360 S6 Review: Another Budget Alternative to the Neato BotVac

In this review, we’ll be having a close look at the 360 S6, its features and cleaning test.

Are you ready?

The 360 S6 gives you another cheap alternative if you don’t want to spend more than $500 for a robot vacuum with a laser sensor.

We’ll look closely at this Chinese-made robot in this review and see if it’s worth the price tag.

In the world of high-end robotic vacuums, Neato and iRobot are top dogs. Dyson tried but still failed to grab market share from these two brands after the flop of the Dyson 360 in the United States.

Both the Neato and Roomba have released their new robots in the United States with the BotVac D7 and Roomba I7.

These machines are the cream of the crop in terms of features, performance, and technology but both are very expensive at close to $1,000!

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That’s a lot of money. The 360 S6 will give you some of the features of a Neato BotVac D5 but will cost much less.

It uses the same laser distance sensor (or LDS) as the Neato with a motor that’s almost as powerful.

One thing that it has over the BotVac and Xiaomi is the twin side brushes that help it clean better on the edges.

A quick look at the features of the 360 S6

  • LDS sensor and SLAM algorithm guide this robot to the most efficient cleaning path
  • WiFi and Smartphone app allows remote access
  • 1,800 Pa suction (same as the first generation Xiaomi robot vacuum)
  • H11 grade washable HEPA filter will block 99% of allergens from coming back out of the exhaust
  • The run time is between 90 and 120 minutes
  • 4-liter dirt bin capacity
  • 1-year warranty


  • Cheap alternative to a Neato and iRobot
  • Efficient cleaning pattern thanks to the LDS sensor and SLAM
  • Has HEPA filtration
  • Decent run time of around 2 hours
  • A smartphone app allows remote access


  • Small dirt bin
  • More expensive than a first generation Xiaomi
  • No Alexa or Google Assitant compatibility

What to expect from the 360 S6?

Please watch the video below to get a glimpse of what to expect from the 360 S6. This includes the features, what’s inside the box and performance.

One of the most significant selling points of the 360 S6 is the Laser Distance Sensor, and S.L.A.M. algorithm that makes allows this similar efficiency as a Neato BotVac without having to spend $600 for it.

Let’s dig deep into the features one by one.

Top view

Designers opted for a minimalistic, all-white design that looks very modern. One downside though with having a white robot is it stains quickly. But that’s just a cosmetic issue if you don’t find having to clean it from time to time.

At the back part is a disc with the 360 logo on top. This part houses the laser distance sensor.

On the front part of the robot are two buttons that give you access to the auto cleaning and docking function.

The round shape you see in the middle is the dirt bin. It doesn’t hold that much, only around 0.4 liters worth of dry dirt.

Bottom view

  1. Two side brushes
  2. Main motorized brush
  3. Rubber wheels
  4. Drop/cliff sensors (three of them)
  5. Charging sensors and front steering wheel
  6. Microfiber Mop

Flip the robot over, and it’ll reveal something familiar if you follow my blog.

It’s the same layout as the First and second generation Xiaomi robot vacuum. The main difference between these two is the extra side brush that the 360 S6 has.

This feature gives this robot a little better edge cleaning ability because of the extra side brush that extends reach.

The brush design is also the same just with a different color.

How does the 360 S6 Clean?

One difference that the 360 has over the RoboRock S5 is the second side brush that gives it reach to clean edges on both sides.

These side brushes grab dirt then funnel it towards the main cleaning brush at the middle. The vacuum motor then sucks in dirt into a dust cup inside the robot.

This robot works almost like the RoboRock S5 in that it uses a laser sensor to scan the room (more on this later) and plot the most efficient cleaning path.

It first cleans the edges of the room before cleaning the middle part of the room. However, it will only go around the area once, it does not have the option for a more thorough two pass cycle that the Roomba 980 has.

Despite that limitation, cleaning performance is still great at 92.5 percent!

Cleaning Performance Test

For the cleaning test, I scattered 40 grams of oats and baby powder in different areas of the room like the corner, edges, and middle part to see how the robot cleans and if there are spots that it tends to miss.

Out of the 40 grams of dirt, this robot was able to pick up 37 grams of dirt – the result is close to what the RoboRock and Xiaomi robot vacuum were able to pick up.

It did pretty well at cleaning the edge but it struggled a bit with cleaning one of the edges that had dirt on it.

Another strong point would be cleaning around furniture legs. As you’ve seen in the before and after photos above, it was able to pick up most of the dirt around the chair.

One downside to this robot is the lack of thoroughness with the single pass cleaning cycle. I hope that the manufacturer comes up with a firmware upgrade that addresses this issue.

Laser Distance Sensor

On top of this robot is a round puck shaped cover that houses the LDS or the Laser Distance Sensor.

This sensor spins around at high speed (2,160 times per second to be exact) and draws the shape of the area it is cleaning.

It then feeds this information to the S.L.A.M. algorithm that will calculate the most efficient cleaning path for the robot.


