ILIFE Easine W100 Review

ILIFE Easine W100 Review

The previous two wet/dry cordless vacuums I’ve tested have a fixed wet and dry cycle that doesn’t function independently.

While these machines work well, there’s less control for the consumer, and these tend to leave liquid residue on the surface.

This next product I’ll be sharing allows users to use each function independently, so it’s possible to have a dry-only cycle after cleaning everything.

This review will look at the ILIFE W100, ILIFE’s latest wet/dry cordless vacuum with a trigger to control the wet cycle.

How good is it? I’ve put it through a grueling series of tests to find out.

Budget Cordless Wet/Dry Cordless Vacuum Option
  • Ergonomics - 93%
  • Surface Cleaning - 99.54%
  • Mopping - 95%
  • Quality - 92%
  • Design - 93%
  • Value - 94%


The ILIFE Easine W100 is one of the least expensive cordless wet/dry options available, cheaper than the Dreame H11 Max and Roborock Dyad I’ve reviewed previously. This variant has many similar features to its more expensive counterparts, but with one significant difference—consumers can use the wet and dry functions separately. This means it’s possible to use it as a traditional stick vacuum, which wasn’t possible with Roborock and Dreame.


  • Cheap wet/dry cordless option
  • Separate wet and dry functionality
  • Large dirty and clean water tank
  • Self-standing even with the charging dock
  • Usable as a traditional vacuum on unsealed floors (make sure the roller is dry)


  • Steering isn’t sharp
  • Softer roller texture leaves more streaks
  • Debris accumulation on areas around the roller
  • Subpar edge cleaning
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Introduction to the ILIFE Easine W100

The Easine W100 is ILIFE’s first cordless wet/dry vacuum, and for a first product, they did pretty well.

One significant variance with this variant is its separate wet and dry functionality, something absent in the Dreame H11 Max and Roborock Dyad.

Consumers have more control over when to deploy the wet cycle versus the other two brands, where the two operate simultaneously.

Another difference is the price. The ILIFE W100 is cheaper than Dreame and Roborock, with nearly the same mopping performance (slightly worse).

But first, we’ll go through the features of this budget wet/dry cordless vacuum.

Twin Water Tank System

ILIFE W100 clean and dirty water tanks

The W100 has a twin water tank system with a 600-ml clean tank and a 500-ml dirty tank, which is a decent capacity.

Add the sprayer switch makes it a highly efficient system.

Separating the clean and dirty prevents cross-contamination between filthy and clean liquid.

The dirty water tank comes with a washable filter with a mesh filter covering the primary paper element.

Please note this mesh covering is enough to block dust bunnies, but not heavier debris like sand or coffee grounds.

ILIFE W100 filter

Also, one quirk is the filter (just) sits on the dirty water tank without any locking mechanism, which will fall if you tip it over.

Not a deal-breaker, in my opinion, but a nuisance.


ILIFE W100 self-cleaning cycle

My favorite feature of these wet/dry vacuums is their self-cleaning cycle that keeps the roller clean after mopping cycles.

The vacuum runs through different phases, from the initial rinse to the vacuum motor picking up liquid fragments.

It’s not a perfect system, as chunks of debris will stick on the area around the brush in huge messes, but still a beneficial feature.

3-in-1 Charging Dock

ILIFE W100 charging dock

This device acts as a charging and self-cleaning station for the W100. Without it, the self-cleaning feature will not work.

It has slots for an extra roller (not included in the package) and the cleaning brush.

Handle Controls

The W100 uses handle controls, which is a plus point for ergonomics since it provides easy access without bending over.

Wet Function Trigger

ILIFE W100 water trigger switch

The water sprayer trigger is one feature separating the ILIFE W100 from the Dreame H11 and Roborock Dyad.

Single Roller

ILIFE W100 single roller system

This product has a single roller system for agitating stains and picking up wet and dry messes.

Also, I noticed the W100 roller has a softer texture versus the Dreame and Roborock versions.

This feature may (or may not) play a factor in its cleaning and mopping performance (more below).

Advanced LED Display

ILIFE W100 LED Display

An LED display updates consumers with vital information like battery status, error codes, a countdown timer for the self-cleaning cycle, power modes, etc.

One quirk with the ILIFE W100 display is its orientation: it’s upside down during usage.

ILIFE W100 LED display view during usage

The battery status indicator is confusing since it doesn’t show the percentage.

It shows a double zero. But when I engage the self-cleaning cycle, it acts as a timer counting down from 60 to 0.

Voice Prompt

Another helpful feature is the voice prompt, but this isn’t turned on by default.

Consumers will have to press this button behind the vacuum to engage.

ILIFE W100 voice prompt button

Once activated, this feature acts as an assistant, reminding people of tasks like emptying the dirty water tank or refilling the clean water tank.


The W100 is a cordless wet/dry vacuum, meaning a cord won’t hinder you.

It uses a smaller 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery with a claimed run time of 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, the battery isn’t detachable, but none of these wet/dry vacuums I’ve tested has a detachable battery, so it seems an industry standard.

How much power does the ILIFE W100 have?

I use an anemometer to measure the airflow, and here are the results for the W100.

  • Low: 16.75 CFM
  • Max: 18.52 CFM

Not much difference between the W100 and the other wet/dry vacuums I’ve tested.

High airflow isn’t a necessity for these products since the roller does most of the dirty work.

Cleaning Performance

The separate wet and dry enabled me to perform dry debris cleaning tests, which I don’t normally do for wet/dry vacuums.

This product is excellent, but with some peculiarities, which we’ll look at below.

First, here are the test results.

