Dyson Attachments Guide

Dyson Attachments Guide

James Dyson revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry by introducing the first bagless vacuum.

The next innovation was their cordless vacuums. One significant reason is the interchangeable tools we’ll look at in this article.

Dyson cordless vacuums are the most popular, and one barometer is the sheer availability of aftermarket parts.

Aftermarket refers to non-branded components that fit various Dyson products.

The beauty of a Dyson cordless is the interchangeability, not just with a specific model but across the product line.

All Dyson V-series attachments are interchangeable (forward and backward compatible) except for the V6. And we’ll look at all the available options and terminology definitions.

Please note that I’ll discuss the attachments for Dyson’s cordless vacuum options. I have not tested their corded options, but I’ll update this article once I try them.

Cleaning Heads

Dyson nozzle attachments

The first attachments we’ll look at are the floor nozzles. These are the most critical tools, as you’ll use them most often.

Dyson has improved the design with each new release, which I’ll highlight below.

All floor nozzles (from the V7 to the V15) are interchangeable. These tools are forward and backward-compatible.

There will be some quirks like the V15 green laser not functioning if you use it on a non-V15 variant.

1. Soft Roller [or Fluffy] Attachment

Dyson V15 and V8 soft roller side by side

Dyson was a pioneer of the “soft roller” attachment. This tool is designed specifically to clean hard floors.

The other term for this tool is the “Fluffy” attachment. 

Unlike a traditional brush roll with bristles, a soft roller has none.

It utilizes a stiff tube frame (usually plastic) with a cloth-like exterior.

The design is genius, as the rough texture doesn’t require a high airflow to pick up debris.

It’s one of the more efficient tools for cleaning hard floor surfaces like hardwood.

The first-generation fluffy tools were bulky, and other brands have copied them due to their success.

2. Slim Roller [and Laser Slim Laser]

The slim roller is a smaller version of the standard fluffy roller.

Dyson Micro soft roller close up

It’s a slimmer version with a thinner roller, and the latest V15 Detect laser is slim and fluffy, with the green laser accentuating dirt better than any tool I’ve tested.

The roller above is from the Dyson Micro 1.5KG.

Dyson V15 accentuates dust

3. Direct-Drive Cleaner Head

The following tool is the direct-drive cleaner head – Dyson’s version of the standard brush roll.

This tool is found in mid-priced options, the V7 and V8.

This tool is the earliest standard brush roll option with a stiff and soft bristle combination, excellent at picking up debris on carpets.

There are variations in the design. One is the brush diameter, with the V8 having the chunkier brush.

Also, I like the V8’s seal better since it has a squeegee-like contraption behind the brush.

Dyson V8 Direct Drive Hair Wrap

Unfortunately, neither attachment is usable on hard floors. It struggles to pick up heavy debris, and low clearance snowplows large piles forward.

Also, the lack of padding increases the risk of scratching hardwood surfaces, which is not ideal, especially for easily scratched variations.

With cleaning performance, there isn’t much variation. The V7 and V8 were above-average at deep cleaning carpet but a notch below the premium variants, namely the V11 and V15 options.

4. Torque Drive Cleaner Head

After the direct drive, Dyson increased the brush girth and added two adjustable gates with the torque drive.

Dyson introduced this tool in the V10 Absolute. The two gates address the snowplowing issue that plagued the direct drive attachment, making it usable on hard floors.

However, it won’t be as efficient as a soft roller attachment.

The torque drive attachments in the V10, V11 Torque Drive, and Outsize variants have similar color and size variations.

Dyson V15 vs V11 Outsize vs V11 Torque Drive vs V10 cleaning heads

Disregard the V10 soft roller attachment and the V15 Detection in the photo above.

You can see that the V10, V11 TorqueDrive, and Outsize are similar in their structure and design.

All have the same bristle design and diameter, while the Outsize is the widest.

5. Digital Motorbar XL

Dyson V11 Outsize nozzle 1

The “Outsize” variant uses a nozzle similar to the non-Outsize V11 options but with a much wider frame (over 13 inches).

Dyson calls this tool the Digital Motorbar XL, an XL-sized brush roll rivaling a full-sized upright.

The wide frame helps it cover more ground with fewer passes, but the Outsize’s high airflow and the tool’s weight make it harder to steer.