The combination of the LDS and S.L.A.M. (or the Simultaneous localization and mapping) algorithm make this a very efficient robot vacuum.

Like the Neato BotVac and S5 RoboRock, this robot will start cleaning the edges of the room before proceeding towards the middle portion.

To get the most out of this robot, you’ll need to download the app as it has additional features like the forbidden zones where it blocks the robot from going into a specific area you set.

The app also lets you know the status of the robot, where it is at during the cleaning cycle and allows you to schedule more than one time per day.

It also lets you know when to replace the filter, side brush, and main cleaning brush.

Dirt bin

The dirt bin is right smack in the middle of the body. It’s not very big, only capable of holding only 0.4 liters of dirt.

Inside the bin are three filters – a mesh, foam and lastly the HEPA filter that will block out 99% of allergens.

Since this is bagless, there will be allergen and dust exposure.

Battery and run time

Powering this robot is a 3,200 mAh lithium-ion battery that’s smaller than the Xiaomi.

So run time won’t be as long. This robot will run between 90 and 120 minutes in one full charge.

One good thing about having the S.L.A.M. algorithm is that the robot will remember where it last cleaned when it charges. When it goes back out, it’ll go to that same area and resume cleaning.

This feature makes this robot suitable in larger homes.


Aside from being a robot vacuum, this robot also doubles as a mop. It comes with a bracket that you can attach at the bottom of the robot.

The app has a mop only function that shuts off the motor.

To see how S6 functions as a mop, watch this video…

The cleaning pattern in mop mode is the same pattern at it has during vacuum mode. Unlike the iRobot Braava that has a truer back and forth moping motion, the S6 goes in a long back and forth pattern.

It will work when it comes to maintenance cleanups, but it will not remove any stains.


The 360 S6 comes with a 1-year warranty.

Product Specifications

Features360 S6
Battery typeLithium ion
Charger typeCharging dock
Charge time150 mins.
Water tank capacityNot specified
Dirt capacity (dry)0.4 liters
Run Time up to 120 mins.
Net weight (with battery)7.71 pounds
Shipping weight13.85 pounds
Diameter13.78 inches
Height3.94 inches
Multi Room
Self docking
Remote control
Hepa filtration
Cliff detection
Self adjusting
Side brush
Full bin indicator
Stair Cleaning
Cleaning sessions per week Unlimited
Extra Filter1
Containment Available in app
Brush cleaning tools1
Accessories includedPower adapter

1 x filter

Water tank + mop

Brush cleaning tool

English manual

Voltageauto volt
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year

What do consumers say?

Consumers like how this robot vacuum cleans. You’ll notice some of them own pets. They say that this vacuum is capable of picking up pet hair even on carpet.

What makes this popular with consumers is the efficiency it brings to the table.

This robot uses an LDS-sensor which is similar to the one you’ll find in a Neato BotVac and RoboRock S5, and this is much cheaper.

However, it won’t go under furniture with less than 4″ of clearance, and you will have to remove throw rugs before letting this clean as the tassels will tangle up on the side brush or main cleaning brush. You should also remove wires. Doing these tasks can be tedious, but you’ll have to do it to maximize the functionality of this robot vacuum.

The smartphone app is another popular feature and allows access to this robot even remotely. Not only does it allow you to schedule and turn on the robot, but it also gives you real-time data where the robot is in your home through the map.

Once the battery runs low, it goes back to recharge then goes back out to clean where it left off. You’re getting premium features at a price of an older model Roomba which is insane.

However, do not expect this to deep clean carpet as none of the robot vacuums of far is capable of doing so.

Where can I buy this?

Folks who live in North America can buy this Neato alternative in Amazon and can avail of further discounts through a coupon. This robot will be eligible for their free 2-day shipping if you join Prime. Extended warranties of up to 3 years are also available if you want that extra peace of mind.

If you live in Asia or Europe, you can buy this in GearBest. Please check the links below to see the latest prices and availability.

The verdict

The 360 S6 is another great alternative to the Neato BotVac or Roomba 980. This robot will provide decent performance at a fraction of the cost of those two other brands.

It is slightly a bit more expensive than the first generation Xiaomi which is a concern for me because it isn’t as thorough.

One advantage that this robot has is the extra side brush, but the difference will be very negligible in typical cleaning tasks.

Here are three good reasons to buy the 360 S6 robot vacuum:

  1. You don’t want to spend more than $500 for a robot vacuum: Even in Amazon, this robot will not cost over the $500 threshold. Just in case you see one that’s over, don’t buy it.
  2. Need a robot that’s efficient: The 360 S6 is one of the most efficient robot vacuums available thanks to the LDS sensor and SLAM software.
  3. Want remote access to your robot vacuum: This robot has WiFi and a smartphone app that allows for remote access even if you’re not physically at home.

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  1. Awesome robot. The ability to save and use different maps, set digital no go zones and mopping! Makes it truly awesome. The firmware is upgrades once every few weeks too.

    Ps: if you want to delete maps, just left swipe on the history section.

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