Roborock Dyad Review

Roborock Dyad Review

Roborock unveiled a new product, the Dyad: their first wet/dry cordless vacuum with some bold claims from the manufacturer.

I’ve spent many days testing it, and I’ll reveal its strengths and weaknesses for this product.

One issue with using a mop is it only spreads liquid around. It can’t pick up spills, so what happens is you’ll need to soak it in water, wring out excess liquid, then repeat the process.

This product offers a more efficient solution for clean, sealed hard floors like tile.

I’ve been looking for its ability to pick up dry and wet messes, and we’ll see in this review if it’s up to the task.

How Good is Roborock's First Wet/Dry Cordless Vacuum?
  • Ergonomics - 94%
  • Mopping - 98%
  • Quality - 97%
  • Design - 96%
  • Value - 95%


The Roborock Dyad comes with three rollers, helping it pick up wet and dry messes efficiently. I’ve torture-tested it on different types of spills, and it held up well, picking up everything while keeping the rollers clean, a tremendous factor for usability. The twin rear rollers also provide edge-to-edge cleaning, which you won’t see in many other brands. However, this product has some quirks that you need to be aware of before deciding.


  • Excellent at picking up wet spills: water, ketchup, fish oil, sauce, etc.
  • Above-average steering
  • Three rollers provide sufficient agitation
  • The roller cleaning feature works well at cleaning the rollers and hose (going to the water tank)
  • Cordless convenience
  • Concise, easy to read interactive screen
  • All the rollers are detachable
  • High-end build quality


  • Bulky cleaning nozzle won’t fit underneath low clearance furniture
  • It won’t stand on its own without the dock
  • Noisy
  • Only picks up everything in the forward pass
  • Small tanks will require frequent refills and disposals
  • It’s heavy
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Introduction to the Roborock Dyad

One issue I had at home for months was cleaning the ground floor area, which I neglected for months.

It came to a head when we had a cockroach infestation and found that roaches like to frolic on dirty floors.

So I started mopping. While effective, it was inefficient, and it left unsightly watermarks.

Robot mops work to a degree, but these machines are similar to a traditional mop, pushing a wet pad on the surface.

I’ve tested other brands like the Narwal T10 and Dreame W10, offering better agitation with the spinning pads, but they still had the same issue as robot mops.

These products can’t pick up liquid, and this is where the Roborock Dyad excels.

This variant is Roborock’s first wet/dry vacuum with three rollers, enabling it to scrub food-based stains and pick up wet and dry debris.

It replaces a mop and broom, saving you a lot of time cleaning spills inside the kitchen or dining area.

Let’s look at what it brings to the table.

Vacuum and Wash Simultaneously

Roborock Dyad nozzle

The Roborock Dyad is a wet/dry vacuum, meaning it can clean wet and dry messes, but remember that it doesn’t do these tasks independently.

It does it simultaneously. When you turn it on, water is sprayed to dampen the rollers, helping it pick up liquid while keeping it clean.

However, realize that it only picks up everything in the forward pass. If you move the nozzle backward, tiny water droplets remain.

Roborock Dyad ketchup and sauce pick up

This means you’ll have to do forward only pass, which can be awkward depending on the area you’re cleaning.

Fortunately, the Roborock Dyads steers well, even if it’s upright.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is the three rollers create so much forward torque, forcing the nozzle to move forward on its own.

It creates a push and tug, making it harder to steer in tight zones.

The bulky base means it won’t fit under low clearance furniture.

Also, the nozzle doesn’t go flat, so you’ll need to move furniture to reach underneath these spots.

Three-Roller Nozzle

Roborock Dyad rollers

The Roborock Dyad has not one, not two, but three rollers.

I haven’t tested hard floor cleaners, so I’m not sure if this is an industry first, but it is massive.

The three-roller design is a necessity (I guess) because of a notch in the middle, separating the two rear rollers.

I’m not sure what purpose it serves. It could be for spraying water.

A squeegee is behind the two rear rollers to pick up excess liquid during the forward pass.

Edge to Edge Rollers

Another feature worth noting is the edge-to-edge cleaning feature since the two rear rollers go all the way to the sides.

I put it to the test in this area.

Roborock Dyad edge cleaning test before

It picked up everything after the first forward pass, which is impressive. The edge-to-edge cleaning claim is valid!

