How to replace Dyson V8 battery?

How to replace Dyson V8 battery

Dyson cordless vacuums are pricey, so you must do everything possible to extend its service life fully.

One way to ensure years of service is to replace the battery when it shows signs of failure.

When it starts to flash red or doesn’t hold its charge, it’s time to think of replacing it.

Fortunately, the task is simple and only requires loosening a few screws. I’ll show you exactly how to replace a Dyson V8 battery in this guide.

Tools you’ll need:

  1. Mini Philips screwdriver set with a rubber handle
  2. Replacement V8 battery

Step 1: Remove the wand.

Step 1: Remove the wand

Detach the wand to make the task of removing the screws less obtrusive. If the vacuum is plugged, proceed to unplug it to prevent electrocution.

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Step 2: Loosen three screws.

You’ll need to remove three screws to remove the battery. One is located behind the upper part of the handle.
Step: Remove the screws

The other two are underneath the battery behind the dust container.

The other two screws are located here

Two more screws are underneath the dust container.

Make sure that the screwdriver fits, or you’ll risk stripping the screw.

One way is utilizing a mini-screwdriver set with different-sized heads.

Removing first bold underneath the Dyson V8

Remove the first bold underneath the dust receptacle.

Use a screwdriver with a rubber handle so it doesn’t slip. Also, get something with a thicker handle to have better leverage.

A screwdriver with a magnetic head will be a lot of help, as the bolt will stick to it once it’s out.

Magnetic head helps here

See how the bolt sticks to the magnetic head of the screwdriver.

Step 3: Remove the battery.

Removing the battery of the Dyson V8

Once you’ve loosened all the screws, remove the battery. Place one hand underneath so it doesn’t fall and hit the floor.

Place the screws on a metal dish so you don’t misplace them.

Step 4: Reattach the battery.

Reattach the Dyson V8 battery

Carefully reattach the new battery of the V8.

Remove the new battery from the box and install it on the vacuum. Do steps one to three in reverse order.

Fasten the bottom screws first

Attach the two bolts at the bottom first so the battery won’t fall, then proceed to tighten the screw behind the handle.

Can you replace a Dyson V8 battery?

Yes, as you’ve seen in the steps and photos above, replacing the battery is a simple three-step process that requires a Philips screwdriver and unbolting three small screws.

How long does a Dyson V8 battery last before replacement?

The answer will depend on usage and how the user cares for the vacuum. I’ve had a Dyson for over four years, which holds its charge well. Consumers report varying levels of longevity; some say 2-3 years, while others say it lasted 1.5 years, so it varies.

One way to maximize the service life is to keep it plugged in. Dyson vacuums have a built-in system that prevents it from overcharging.

Where to buy Dyson V8 replacement batteries?

There is a multitude of options when sourcing V8 batteries. One such merchant is Amazon, which has numerous brands that sell OEM replacements.

Some alternatives have higher milliampere ratings than the original, which can run further.

Of course, getting a dud is risky, but these options are cheap, and the good ones have good consumer feedback.

Choices vary; I suggest getting the largest capacity battery you can afford with an excellent rating of at least four stars from numerous consumers (the more reviews, the better).

You could buy an original battery from Dyson, but these batteries will easily cost $100 (and up), more than triple the price of OEM replacements.

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