 was less noisy in the low and max settings than the A11 that breached the 75-decibel mark.

Tineco’s higher-pitched tone from the motor is a significant factor in why it exceeded that mark.

Dyson isn’t exactly quiet but not as noisy as the A11.

Ergonomics comparison

One significant advantage the Dyson V8 has over the Tineco A11 is in this area. Along with the V7, the V8 has probably the best steering of all the cordless stick vacuums I’ve tested so far.

The Direct-Drive and Fluffy attachments steer effortlessly and avoid obstacles with fewer turns. I especially like how light the Fluffy tool is in terms of steering.

In contrast, the Tineco A11 steering lags in this area. It isn’t as sharp and not as responsive when you twist your wrist. So you’ll have to make more turns to avoid the same obstacle as a Dyson.

Even if the V8 is heavier based on the spec sheet, it feels much lighter because of the steering.

Maintenance comparison

To keep these vacuums functioning at a high level, you’ll need to clean the filters.

It’s a slight advantage for Dyson since its cyclonic system is better at keeping dust away from the filters.

There’s no need to wash it as often as you would a Tineco filter.

Check this article for a detailed guide on cleaning the Dyson V8.

Cleaning the main brushes is another task you’ll need to do as part of its maintenance. There won’t be any issues with either vacuum since the main brush comes off easily.

Product Specifications

Tineco A11
Dyson V8
Cordless Stick
Cordless Stick
Run time
up to 53 mins
up to 41 mins
3-4 hrs.
5 hours
Dirt capacity
0.6 liters
0.54 liters
5.5 pounds
5.8 pounds
Cleaning Path
58 CFM
54.24 CFM
2 yrs
2 yrs

Where can I buy the Tineco A11 and Dyson V8?

You can buy these vacuums online from online stores like Amazon and Walmart. Check the links below for the current prices.

Other sub-models are available for both the Tineco A11 and Dyson V8, but it doesn’t have the soft roller attachment. These are excellent alternatives if you live in a home with wall-to-wall carpeting.

Disclosure: I’ll earn a commission if you purchase through any of the links above, but at no extra cost to you, so it’s a win-win for both of us!

Which offers the better value?

Looking at the sheer amount of tools you’ll get, the Tineco A11 will offer more for the money you’ll spend. It has 13 different attachments, more than any vacuum I’ve seen so far.

These tools aren’t gimmicks but solidly built devices with a purpose.

Factor in that the A11 is cheaper makes it the more appealing option.

The Dyson V8 doesn’t have the volume of tools, but it’s the better product when it comes to ergonomics and filtration.

It steers much better than the A11, and it isn’t close. Dyson has perfected its swivel system as it turns sharply with less effort than a Tineco product.

If this is a sticking point, then the V8 should be your choice.

5 Reasons to choose the Tineco A11 Master

  1. Better value for money: The A11 is cheaper, and it comes with more tools and cleans as well as the Dyson V8.
  2. Detachable battery: You don’t need a screwdriver to remove the A11 battery. It slides out when you press a lever.
  3. Lots of tools: The A11 Master comes with 13 tools at your disposal.
  4. Better cleaning performance: The A11 surprisingly did better than the Dyson V8, with higher overall cleaning test scores.
  5. LED headlights: Both nozzles have LED headlights that help track dust and provide more visibility.

4 Reasons to choose the Dyson V8 Absolute

  1. Much better steering: Dyson makes one of the best steering vacuums in the industry. And the V8 is in the two along with the V7 because of its compact frame.
  2. Hygienic system: Disposing of dirt is easier with the V8, thanks to this feature.
  3. Better filtration: Dyson’s cyclonic system is better than Tineco at keeping the filters clean for a more extended period.
  4. Fewer tangles: The chunkier direct drive brush of the V8 Absolute will resist hair tangles better than the A11.

The Verdict: Is the Tineco A11 better than a Dyson V8?

Tineco’s lower price makes the A11 more appealing than a Dyson V8. It cleans better based on the cleaning tests, and the two batteries enable it to run further.

It has features like the trigger lock not found in the Dyson, which prevents arm fatigue as it keeps the trigger in the “on” position without squeezing it.

The A11 has more tools that give users more options. On paper, the A11 is the no-brainer option.

However, the Dyson V8 is better at steering. Navigating around the furniture will require fewer turns and effort in the V8 than the A11. Its steering is sharp and responsiveβ€”one of the best I’ve tested so far.

So picking between the two will boil down to your preferences. Do you want something more expensive, but it is better at avoiding furniture. Or do you want a cheaper vacuum with more tools, a trigger lock, and a detachable battery? I’ll let you decide.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.