Roborock Dyad edge cleaning test after

Agile Brush Head

Despite the bulk, the Roborock Dyad’s cleaning nozzle steers well. It doesn’t turn sharply, but it can move around with relative ease for its size.

Consumers can steer it even when it’s upright, which is great for usability purposes since the nozzle design requires forward movements (as much as possible).

However, the bulky nozzle and weight mean added friction when steering.

The nozzle’s forward pull makes it easier to move it forward.

Unfortunately, the steering mechanism prevents this product from standing upright (on its own) without the base.

It doesn’t have a locking mechanism to stand independently.

The best option is to lean it against a wall or sofa if the base isn’t close.

Roborock leaning against sofaOr use this mechanism behind it and let it stand at a 45-degree angle.

Roborock Dyad 45 degree angle

Adaptive Cleaning [Interactive Screen]

Roborock Dyad interactive screen

Consumers can monitor Dyad’s various stats through the interactive screen like battery status, water levels, power levels, etc.

In addition, a voice prompt also alerts you of any potential error or status update, like alerting consumers if the water tank is full.

Twin Water Tanks

Roborock Dyad clean and dirty water tank

The Roborock Dyad has a twin water tank system where the clean and dirty water are stored in separate containers.

Despite looking physically larger, the dirty water tank has a smaller capacity (620ml) than the clean water tank (850ml).

Roborock Dyad clean and dirty water tanks

The dirty water tank has a mechanism to trigger a full tank warning, which is excellent, so there’s no need to babysit.

One thing to note with the dirty water tank is there’s no locking mechanism holding it.

Users will have to use the handle, or the cover will come off.

The good news is the large top opening makes it easy to clean.

Roborock Dyad dirty water tank open

It also has a washable filter, helping it keep allergens inside the container.

Roborock Dyad dirty water tank filter close up

Self-Cleaning Base

Roborock Dyad self-cleaning base

This wet/dry vacuum comes with a self-cleaning base for storage.

If you look closely, that description isn’t accurate because the self-cleaning mechanism is inside the vacuum.

But it’s the only area consumers can use the self-cleaning function.

The all-plastic construction makes it sturdy and water-proof, though the surface is smooth, so the self-cleaning function is done entirely inside the vacuum.

Roborock Dyad self-cleaning base

How much power does the Roborock Dyad have?

I used an anemometer to check airflow, and here are the results.

  • Default: 15.97 CFM
  • Max: 18.52 CFM

Fifteen CFM may not sound a lot, but with triple rollers, it’s more than enough.

How well does the Roborock Dyad clean?

I initially planned on doing my usual cleaning tests with stuff like quaker oats but decided against it because of how it functions.

The Roborock Dyad doesn’t function like a traditional vacuum>; when you turn on the motor, a sprayer mist and dampen the three rollers, helping it pick up wet and dry liquid.

It cannot function as a wet and dry vacuum independently.

So I decided to test it on various wet messes like ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, fish sauce, grape juice, etc.

Here’s a before and after shot for the ketchup test.

Roborock Dyad ketchup mopping

You could see that it picked up (nearly) everything after the first forward pass. There’s a slight trail, but for this much ketchup, it’s impressive.

What’s more remarkable is there’s no visible ketchup on the roller.

Roborock Dyad roller after ketchup test

The dirty water tank is (as expected) filthy. You could see the ketchup residue on the walls.

Roborock Dyad dirt water tank filthy

Next, here’s a bigger mess with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and fish oil.

Worcestershire, and fish oil

Even with this big mess wasn’t a problem with the Dyad, picking up everything without leaving streaks.

One thing to note with this product is it only picks up everything in the forward pass since doing a backward pass will leave a slightly damp surface.

However, the Roborock Dyan excels in cleaning dirty tile floors or any sealed floor.

There’s no need to sweep and mop separately. This machine streamlines the process and makes the process more efficient.

I even tried it on trouble spots like areas underneath the refrigerator that gather dust, and it picked up dust well.

Roborock Dyad cleaning behind ref

I no longer need to sweep, mop, spend 30-minutes cleaning this area.

I cleaned this area in under five minutes. Talk about efficiency!

How noisy is the Roborock Dyad?

