How to Clean Roomba 690

How to clean a Roomba 690

Learn how to clean the Roomba 690 using basic tools in this guide.

The steps here also apply to other Roomba 600 series robots, such as the 615 and 675, as these models share many of the same components.

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to maximize the service life of a Roomba or any robot vacuum.

We’ll clean the 690, from the filter to the wheels or brushes. Most of the error codes that trigger are not cleaning components like the main brush or wheels.

Failure to do so will have a negative domino effect and shorten the robot’s life.

Robot vacuums rely on various sensors, so keeping these modules clean for optimal performance is essential.

So, we’ll go through each of the modules in different sections.

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First, have these tools on hand

  1. Rubber gloves: Any surgical glove will do. These will keep your hands clean and prevent oils from your fingertips from sticking to the sensors.
  2. Vacuum cleaner: You can use a handheld or shop vacuum with a brush attachment to clean the different components, like the filter.
  3. Screwdriver: A decent screwdriver set with a rubber handle and magnetized heads will work fine.
  4. Clean towels: You’ll need these to wipe down the different sensors.
  5. Zip-lock bags: For storing bolts and various components to avoid misplacing them.

How to clean the Roomba 690 Dustbin?

One thing I like about the 690 dustbin is the amount of space you have. The wide opening gives it enough room for a brush attachment to fit.

Important note: You cannot rinse the Roomba 690 dust bin because the vacuum motor is inside it. Washing the container with water will damage it and void the warranty.

How to clean Roomba 690 dust bin

1. Empty contents: Make sure to dispose of the contents inside the bin.

How to clean Roomba 690 dust bin step 2

2. Vacuum any debris: Use a handheld or shop vacuum’s brush attachment to clean any dirt stuck on the crevices. Tap the dust bin on the trash container to try and dislodge anything remaining.

How to clean Roomba 690 filter

3. Remove and clean the filter: The 690 filter easily slides out. After removing it, use the brush tool to vacuum debris on the filter.

4. Wipe the inner part of the bin: An extra step is to use a slightly damp microfiber towel to remove any dust residue the vacuum does not pick up.

Can you wash the Roomba 690 filter?

Nope, the 690 filter isn’t washable. iRobot does not recommend washing it under running water.

The best way to clean it is by using a vacuum with a brush attachment to remove any debris on the surface.

Also, water can damage the thin filter material.

How to clean Roomba 690 Brushes?

Another critical area to clean is the brushes. The Roomba 690 has three in total: one side brush and the two main brushes.

Hair tends to wrap around the base of the side brush and the axles of the primary brushes. So, keeping this area clean is essential, as any hair or gunk will increase friction and burn out the motors.

These components are replaceable, but preventive maintenance is better to avoid such.

Two steps to clean the side brush

How to clean Roomba 690 step 1

1. Remove the screw: Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the bolt holding the side brush in place.

How to clean Roomba 690 side brush step 2

2. Clean the brush: Check the underside of the side brush and base for any hair and debris. After removing these contaminants, wipe down the surface and reattach the brush and bolt.

How to Clean the 690 Primary Brush Roll?

1. Detach the dust bin: To access the main brushes fully, you must remove the dust container.

How to clean Roomba 690 main brush step 2

2. Open the brush guard: Unhinge the two locks on each side of the brush place by pushing on it, then lift the brush guard.

How to clean Roomba 690 brush step 3

3. Remove the brushes: Once the brush guard is out of the way, you can remove the two main brushes.

How to clean Roomba 690 brush step 4

4. Clean the brushes: Untangle any hair on the brushes. You can use the blade part of the brush cleaning tool or scissors. I prefer the latter. Also, make sure to clean the axles on both sides. Remove the yellow guard, as hair and debris will accumulate underneath it.

How to clean Roomba 690 brush step 5

5. Use a towel to wipe the blade brush: Dust will accumulate on the blade brush. You can use a handheld vacuum or a clean towel to tidy up this part.

How to clean Roomba 690 brush step 6

6. Tidy up brush assembly: Clean the housing underneath the brush roll using a vacuum or wipe with a towel.

7. After cleaning the brushes, reattach the two brushes and lock the brush guard in place.

How to clean Roomba 690 Side Wheels?

Don’t neglect cleaning the side wheels. These are the main rubber wheels flanking the counter-rotating brushes.

Dirt and grime will accumulate on this part, and cleaning this area is vital.

Any dirt and grime that may accumulate can cause an error code to flash. Another side effect of dirt wheels is overheating the motor, so you’ll want to avoid that scenario.

How to clean Roomba 690 side wheels step 1

1. Use a slightly damp microfiber cloth to wipe down the wheels. Gently agitate the surface to clean dirt clinging to the surface.

How to clean Roomba 690 side wheels step 2

You can see some dirt above the left wheel in the photo. Use a vacuum to remove this accumulation.

2. To give it a thorough clean, remove the base plate to check for any dirt accumulation in this area. Use a handheld or shop vacuum to clean any visible dirt, then wipe with a clean towel.

How do you Clean the Roomba 690 front Caster Wheel?

Roomba 690 caster wheel close up

The front caster wheel is the component that helps steer the robot. It’s another hotspot for grime accumulation, and you should clean this area to prevent friction from potentially damaging it.

Fortunately, it’s easy to clean this part, and there’s no need to use specialty tools to disassemble it.

How to clean Roomba 690 front castor wheel step 1

1. Gently pull the front castor wheel from the robot’s base.

Roomba 690 front wheel close up

2. Pull out the wheel from the assembly.

Roomba 690 front wheel and metal pin

3. Slide the metal pin out of the wheel, then remove any hair or dust sticking to it. Use a dry microfiber towel to clean the surface.

4. Wipe the wheel with a clean towel to remove any contaminants on the surface.

Clean the area under the front wheel

5. Check and clean the area under the front wheel if there’s any dirt buildup.

5. Reattach the pin and wheel back to the caster assembly.

6. Reattach the castor wheel back on the robot.

How to Clean Roomba 690 Drop Sensors?

Roomba 690 drop sensors

Drop sensors are the primary instruments that prevent the 690 or any robot from falling off cliff points such as stairs.

Dirty sensors can result in erratic movement and hamper its function.

Let’s go through the steps of cleaning the drop sensors.

1. Flip the robot and lay it over a clean towel.

2. Use a clean towel (preferably microfiber) to wipe all four sensors gently. Avoid using anything wet; water may seep through and damage the electronics.

How to clean Roomba 690 Charging Pins?

Roomba t690 charging pins

Lastly, this tutorial will look at how to clean the charging pins. These are the two silver square metal parts flanking the front caster wheel.

Use a clean towel to wipe any dirt that may accumulate on it. Don’t forget to wipe the pins on the charging base.

Doing these steps regularly will ensure that your Roomba 690 will run smoothly for years. If you want to learn more about the entire Roomba product line, check out the link.

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