It has two adjustable gates in front to accommodate larger debris, but I don’t recommend it on hard floors because of the higher risk of scuffing.

6. High Torque Cleaner with Anti-Tangle Comb

One thing that the Torque Drive nozzle struggled with was long hair strands. Sure, it can clean long strands, but there’s a limit. 

Hair over nine inches will wrap around the brush because it doesn’t have an active anti-tangle system.

Dyson solved this issue by tweaking the brush and adding combs above it.

The V15 brush is thicker with these protrusions underneath the bristles.

Dyson V15 high torque underneath

These enhancements improved its anti-tangle capability. It was one of the best options for resisting hair tangles from long strands above twelve inches (even on carpet).

The airflow increase helps pick up, so it’s another factor.

Pet owners should consider the V15 with this tool for cleaning pet hair on carpets and upholstery (more on the torq screw tool below).

Handheld Tools

Dyson handheld attachments

Next, we’ll look at Dyson’s handheld tools and some exciting new releases starting with the hair screw tool.

Again, these attachments are interchangeable across the full-sized Dyson stick vacuum range from the V7 onwards.

You’ll need to purchase an adapter to use this with the V6.

The best models to use with these tools are the smaller Dyson V7 and V8. 

You can use the V11, but the bulkier dustbin carries more weight, and it’ll be more challenging to use as a handheld.

1. Hair Screw Tool

Dyson V15 anti-tangle mini-turbo brush

The hair screw tool is one of the better innovations from any cordless vacuum manufacturer I’ve tested.

It functions like a mini-turbo brush but with a (literal) twist.

Instead of a straight brush bar, this attachment has a tapered brush with stiffer bristles.

Dyson V15 torque screw brush out

This tweak is genius because the tapered shape forces hair towards the narrower side, where there’s a catch container for the hair.

There are also protrusions underneath, preventing hair from tangling on the brush.

I tried it on long hair strands, over thirteen inches, and nothing wrapped.

Dyson V15 torque screw attachment in action

This is the best among Dyson’s cordless tools for long hair strands and pet hair.

2. Mini-Turbo Brush

Dyson mini turbo brush

The following tool is the mini-turbo brush, the older version with the straight roller.

This attachment is standard in the lower to mid-level Dyson cordless stick vacuum variants (V7 to V11).

It’s decent at cleaning dust and debris on upholstery but won’t be as good at cleaning long hair.

3. Combination Tool

Dyson combination tool

This attachment combines an upholstery tool and a pull-out brush attachment.

The upholstery tool has a felt piece for agitating embedded debris on fabric upholstery.

I use this tool mainly for dusting tasks on my work table or the laptop keyboard.

The softer bristles also work well on more delicate surfaces like lampshades.

4. Crevice Tool

Dyson crevice tool

Another tool standard in older Dyson cordless vacuums is the crevice tool.

It’s a long, narrow structure that works excellent inside tight areas, especially inside vehicles, for cleaning debris on the carpet or upholstery.

I use it on my office hair to pick up dust accumulation with the vacuum in the middle setting.

5. Mini Soft Dusting Brush

Dyson soft dusting brush

The mini soft dusting brush is excellent for cleaning delicate surfaces like curtains thanks to its soft bristles.

Its elongated frame and brush position make it an option for cleaning the dashboard inside your vehicle.

This tool is best paired with a hose attachment to take advantage of its sloping design and extend its reach.

6. Stubborn Dirt Brush

Dyson stiff brush tool

For stubborn debris on upholstery like pet hair, you’ll need a stiff brush to dislodge dirt.

The stubborn dirt brush is an excellent tool for this task. It uses stiff bristles around to agitate and dislodge stubborn filth on upholstery.

7. Fabric and Mattress Tool

Dyson fabric and upholstery tool

The flat design makes this tool effective on upholstery like mattresses or sofas.

Underneath the tool are two felt inserts that provide agitation for embedded debris on fabric upholstery.

However, it lacks a motorized tool, so consumers must use a back-and-forward motion to get the most out of it.

8. Flexible Hose

Dyson flexible hose tool

One of the most useful tools (for me) is the hose attachment.

It’s a supplemental tool used with other non-powered tools, helping increase reach and control.

