How to Replace Dyson V10 Battery

How to Replace Dyson V10 battery

Before owning a Dyson product, one of my misconceptions was that the battery wasn’t replaceable. That is false.

All Dyson cordless vacuums (from the V6 to V11 variants) have a removable battery, and replacement options are in abundant supply because of their popularity.

I’ll share the four steps for replacing a Dyson V10 battery.

Tools you’ll need:

  1. Philips screwdriver: You’ll have two options—a good-quality set or a dedicated screwdriver for a Dyson battery. The bolt sizes of the V8 and V10 are similar, so the screwdriver for the V8 should fit the V10.
  2. Metal dish: To store the three bolts (optional).
  3. Replacement V10 bolts: Buy only if the current ones are stripped.

Steps to replace the Dyson V10 battery

1. Detach the wand

Remove the wand if the wand is attached so the next steps will be easier. Remove the charger if it’s plugged in to avoid electrocution.

2. Remove three bolts

Three bolts secure the V10 battery – two at the bottom and one behind the handle. Carefully loosen all three.

Dyson V10 bolt behind the handle

Remove the bolt behind the battery.

If the screwdriver isn’t the correct fit, don’t force the issue, as Dyson bolts use soft metal, and there’s a risk of stripping them.

I’ve learned my lesson the hard way and had to use this tool to remove it.

3. Slide out the battery

After removing the three screws, slide out the battery. Remember, as you remove the last bolt, place one hand on the battery so it doesn’t drop.

Dyson V10 battery out

4. Attach the new battery

Dyson V10 attach new battery

Grab the new battery, slide it in place, then fasten all three bolts.

Squeeze the trigger to see if the new battery works.

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How long will a Dyson V10 battery last?

If you ask for the run time, it depends on the configuration.

For instance, it lasted for around 61 minutes with the crevice tool on low and up to 46 minutes with the torque drive attachment.

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How long does a Dyson battery last before replacement?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any concrete figure on how long the battery will last.

This will depend on your usage and if you follow Dyson’s best practices regarding battery care.

One tip I could give you is not to use the highest setting exclusively, as these can burn out the battery and shorten its life span.

If you’re cleaning carpet, leave it in the middle setting and reserve the max for cleaning high-traffic zones.

Drain the battery at least once a month to prolong its service life.

Can I leave my Dyson V10 charging all the time?

Yes, Dyson says that their batteries are for such.

Once it reaches full capacity, it goes into trickle mode – the same as technology in mobile devices.

So it’s safe to keep it plugged in, so it stays at 100% when you need to use it.

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