Dibea F6 Cordless Stick and Handheld Review: Cheap Dyson Alternative

Over the past few weeks I’ve written about a bunch of Dyson cordless clones and today we’ll be looking at one of the cheapest options available right now just under $100.

But the similarities end there. Since it costs literally a fraction than a Dyson don’t expect the same level of sophistication. And it does not have the soft roller cleaner head that’ll word great on large piles of dirt.

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However if you’re just looking for something basic that’ll help you clean dust and medium sized debris like rolled oats. This would be a great alternative that’s actually usable.


A quick look at the features

  • Pivoting cleaning head with soft bristles that will not scratch hardwood
  • 2-in-1 versatility – you can use this as a handheld and stick vacuum
  • Great for cleaning low pile carpet, hardwood, linoleum and tile
  • There are two options available – first would option only comes with the motorized head and the second option also comes with the bare floor tool with the cleaning cloth
  • One year warranty
  • Carbon fiber bristles – great for picking up dust
  • Run time between 20 to 30 minutes
  • 400ml dry dirt capacity
  • 5,200Pa suction
  • 2 volt lithium ion battery


  • Pretty versatile machine capable of picking up small to medium sized dirt on bare floor and low pile carpet
  • Swiveling head works surprisingly well
  • Great price point
  • Built quality is solid
  • Dirt cup is easy to empty – not as messy as the Dyson V6
  • Pretty good suction


  • Main cleaning head will struggle with large piles of dirt
  • Switching the combo tool from crevice to brush mode isn’t as smooth
  • Filter gets dirty very easy
  • Cleaning head is somewhat narrow – you’ll need more passes to clean
  • No HEPA filtration

What to expect from the Dibea F6 2-in-1?

To be honest with you, I was not expecting a whole lot from this product. The build quality of this product is pretty impressive at its price range.

It retails for around $109.99 at GearBest but if you use the coupon code “DIBEAGB”, it goes down to $99.99 and that’s a great deal if you don’t mind the lack tools and sophistication that you’ll get from a Dyson.

This is a good option to the more expensive Hoover Cruise that costs over $170 in Amazon.

Before I go on babbling, please watch this video to see what’s inside the box, features and a short cleaning test…

It does not have a lot of tools included. You’ll only get the main cleaning head, extension wand and the combo brush and crevice tool. If you want something with more attachments then go with the Red Dibea 2-in-1 stick.

Let’s go through the features one by one.

Swiveling Cleaning Head


The main cleaning tool of the F6 has a similar design to the Dyson V6 and V8 where it the whole head swivels.

If you look closely at the tool, it utilizes the same rubber hose that connects from the suction port to the extension wand. Again, it’s a similar design to the Dyson cordless.

Flip the tool over and it will reveal a somewhat narrow cleaning head that uses soft carbon fiber bristles that work great on cleaning dust.

It lacks the stiff bristles that theoretically should work well on bare floor. But if there’s an Achilles heel, it’s cleaning large piles of dirt.

The low profile cleaning head will snowplow large particles of dirt. You’ll see this in the latter part of the video I shared above (so make sure to watch all of it).

You can attach the tool on the wand and direct on the motor so this is usable on stairs.

2-in-1 Versatility

This vacuum has tools that are interchangeable so you can use this as a handheld or stick


Remove the wand and attach the tools directly on the motor. All these tools are usable with and without the wand meaning you can attach it direct on the motor and wand.

So this is essentially two products in one. I must warn you that it won’t have the same toolset as a Dyson V6.

Cyclonic Filtration


According to Dibea, their product uses cyclonic filtration.

Technically cyclonic filtration should protect the filter from getting dirty for longer periods of time unfortunately in the cleaning test I’ve done the filter was filthy.

You will have to clean the filter more often compared to a Dyson.

It does not have any HEPA filtration so avoid this if you have allergies.

Powerful Digital Motor

The F6 uses a 120 watt motor that produces 5,200 Pa of suction. I don’t know how it converts to Air Watts (a metric that Dyson uses) but based on the cleaning test, it’s got plenty of suction.

