How to Replace Dyson V6 Battery

How to replace Dyson V6 battery

Replacing the battery of the Dyson V6 is easy with the right tools, which I’ll share in this article. For this demo, I’ll be using the Dyson V6 Mattress that is one of the many V6 options available.

Even if the V6 is no longer in production, replacement batteries are still in abundant supply.

So it makes sense to replace the battery if the rest of the vacuum is still functional.

Can you change the battery on a Dyson V6?

Many people have the misconception that Dyson cordless vacuums are disposable. That is furthest from the truth. Yes, replacing a Dyson V6 battery is possible with the proper tools and knowledge of the steps. Just make sure to get a screwdriver set with a rubber handle, which will make it easier to loosen the bolts.

Replacing the battery will easily extend the life of any V6 vacuum further and the great news is you’ll have a myriad of options as far as replacement batteries. So that part of the equation isn’t a concern.

Tools you’ll need:

  1. Mini Philips screwdriver set: Get something with a #0x50mm and #0x60mm head or something close to that size.
  2. Replacement Dyson V6 battery: More information on battery selection below.

Steps to replace the V6 battery:

If you can find something with a rubber handle, that would make loosening the bolts much easier. Avoid using something with a smooth handle because it can slip off your palm, and there’s that risk of damaging the screws on the vacuum.

Step 1: Empty the dust bin

Replacing Dyson V6 Battery Step 1: Empty the dust bin.

Push the red lever below the trigger to open the trap door and empty the contents of the dust bin.

It is essential to remove the contents of the receptacle first in preparation for the next step.

Step 2: Detach the dust bin from the body

Dyson V6 replacing battery Step 2: Detach the dust bin from the body

Continue holding down on the red lever to release the lock that holds the dust canister. Then separate the container from the body. Removing the bin will provide easy access to the second screw holding the battery right in front.

Step 3: Remove the two screws holding the battery in place.

Two screws hold the batteries—one behind the handle and another right in front of it, below the red release lever.

Bolt 1 (behind the handle)

Dyson V6 battery replacement Step 3: Remove the two screws holding the battery in place

Bolt 2 (below the release lever)

Bolt 2

You’ll need a 0x55mm screwdriver to remove the screw behind the handle and a slightly larger 0x60mm screwdriver for the bolt in front.

Step 4: Remove the battery

Dyson V6 replacing battery step 4: Removing the battery

After the two screws are loosened, take out the battery.

Step 5: Attach the new battery.

Dyson V6 replacing battery step 5: attaching the battery

Attach the new battery and tighten both screws to secure it in place.

If you’re having trouble tightening the both behind the handle, push the battery upward, so the holes line up.

How long does a Dyson V6 battery last?

If you’re asking how long it will run, Dyson says that it will run for at least 20 minutes using non-powered tools. And based on my experience with Dyson products, their claims are pretty accurate.

For instance, the V11 Torque Drive has a claimed run time of 60 minutes, but tests reveal that it runs past the 70-minute mark. The V10 Absolute, in my tests, ran for around 61 minutes.

How many years does Dyson battery last?

As far as service life, there isn’t a specific answer to the service life as it would depend on several factors such as usage frequency and how you store it.

The Dyson V6 Mattress that I have is nearly four years, and the batteries are still working fine. As long as you do the best practices with regards to lithium-ion battery care, the V6 batteries should easily last for 4 or 5 years without too much degradation with the run time.

How do I know if my Dyson v6 battery needs replacing?

If the battery doesn’t hold a charge or it’s continuously blinking red light, it may be time to buy a new one.

Where to buy V6 replacement batteries?

There are a plethora of options available online. An excellent place to start would be online stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Since Dyson no longer manufactures the V6, they no longer sell replacement batteries. But some third-party merchants sell it.

I would buy the highest capacity battery I can afford with a rating of 4 stars and above. There are options with as much as a 6.0 Ah battery. These will run longer than the advertised 20 minutes from the OEM battery.

If that’s too heavy, then opt for the smaller, and lighter 4.0 Ah batteries.

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