iRobot Braava Jet240 Mopping Robot Review

iRobot Braava Jet 240 ReviewAll of the robot mops I’ve covered so far use a built-in water tank system that these machines use to make the microfiber mop underneath damp or keep it damp.

From the top of the line Braava 380t to the cheaper ILIFE robot vacuums and mops, all of these utilize a similar system – a water tank on top that use gravity to soak the towel attached underneath.

One thing iRobot has over the other brands is its advanced navigation that has a back-and-forth mopping motion. Other brands merely drag the mop over the surface.

The Braava Jet is unique in that instead of water dripping under the water tank, it squirts water up front and then mops the area and then repeats the cycle until it finishes. The cleaning pattern is similar to the Braava 380t but it uses a different kind of cleaning cloth.

Instead of using a washable microfiber cloth, the Braava Jet uses a disposable washing pad that is presoaked with cleaning solution that allows it to clean your floors without having to soak a microfiber pad in cleaning solution.

That’s the convenience that these provide at the cost of around $7 per 10-pack of these mops but if you feel like these are added expense and you are okay with soaking a reusable pad then you can purchase the blue microfiber pad and pre-soak it yourself.

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Before I continue let us look at the features of this squirting and mopping robot:

  • Utilizes the iAdapt 2.0 navigation system
  • Has mopping and sweeping functions that you can use on hardwood, tile and stone flooring inside kitchens, bathroom and other compact spaces
  • The compact design allows it to go under and around tight areas like toilet bowls, cabinets and around the refrigerator
  • Armed with a precision jet spray and vibrating cleaning head capable of tackling dirt and stain like dried coffee and soda
  • Automatically selects the cleaning mode depending on the mop you attach
  • iRobot says that this robot will not harm or spray walls or furniture and won’t go over rugs
  • One year warranty


  • Advanced cleaning pattern is very efficient
  • Automatically selects the cleaning mode for you depending on the pad you attach
  • The jet spray feature sprays just the right amount of water to activate the cleaning solution in the pad
  • One of the cheapest iRobot mops
  • Very quiet – a good compromise to noisy robot vacuums or scrubbers
  • Efficient mopping pattern
  • Charges in just around 2 hours


  • Only works in small areas
  • You’d have to constantly buy disposable pads but a washable pad is also available
  • Not designed to clean heavily soiled floors

What to expect from this floor scrubbing and spraying robot?

The Braava Jet is iRobot’s cheapest robotic mop and sweeper available in the market right now at just under $170 in Amazon and iRobot’s store.

Before moving any further watch this video to get a feel what this robot mop is all about, what’s inside the box and how it works…

Three cleaning modes

Take note that this robotic cleaner does not have any vacuum motor. It is purely a mopping robot with 3 modes that the robot automatically detects depending on the mop you attach.

How does the robot know what mode to use? Well underneath each pad is a paper cutout pattern that the robot scans and automatically detects.

These cleaning modes are the dry sweeping, damp sweeping and wet mopping.

Dry sweeping:  This mode is activated when the dry sweeping pad is attached (white) In this mode the robot goes in a straight pattern without spraying any water. The dry pad will attract any fine dust, dirt or hair and this will work on all hard floor surfaces.

Damp sweeping: When the pink damp sweeping mop this attached, this mode is activated. It will have a similar cleaning pattern as it would have in dry sweeping mode but the mop will vibrate and the sprayer will squirt water to activate the cleaning agent. Use this when cleaning sealed floors.

Wet mopping: Slide in the blue mop and the wet mopping mode is activated. This mode will provide the most agitation and will be able to clean out relatively fresh coffee stains. Not only will the mop vibrate, it also activates the back and forth mopping motion after the sprayer squirts water to activate the cleaning solution in the blue pad.

What if I don’t like to buy disposable pads?

If you feel that disposable pads are too costly or impractical, iRobot provides you with an alternative. You can purchase the blue washable wet mopping pads instead of the disposable ones for around $18 for a pack of two.

These pads will last for around 150 to 200 uses and you simply spray on the cleaning solution on the pads before letting the robot do its thing. In my opinion these pads are the most cost effective solution in the long run for wet mopping.

And leave the cleaning to a robot vacuum instead.

Efficient Navigation

This robot mop actually uses the same iAdapt 2.0 navigation system found in the Roomba 980, this means a fast and efficient cleaning pattern that will systematically go back and forth until it finishes the area you want it to clean.