Trigger Switch

Like the Dyson, the F6 uses a trigger switch but there’s one key difference – you can lock the trigger.

One of the reasons why Dyson did not opt for a locking mechanism is to maximize the run time but if you’ve used a Dyson holding that trigger can be straining on your wrist.

Dust Bin


Don’t expect a whole lot when it comes to dirt capacity as this vacuum can only hold 400 ml of dirt.

But don’t fret F6 bin is only 16 ml smaller than the Dyson V6 so the difference isn’t a whole lot.

22.2-Volt Lithium Ion Battery

Powering this versatile cordless is a 22.2 volt lithium ion battery that will take 4 and 5 hours to charge.

On a full charge it will run between 20 to 30 minutes.

Bare floor cleaning

I’ve put this product to its paces and it revealed its strong points and weaknesses.

First, let’s talk about the strong points. This product will do very well cleaning fine dust up to medium sized debris.

Here’s some screenshots cleaning powder and rolled oats.

F6CleaningTestPowderBefore F6CleaningTestPowderAfter F6CleaningRolledOats F6CleaningRolledOatsAfter

If there’s something that this vacuum struggles with, it’s cleaning large chunks of dirt.

Since this product has a low profile design, it will snowplow these particles.

F6CleaningTestBefore1 F6CleaningTestAfter1

Now that’s a huge pile of dirt and it’s not something that you’ll encounter this type of messes every day.

This is why I do these types of tests. It shows you the limitation of this product.

Now if Dibea could come out with a product with a soft roller cleaning head and keep the price below $200 that would be interesting.

Carpet Cleaning

Can the soft bristles pick up dirt on carpet. I’ve recorded this video to show you how the Dibea F6 handles a large pile of dirt on rugs and carpet.

I’ll also demonstrate how to empty the bin.

There are actually two ways – first would be using the trap door at the bottom and second would be removing the bin from the motor then open it from the top.

You’ll notice that only using the trap door isn’t enough to empty everything because of the dirt seeped through the upper chamber. Expect the same thing when cleaning a lot of dust because it’ll stick on the plastic.

I don’t have any carpet at home so for this test I used a rug to simulate how it cleans on low pile carpet.

Product Specification

AttachmentsMain motorized brush

Combo crevice and brush tool
LED headlight
Brush roll on/off
Lithium ion
Plug-in charger
Charging time
4 to 5 hrs.
Battery life
20 to 30 mins.
Net weight
Shipping weight
9.8 pounds
Cleaning path
Overall length
Battery indicator
Filter type
Dust capacity
400 ml
5,200 Pa
Manufactured in
1 year

Where can I buy this?

You can buy this cordless stick vacuum from GearBest and Amazon. But the better deal would be in GearBest and to get the latest prices click on the links. Use any of the coupon codes below to get more savings.

  • China warehouse (no cleaning cloth)
  • China warehouse (with cleaning cloth) – $130.79
  • HOME1 (US warehouse) – $86.99
  • EU Warehouse (no cleaning cloth)

If you want to avail of the 2-day free shipping or you’re already an Amazon Prime member then go ahead and buy this from Amazon.

To Wrap Up

Before I tested this product I had my reservations on the build quality of this product. But it has exceeded my expectations. For something priced below $100, it has very decent quality. All the tools securely lock in place and power is very decent.

If you don’t mind the lack of tools or sophistication this can be a good replacement to the Dyson V6. But don’t expect it to clean really large piles using the main cleaning head as it’ll snowplow it because of the low profile design.

Other than that it is a decent choice if price is a big concern.

It’s got a small bin so this works best for spot cleaning. The cyclonic filtrations system isn’t up to par with the Dyson so expect to clean the filter more often.

If you’ve found this review to be helpful please do share it in social media to spread the word about this product.

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  • dan

    Can you use the extension wand and swiveling cleaning head from the Dibea F6 on the Dyson V6 pro?

    In other words – as I’m missing these accessories for my Dyson, maybe I can buy the Dibea and have 2 cleaners, plus the accessories…

  • Deb

    will this work in the Philippines? the outlet is 220v or do you need a transformer to use this and the c17?

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