Dreame H11 Max Review

Dreame H11 Max Review

Dreame has expanded their product line from robot vacuums, stick vacuums, and not to wet/dry vacuums, and we’ll look at their first product, the H11 Max.

It’s a similar product to the Roborock Dyad, but with subtle differences that I’ll cover in another article.

We’ll focus on this product in this review, where I’ll share the test results I did, and there were plenty.

Excellent Wet/Dry Performance, But Sub-Par Steering
  • Ergonomics - 92%
  • Mopping - 96%
  • Steering - 92%
  • Quality - 96%
  • Design - 95%
  • Value - 93%


The Dreame H11 Max offers superb performance with both wet and dry debris. Its self-cleaning cycle is another strong suit, leaving almost no residue on the roller and hose, saving maintenance time. However, its Achilles heel is the steering. Dreame uses the same fixed tube found in Tineco cordless vacuums.


  • Excellent pick up on wet and dry messes
  • It can clean hair and dust clumps in neglected areas efficiently
  • Superb self-cleaning system (less maintenance)
  • Decent sized clean water tank (0.87 liters)
  • Clean and concise voice prompt


  • Subpar steering (doesn’t turn sharply)
  • Small dirty water (0.49 liters) – more frequent disposals needed
  • No max setting
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Introduction to the Dreame H11 Max

DreameTech is one of the latest brands to foray into the wet/dry cordless vacuum niche with the H11 Max.

Its main strength is its ability to pick up wet and dry messes on sealed surfaces, and we’ll go through the different features.

Unlike the Roborock Dyad with three rollers, the Dreame H11 Max utilizes a more traditional single roller system, excelling at debris pick up.

Wet & Dry Vacuum Functionality

The Dreame H11 Max is a wet/dry cordless stick vacuum at its core. It can vacuum wet and dry messes and is best utilized on sealed surfaces like tile.

I wouldn’t recommend the H11 on unsealed surfaces because of the constant stream of water coming out the nozzle that spritzes water continually.

Single Roller System

Dreame H11 Max roller

The Dreame H11 uses a single roller and relies heavily on it to pick up debris.

It doesn’t have an edge-to-edge system, but the suction is strong enough to pick up liquid at the edges.

Dreame H11 edge cleaning

Cordless Convenience

This product is cordless, meaning consumers can use it without worrying about wires getting in the way.

However, the downside is range. Using a battery limits how long you can use this product.

Dreame says a full charge will run for up to 36 minutes with maximum coverage of 2152 square feet.

Roller Brush Cleaning System

Dreame H11 Max self-cleaning

The next feature I’ll highlight is the self-cleaning system, which is a huge time saver since consumers don’t need to clean the roller manually after each cleaning task.

But there are exceptions. One of which is if you clean a huge mess involving a lot of hair and dust.

Nonetheless, it’s the roller brush cleaning system. It is excellent at keeping the roller clean.

Interactive LED Display

Dreame H11 LED screen

Consumers will benefit highly from the interactive LED display above the clean water tank.

It shows various data like battery status and error codes to alert users how much charge is left and flashes error icons.

Voice Prompt

One underrated feature not highlighted by Dreame is the voice prompt.

But unlike Roborock, consumers will have to manually turn this feature on by pressing this button at the back.

Consumers can choose between two volume levels, low and high.

This feature alerts consumers for potential issues or tasks that need to be done, like emptying the dirty water tank or refilling the clean water tank.

Two Tank System

Dreame H11 Max twin water tank system

The H11 has a two-tank system where the clean and dirty water tanks are in separate containers.

It prevents cross-contamination between dirty and clean water and makes it easy to clean each container.

Dreame also includes a cleaning brush out of the box, making the cleaning process more manageable.

The dirty water tank’s wide opening makes it easy to clean, plus the cleaning brush helps remove stubborn residue.

Also, the top piece has an open design, with none of the hard-to-reach spots, so it’s another positive for this product.

Charging Stand

Dreame H11 Max charging stand

The Dreame H11 has a charging stand for storing and doubles as a charging base.

It has slots for storing the brush and extra roller, so there’s little risk of misplacing these items.

How much power does the Dreame H11 Max have?

I used an anemometer to check the Dreame H11 Max airflow.

It registered 19.33 CFM in its single power setting, higher than the Roborock Dyad at its max setting (18.52 CFM).

It’s not a high figure for cordless vacuums, but airflow isn’t a huge factor since the rollers do the brunt of the heavy lifting with debris pick-up.

How well does the Dreame H11 Max clean?

Since this product is a wet/dry cordless vacuum, the experiments I do with dry-only cordless vacuums don’t apply since it continuously sprays water.

Water is mixed with debris inside the tank, so doing measured tests won’t be accurate.

So for this product, I’ll rely on the eye test.

I did several experiments on various wet and dry messes.

The toughest one is the triumvirate of ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and fish oil.

Dreame H11 Max - cleaning the triumverate of ketchup, worcestershire sauce, and fish oil

Trying to mop this mess is a recipe for disaster, and it’s what makes cordless wet/dry vacuums helpful for consumers.

Here’s how it looks after a few passes.

Dreame H11 cleaning ketchup, worcestershire sauce, and fish oil after

Not bad, right? It’s this efficiency and pick-up that makes it helpful for anyone looking to save time cleaning their sealed floors.

Next, we’ll look at how it does on various liquids—first, red wine spills.

Dreame H11 Red Wine

And grape juice.