Unfortunately, you can’t use this tool with any powered tools because it has no pins to transfer current.

Dyson V6 attachments [handheld]

Dyson V6 handheld attachments

I put the V6 in another subset because it uses a different connecting bracket than the newer Dyson cordless vacuums.

It utilizes the same toolset but with a different connecting point, so it doesn’t fit in (let’s say) a V8 variant.

You’ll notice in the photo below that the V6’s release bracket is on the vacuum, while the V8 has no lever.

Dyson V6 with the lever and the V7 without it

Dyson tweaked the design and moved the lever to the tool to improve usability – it’s easier to detach.

The tools above are stuff I bought for the V6 Mattress (a set). These will fit any V6 variant because they all have the same connecting bracket.

But these will not fit in the V7 model and beyond.

Again, the V6 attachments are similar to the newer Dyson cordless vacuums but with a different bracket, and I’ll enumerate the names.

Dyson V6 handheld tools with numbers

  1. Mini-motorized brush
  2. Fabric and mattress tool
  3. Soft dusting brush
  4. Stubborn dirt brush
  5. Crevice tool
  6. Combination tool
  7. Flexible hose

Unfortunately, the V6 doesn’t have the hair screw tool or any of the new attachments released by Dyson.

Dyson V12 tools

Another category is the Dyson V12, which uses tools similar to its full-sized siblings (V10, V11, and V15) but with a slightly smaller port, so it’s impossible to interchange these attachments.

Dyson V12 tools

What you’ll see in the V15 is also found in the V12, so check that the tool is V12-specific before purchasing.

Light pipe tool

Dyson V12 light pipe tool

One intriguing tool in the V12 holster is the light pipe tool. It’s a crevice tool with an LED strip, helping it illuminate the area around it.

Dyson V12 light pipe crevice tool

Torque screw tool

Dyson V12 torque screw tool

Another helpful tool is the anti-tangle screw (or the torque screw tool), which is the best at cleaning long hair strands.

The tapered brush is an excellent design, funneling hair from the brush toward the dustbin.

Even with this much hair, nothing tangled on the brush.

Dyson V12 hair screw tool before

Micro and Omni-Glide Tools

Dyson introduced a new subset in their Micro and Omni-Glide product line.

These hard-floor-only vacuums are two of the lightest cordless vacuum options available, weighing less than five pounds.

However, downsizing the whole vacuum also entails a smaller tool.

So, none of the attachments for these products will fit in Dyson’s full-sized stick vacuums.

1. Double Fluffy Cleaner head

Dyson Omni roller underneath

Twin brush roller systems aren’t new. I’ve tested a few: the Shark Vertex Cordless and Lupe Pure.

However, I haven’t seen anything like the Dyson Omni-Glide’s double thoroughly cleaning head.

It’s the first nozzle I’ve tested that can steer 360 degrees, thanks to simple but clever engineering.

Four caster wheels are underneath it, enabling consumers to steer it in any direction.

The tool also goes flat, and along with the narrow, cylindrical dustbin, it can reach deep under furniture better than any cordless vacuum I’ve tested.

Dyson Omni Glide steering under furniture

The caster wheels provide more precise control with steering the nozzle.

You could move it from side to side like a broom – something impossible with traditional cleaning heads.

The two roller heads also help it clean in both directions.

2. Micro Fluffy Cleaner Head

Dyson Micro 1.5KG soft roller with body

The following tool is the micro fluffy nozzle from the Dyson Micro 1.5KG. It’s similar to the slim roller but on a smaller scale.

The narrower frame helps it fit through tighter spaces better than the full-sized soft roller attachment.

Another benefit of this compact tool is it’s better at cleaning stairs because of the compact frame.

If you’re looking for a cordless vacuum for stairs, the Dyson Micro 1.5KG is an excellent option because of this.

Plus, it’s lighter and steers better than the larger Dyson V8.

3. Combination Crevice Tool

This attachment combines the crevice and brush tool that slides out.

It’s excellent for those cramped spaces between seat cushions on the sofa or for cleaning curtains.

3. Mini Motorized Tool

Another helpful tool for cleaning upholstery is the mini-motorized tool.

Again, it’s a miniature version of the full-sized variant with smaller dimensions.