ILIFE W100 hard floor results

  • Quaker oats: 100%
  • Coffee grounds: 98.5%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 100%
  • Sand on hard floor: 99.2%

These results are similar to high-end stick vacuums like the Dyson V11, V15, Lupe Pure, LG CordZero, etc.

One issue I noticed is that the initial pass wasn’t as clean.

It could be the softer textured roller or the seal behind not having enough sturdiness preventing debris from tricking behind the nozzle.

But it eventually picked up everything in the succeeding passes.

This issue is most noticeable with heavier debris like sand and pet litter, so adjust if you see remnants behind the nozzle.

Nonetheless, the high 90s score is excellent and shows the W100’s capability.

Using this extensively on dry debris may require more frequent filter clean-ups.

While it has a mesh covering over the primary paper element, it’s only enough to sift dust bunnies, but not sand or coffee grounds.

Mopping Test

I did various tests with the W100 on different stains and wet spills.

I tried it on ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, and fish oil, and it did reasonably well.

ILIFE W100 ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, fish oil test

But those initial passes weren’t as clean, leaving residue after the initial passes.

ILIFE W100 ketchup initial passes

One factor could be the softer textured roller with a thicker cloth material covering the solid frame, which doesn’t agitate as well.

It took more passes, but it eventually got almost everything.

The self-cleaning cycle was decent at flushing debris from the roller, but there was accumulation in the areas around it.

Also, it picked up large liquid spills well. Not as efficient as the Dreame H11 or Roborock Dyad, but it eventually gets everything with enough passes.

ILIFE W100 big spill test

Again, the fluffier roller is the culprit of its inefficiency and can be easily addressed with a new design.

The next test I did was on stains. Not exactly dry, but dry enough to be hard to clean.

I used a heat gun to make it as dry as possible.

Here’s another example of the W100’s less inefficient roller design.

It took more passes to clean these giant coke and red wine stains.

I tried the Roborock Dyad on a smaller portion, and it clean everything by the third pass, whereas it took the W100 six or seven passes to achieve the same result.

Edge cleaning is decent but not great. 

Here’s a before and after shot.

ILIFE W100 edge cleaning

It wasn’t as good during the initial passes and it’s the same efficiency issues that plague this product.

How noisy is the ILIFE W100?

Next, we’ll look at noise levels where I use an anemometer to measure the vacuum’s loudness in its two settings.

Here are the results for the ILIFE W100.

  • Low: 74.6 dB
  • Max: 74.9 dB

There isn’t much variance with the low and max settings. But as with all cordless wet/dry vacuums, these machines are noisy.

How long will the ILIFE W100 run?

The W100 has a 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery with a claimed run time of 30 minutes – ten minutes shorter than Dreame and Roborock.

I have not tested if this claim is valid, but it should be close based on the other reviews I’ve done with wet/dry vacuums.


Next, we’ll look at the basic maintenance steps for the W100.

Despite its self-cleaning feature, this product isn’t maintenance-free.

Upkeep is needed to maintain its mopping efficiency and cleaning performance, and I’ll enumerate the different components to check and when to clean.

  1. Roller: Check this component once a week for debris accumulation, especially hair on the axles. The self-cleaning will be enough to keep it clean, but make sure to use it often to keep it clean.
  2. The area around the roller: Only applicable if you’re cleaning heavy debris. Check the area around the roller for debris accumulation, especially if you clean stuff like food spills. The frequency will depend on how usage. If you use it t clean food messes, I suggest doing this task twice weekly.
  3. Dirty water tank: Empty this container after every cleaning cycle and rinse to prevent an odor from developing.
  4. Filter: Check twice a month for any dirty accumulation on the paper element. Debris won’t build up as much if you’re using the wet function, so keep that in mind.
  5. Charging dock: Debris will accumulate on the charging dock’s base. Use a clean paper towel to clean once a month.

Product Specifications

ModelILIFE Easine W100
Battery3000 mAh Li-ion
Run time30 mins.
Clean Water Tank600 ml.
Dirty Water Tank500 ml
Mopping Width11.2 nches
Height46 inches
No of Rollers1
Cleaning SolutionYes
Cleaning BrushYes
Charging StandYes
Handle ControlsYes
Edge CleaningYes
Manufactured InChina
Warranty1 year
PriceCheck Price

Where can I buy the ILIFE W100?

The ILIFE W100 is available in online stores like Amazon. Check the link below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: if you purchase through any of the links above, I will earn a commission. But at no additional cost to you, so it’s a win-win for us!

Is the ILIFE W100 Worth It?

Despite its flaws, the ILIFE W100’s affordable price makes it worth considering.

Even with its inefficiencies, it will pick up everything, but more passes are needed to achieve optimal results.

One advantage of its separate wet and dry functionality is its dedicated dry-only function, leaving virtually no liquid residue if you’re patient enough.

3 Reasons to choose the ILIFE Easine W100

  1. More affordable option: The ILIFE W100 is one of the least expensive alternatives, cheaper than Dreame and Roborock.
  2. Separate wet and dry functions: This feature provides consumers more control on when to deploy the wet function.
  3. Leaves a drier surface: Another advantage of the separate wet/dry functionality is the dry-only function that helps pick up liquid residue during the closing passes.

The Verdict: Good Affordable Wet/Dry Option

The ILIFE W100 may not be as efficient as the Dreame H11 or Roborock Dyad, but it makes up for better affordability and a separate wet/dry functionality.

The latter feature is critical as it helps it pick up liquid residue, leaving a drier surface with less stain potential.

If you don’t mind the quirks, steering issues, and inefficiency, the ILIFE W100 is a solid and cheaper option.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.