Dreame H11 grape juice

These photos prove that the Dreame H11 Max can pick up various liquid messes, chunky and otherwise.

It also does an excellent job at liquefying chunk stuff like ketchup, so emptying it won’t be difficult.

Dreame H11 Max ketchup in dirty water tank

Cleaning performance on dry messes is also excellent, thanks to the soft roller’s efficiency.

Dreame H11 Coffee

I tried it on coffee grounds, and it picked up everything.

One of the most challenging stuff to clean (at least in our home) is clumps of hair and dust in neglected areas.

This photo is a before shot in an area I haven’t cleaned for months behind the television.

Dreame H11 dust and hair

Cleaning this much hair, dust, and insect remnants can be challenging without a vacuum.

The H11 Max did well picking up these contaminants, picking most of them after a few passes.

Dreame H11 Max cleaning dust and hair afterward

I’d recommend using a wet/dry vacuum on this mess because you could add a cleaning solution to disinfect the area.

Plus, the roller’s agitation and water help remove stains accumulated.

Most of the debris went inside the dirty water tank, and it’s pretty disgusting.

Dreame H11 hair and gunk inside dirty water tank

Consumers will need to be mindful of where to dispose of the tank’s contents as stuff like hair can clog the toilet or drain.

Dreame H11 dust and hair clumps

The self-cleaning system did well at cleaning the roller, even after this torture test, with only clumps of hair left on the roller area.

Dreame H11 hair on roller

The H11’s roller stayed clean after the self-cleaning cycle, so it saves time not having to clean this component frequently.

Please note that long hair will wrap on the roller, and cleaning substantial quantities will require frequent cleaning.

Some debris will accumulate behind the roller, but it’s easy to clean since the roller is detachable.

Dreame H11 Max dirt accumulation on inner wall

How noisy is the Dreame H11 Max?

I used a sound meter to measure the noise levels of the Dreame H11 Max in its lone power setting and the self-cleaning cycle.

  • Wet/Dry Mode: 75.2 dB
  • Self-Cleaning Mode: 78.7 dB

Since it’s in the upper 70s, be mindful when using this product, especially in apartment-type homes when your neighbors are close.

How long will the Dreame H11 Max run?

Dreame says that the H11 Max will run for up to 36 minutes and cover an area of 2,152 square feet.

I did a run time test to see if this figure is accurate, and it exceeded the claimed number by five minutes or a little over 41 minutes!

However, it’ll take at least 6 hours to recharge, so it’ll take time to charge fully.


Despite the self-cleaning feature, this product isn’t maintenance-free. Upkeep is needed to ensure dirt doesn’t accumulate and cause unnecessary wear.

I’ll enumerate components that need some TLC below.

  1. Roller: Check this component once a week for any hair accumulation around the surface or the axles. This part is detachable, which makes this task easy. Don’t forget to use a tissue or paper towel to wipe the area behind it as grime will build up.
  2. Dirt water tank: Empty it after use to prevent bacteria and gunk from accumulating inside. Rinse with a sprayer to dislodge any debris sticking on the inner wall.
  3. Charging base: Dust clumps and gunk will accumulate on the area beneath the roller if you use this product long enough. Use a clean microfiber or paper towel to clean.

Product Specifications

ModelDreame H11 Max
ManufacturerDreame Tech
Battery6x 4000 mAh Li-ion
Run timeUp to 41 mins.
Clean Water Tank700 ml.
Dirty Water Tank400 ml
Mopping Width10.55 inches
Height45 inches
Range2,152 sq. ft.
No of Rollers1
Cleaning SolutionNo
Cleaning BrushYes
Charging StandYes
Handle ControlsYes
Edge CleaningYes
Manufactured InChina
Warranty1 year
PriceCheck Price

Where can I buy the Dreame H11 Max?

This product is available in online stores like Amazon. Check the link below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: if you purchase through any of the links above, I will earn a commission. But at no additional cost to you, so it’s a win-win for us!

Is the Dreame H11 Max worth it?

This wet/dry cordless vacuum isn’t cheap, but the efficient cleaning performance on wet and dry messes makes it a compelling option despite the flaws.

One reason I’d recommend this product is its self-standing feature. It can be handy if you’re using this on a multi-level home.

There are several instances where the Roborock Dyad fell to the ground as it slipped while leaning against an object.

This issue won’t be a factor with the Dreame H11 Max.

4 Reasons to Purchase the Dreame H11 Max

  1. Efficient pick-up on wet and dry messes: This wet/dry vacuum did well at cleaning a wide range of messes, from chunky ketchup to clumps of dust and hair.
  2. Cordless: You can use this anywhere inside the home without worrying about a power outlet, thanks to its cordless feature.
  3. Excellent self-cleaning feature: The H11 Max’s self-cleaning feature will keep the roller clean, so consumers don’t have to wash it often.
  4. Easy to clean dirty water tank: The dirty water tank’s wide opening and cleaning brush make cleaning straightforward.

The Verdict: Excellent Performance, But Steering Is Its Achilles Heel

Despite its subpar steering, the Dreame H11 Max performed well during my tests.

It efficiently picked up ketchup, dust clumps, fish oil, juice spills, and other hard-to-clean debris.

However, the lack of a max setting hampers it (somewhat) on large messes like massive stains.

But it’s not a deal-breaker, in my opinion, because you can do extra passes to achieve optimal results.

The question is, are you willing to live with the not-so-responsive steering? If the answer is yes, the Dreame H11 is an excellent option.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.