The Micro’s smaller form factor plus this attachment make it suitable for cleaning inside vehicles.

Third-Party Dyson Tools

One plus for Dyson owners is the bevy of attachment options available.

Dyson’s popularity makes this possible since manufacturers are willing to spend money on R&D to design and produce tools because there’s a vast market.

I have not tested most of these tools, so I only provide commentary based on the product description.

Aftermarket tools are typically cheaper than OEM, and some creative items help consumers use their Dyson products more efficiently.

Attachment Kit for Dyson V15, V11, V10, V8, and V7

This kit is similar to the V6 toolset I shared earlier. It has crevice, combination, fabric and upholstery, stubborn dirt, soft dusting, and flexible hose attachments.

The set is compatible with Dyson variants, from the V7 to V15. Please note this isn’t an OEM product, so don’t expect the exact fit and finish.

Flexible Extension Hose and Vacuum Attachments [V11, V8, V7, V6, DC74, DC62, DC59, DC44

It is a similar kit to the one above, but one difference is that the tools are for the V6 variants and earlier.

This kit has an adapter to fit newer models like the V7 onwards.

I wouldn’t recommend this unless you own a V6 (or older) model and want some forward compatibility with newer models.

It doesn’t include the V15 or V12 in its compatibility list, but the adapter should fit in these variants.

JONR Soft Roller Brush

JONR is one of the manufacturers I’m talking about when I say third-party brands.

It’s not an OEM product but an aftermarket that’s cheaper.

This nozzle uses a roller brush, but its design differs from the original fluffy attachment.

One noticeable variance is the lack of clearance in the front part.

The OEM fluffy tools had this much space for tacking large debris piles.

Dyson V8 soft roller

The JONR has no clearance, increasing the risk of snowplowing debris.

Its lower price makes it an enticing option, but I don’t recommend this because of the lack of clearance.

FUNTECK Electric Mop Attachment

One of the more unique third-party tools is the FUNTECK Electric Mop attachment.

Dyson has nothing in their lineup (that I know of) with this design or wet/dry capability.

It’s compatible with the V7 and the V15 series but not with the hard-floor-only options.

I have not tried this tool, so I cannot comment on its performance, but if you want something to mop floors without spending $$$ on a bulky wet/dry vacuum, this is a good, cheaper option.

LANMU Grooming Tool

The last tool we’ll examine is the pet grooming tool, typically reserved for Dyson’s full-sized upright vacuums.

LANMU created something for the V6 to V15 series with this grooming tool plus the adapter, so it fits the V7 models and up.

It’ll fit in the V6 without the bracket since its connecting port fits snugly.

Some FAQs

Here are some questions I saw online while researching for this article. And I’ll answer these based on my experience using these products.

Please note that I’ve only used Dyson cordless products, so the answers here are biased toward cordless tools.

Which Dyson attachment is for carpets?

Any bristled tool is excellent for cleaning carpets.

For Dyson cordless products, the high torque cleaner with the combs performed the best during the cleaning experiments, picking up the highest percentages across the board.

The high airflow of the V15 helps, but it’s the best at resisting hair tangles – a significant reason why I like it the best.

Which Dyson head is for hard floors?

The soft roller or fluffy attachment will clean hard floors efficiently.

If you could choose, go with the slim roller because it’s compact and lighter, helping it clean tighter spaces better.

The V15 laser fluffy is the best at tracking almost invisible dust.

Can you vacuum hardwood floors with Dyson?

Yes, but only using cordless vacuums.

None of Dyson’s upright options has a soft roller attachment, making them highly inefficient.

Plus, these vacuums are massive and won’t fit underneath furniture.

High suction isn’t required to clean hard surfaces (like hardwood), so stick with any of Dyson’s stick vacuum or hard-floor-only alternatives.

Are Dyson attachments interchangeable?

Yes, at least from the V7 onwards.

The tools in the V7 will fit on the V15 (and vice versa), an excellent call by Dyson.

It saves on manufacturing costs and improves their product’s long-term viability.

However, Dyson’s hard-floor-only vacuums (Omni-Glide and Micro) use a smaller bracket, so its tools won’t fit in the full-sized stick vacuum.

Change log:

  • Feb 2, 2024: I updated the text for better clarity and readability.

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