One issue I had with this wet/dry vacuum was the noise. I used a sound meter for this task.

  • Default: 76.0 dB
  • Max: 80.4 dB

It breached 80 decibels in the max setting, but the good news is there’s no need to use this setting.

The default option is enough, even for picking up heavy liquid spills. It does have a sensor on the nozzle that increases suction if it detects more dirt.

So it’s best to leave it in the default setting and rely on this sensor to increase suction if needed.

Run Time

Roborock says that the Roborock Dyad will run for up to 35 minutes with a recharge time of about 3 hours.


Wet/dry vacuums require different maintenance steps from regular ones, and I’ll enumerate them here.

Since it involves water, the filter doesn’t get as dirty quickly as traditional vacuums.

However, you’ll need to wash the dirty water tank daily, depending on what you clean.

Fortunately, it comes with a brush tool with enough reach to get through every nook and cranny.

Roborock Dyad cleaning dirty water tank

Another component you need to clean is the top tank component that houses the filter.

Stuff like hair and wet debris residue will stick on it, so use the same brush to clean it.

Roborock Dyad clean filter

If you have a sprayer, that will speed up the cleaning process. It’s a handy tool to dislodge dirt inside the tank and the top piece.

Next, check the rollers or, more specifically, the areas around them.

Here’s how one of the rollers looks after all the stress tests.

Roborock Dyad roller after mopping

Though the self-cleaning feature does well at keeping it clean, gunk and hair will accumulate on the axle and inner walls of the nozzle.

Roborock Dyad inner wall dirty

If you clean a lot of hair, clean this axle since it will amass on this area to prevent unnecessary friction.

Roborock Dyad hair on axle accumulation

Product Specifications

ModelRoborock Dyad
Run timeUp to 35 mins.
Clean Water Tank850 ml.
Dirty Water Tank620 ml
Mopping Width10.55 inches
Height45 inches
Range3,000 sq. ft.
No of Rollers3
Cleaning SolutionYes
Cleaning BrushYes
Charging StandYes
Handle ControlsYes
Edge CleaningYes
Manufactured InChina
Warranty1 year
PriceCheck Price

Where can I buy the Roborock Dyad?

The Roborock Dyan will be available on Amazon. Please. check the link below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: if you purchase through any of the links above, I will earn a commission. But at no additional cost to you, so it’s a win-win for us!

Is the Roborock Dyad Worth It?

After spending several days testing this and using it for my daily mopping tasks, I’m impressed with its performance.

What I like most is the efficiency it brings to the table.

Yes, while it can clean messes like ketchup spills, the way it handles daily stuff like dust, hair, and other contaminants is excellent.

I don’t need to use a vacuum and mop separately to clean a dirty area. The Roborock Dyad streamlines the process and cuts down cleaning time dramatically.

With this product, I can complete what usually takes me 20 minutes in less than 5 minutes.

5 Reasons to Purchase the Roborock Dyad

  1. Excellent at picking up big spills: The Roborock Dyan excels at picking up large spills of ketchup, juice, any food-based items with proficiency you can only dream of with a traditional mop.
  2. Easy maintenance: I was surprised by how easy the upkeep with this product is. The rollers stay relatively clean, and the dirty water tank is easy to clean with the brush and wide opening.
  3. Self-cleaning: This product’s self-cleaning feature does a good enough job keeping the rollers and hose going into the dirty water tank clean.
  4. Efficient hard floor cleaning tool: If you value proficiency, the Roborock Dyad will help in this area, cutting down cleaning time significantly!
  5. Separate clean and dirty water tanks: There’s no risk of cross-contamination since the clean and dirty water tanks are separate.

The Verdict: Excellent Wet/Dry Vacuum But With Some Quirks

The Roborock Dyad is an excellent option for folks looking for an efficient tool for cleaning their sealed hard floors.

It’s solidly built and has good enough steering to move around furniture, but its bulky nozzle is heavy and won’t fit under low-clearance furniture.

The steering mechanism also prevents it from standing independently without the base, so it’s a trade-off you’ll need to consider.

Another quirk is it only picks up everything during the forward pass, and consumers will need to adjust to this feature if they want dry floors afterward.

Nonetheless, its debris pick-up is excellent and outweighs its quirks.

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