In dry mode, this robot will be able to clean around 200 square feet. In damp mop or wet mopping mode that number goes down to 150 square feet.

So this robot will be able to clean one small area at a time and does not have multi-room cleaning capabilities which I think is a good think because the pads will be too soiled by then.


Unlike the Roomba or the Braava 380t where the battery is built in, the Braava Jet’s battery is removable and is charged through a wall pluggable charger similar that’s similar to a digital camera.

It only takes 2 hours to recharge and will cover between 150 to 200 square feet.

Water Tank

Braava Water Tank

This robot has a 150ml water tank that sprays water in front of robot. I like this setup because water is used more efficiently compared to robots that use a dripping mechanism to keep the pads wet.

Cleaning Performance

Before showing you how this robot cleans, I’d like to share with you how different Braava Jet is from the now discontinued Scooba 300 from the prep to the post-cleaning routine.

You’ll notice with the Scooba, it takes a number of steps to prep the robot for cleaning tile from attaching the brush, filters and filling the tank with cleaning solution whereas the Braava Jet was very simple.

Remove the battery, lift the handle and pour in water into the 150ml water tank then slide in the pad until it clicks and press the clean button.

Post cleaning steps were also different with the Scooba as you have to remove the tank, brushes, filters and a whole other gamut of things, rinse the air dry.

The Scooba though cleans better hands down than the Braava Jet but the latter wins handily in the ease of use department and it’s much, much cheaper.

Here’s another video of the Braava Jet in action this time on tile. It’s basically a time lapse video that shows how this robot will navigate and how it will handle dried stains…

Based on the video it didn’t completely remove the stains. For stains such as these you may need a stronger cleaning solution or make your own and use the blue pad that is washable. In terms of navigation it looks to be efficient as it does not go in a random direction.

Here’s how much dirt a microfiber pad can pick up…

Dirty mop

I wouldn’t suggest using this to clean up such mess as it could scratch your floors.

Product Specification

Battery typeLithium Ion Battery
Charger typeWall charger
Charge time2 hours
Water tank capacity150ml
Dirt capacity (dry)None
Run Time 3 hours
Net weight (with battery)4.2 pounds
Shipping weight5 pounds
Width11.2 inches
Height3.9 inches
Dry Mopping
Wet Mopping
Multi Room
Self docking
Remote control
Hepa filtration
Cliff detection
Self adjusting
Side brush
Full bin indicator
Stair Cleaning
Cleaning sessions per week
Containment None
Accessories includedWall charger

Lithium Ion Battery

2 Wet Mopping Pads

2 Damp Sweeping Pads

2 Dry Sweeping Pads
Voltageauto volt
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year

Consumer Reviews

This robot has gotten mixed reviews, some really liked how it performed and some were disappointed with its performance. Based on the reviews I’ve read, this robot is best utilized for relatively clean floors that have very little mess.

It is an in-between cleaning tool that is a finishing step after you vacuum. This would be a great tag team partner to a Roomba 980 or 650 or any robot vacuum you have.

Since it is compact, it will reach into tighter places compared to the larger Scooba or Braava 380t.

While other consumers complained about this not having reusable pads, I’d like to stress that you can buy reusable pads for wet mopping and in my opinion this would be the most cost effective option compared to buying disposable pads.

As for the dry sweeping feature, don’t expect it to clean more than moderate messes. A robot vacuum would be a better option.

I must warn you that if you have black flooring, this may not work well on it as some consumers have shared.

When utilized properly this robot is a great and relatively cheap option to the more expensive Braava 380t with a similar navigation pattern minus the cube.


The best option would be buying in Amazon where you can get this for less than $155 and it comes with free shipping.


This robot mop is a great option for home owners looking for an affordable and smart mopping option but you have to remember that this is basically a Swiffer that does the mopping for you but it you have the option of buying reusable pads if you want to save on the cost of buying disposables. Just buy a good cleaning solution that you can spray on the mop.

It has a relatively efficient navigation that uses the same iAdapt 2.0 system found in the Roomba 980. A full charge will clean an area between 150 and 200 square feet but some consumers reported that this robot does not clean that much floor space.

This robot is best utilized on relatively clean floors and not soiled ones. Make sure to use a fast drying cleaning solution that does not streak and use distilled water to avoid water marks.

In my opinion this would be best work on sealed surfaces like tile or granite where the wet mopping option would be best used.

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