Jimmy JV51 Review: Xiaomi’s Answer to the Dyson V8

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The Jimmy JV51 is Xiaomi’s second cordless stick vacuum that they released in the market.

It’s somewhat similar to the Roidmi that I reviewed a couple of months back in that it has interchangeable tools.

This interchangeability makes this tool versatile capable of cleaning floors, stairs, and upholstery.

Jimmy is closer to the Dyson than the Roidmi thanks to the trigger switch and soft roller head, which I like very much on bare floor.

Excellent at cleaning hard floors

Jimmy JV51

The Xiaomi Jimmy JV51 isn’t as popular as a Dyson V8 or V10, but don’t let this dissuade you from having a long look at this option. Using an anemometer, I measured the airflow at 24 CFM on low and 43 CFM on high at the wand. The soft roller brush is similar to the Dyson, meaning it’s got lots of clearance, so cleaning stuff like Cheerios won’t be an issue. It does not have a standard brush roll, so it won’t be able to clean embedded dirt on the carpet. However, the soft roller brush is superb at picking up trash on hard floor.

This cordless vacuum is an excellent option for homes with a lot of hard floor surfaces because of the soft roller cleaning head.

It has excellent filtration, based on a fog test; it’s almost fully sealed but not as good as a Dyson. But considering the price, I would consider it excellent since none of the stick vacuums at this price range does as good a job at keeping the allergens inside the bin.

We’ll find out in this review how good the Jimmy JV51 is and if it’s a good, less expensive alternative to the Dyson.

A quick look at the features

  • A 400-watt digital motor spins at 100,000 rpm and produces a max of 115 air watts
  • 50 mm suction inlet assures that even larger debris gets in
  • Soft roller cleaning brush will pick up the trash of different sizes
  • HEPA filtration will filter out up to 99.97 percent of allergens
  • 5,000 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • 5-liter dust bin capacity
  • It takes 5 hours to charge fully
  • 1-year warranty


  • Same power as the Dyson V8 for less
  • Soft roller brush works as good as any cordless vacuum on hard floor
  • A versatile tool that can clean floors, upholstery and everything in between
  • Dirt bin is easy to disassemble


  • Brush tools don’t lock in place
  • Lacks a motorized brush

Jimmy JV51 Design

The Jimmy JV51 is a Xiaomi product that comes with several interchangeable tools that makes it an excellent versatile option.

One feature that surprised me with it is the power. I measured the airflow at 24 CFM on low, and 43 CFM on high, which is in the territory of high-end stick vacuums such as the Dyson V10 and V11.

Considering the price, that amount of suction is excellent.

In terms of design, the Jimmy JV51 looks more like a Dyson cordless than the Roidmi.

It isn’t a bad thing because anyone who shopped for a cordless knows that Dyson is a top dog in this niche.

So it isn’t a bad idea to copy a successful design.

Before I continue, please watch this video so that you have an idea of what this product is about, the performance and everything else.

Xiaomi is aggressive in product launches over the past few years, and this product is a reflection of that.

The packaging is good, with each component packed in a secure location. So you know that Xiaomi is a quality brand if they put some thought on how they package their products.

Out of the box, you’ll get these items:

For the price tag, this is a pretty decent value.

You’ll get the following tools:

  1. Mini-turbo brush
  2. Combination brush and upholstery tool
  3. Crevice and brush tool
  4. Wall bracket
  5. Extension wand
  6. Handheld vacuum unit
  7. Charger

The main cleaning head looks very similar to the device in the Dyson V8. This tool will pick up any surface dirt on hard floor and carpet. Xiaomi says that it will work on low pile carpet, and tests reveal that it can at least for trash scattered on the surface. But it will struggle when it comes to deep cleaning since it does not have a standard brush roll.

Here’s a close look at the JV51 soft roller tool. It’s got lots of clearance and an excellent seal that gives it excellent pick up on crevices.

These tools are interchangeable and usable with or without the wand.

I must say that Xiaomi is at least matching Dyson in terms of how they package their items.

Each component comes with its box and plastic.

The material used is a high-quality corrugated board that’s recyclable, which is essential.

Here’s how the vacuum looks like with the wand and main cleaning head

Xiaomi Jimmy with wand and main cleaning head attached

It has substantial length – around 50 inches or so in my estimation.

Looking closely at the main cleaning head, it has the same soft roller bar found in the Dyson V8 and V6.

What makes this different from the Roidmi is the amount of clearance it has, which makes it better suited for cleaning big piles of dirt as you’ve seen in the video.

In the Roidmi, since the standard brush and soft roller bar are interchangeable, it does not have as much clearance.

It isn’t a big issue since both tools work great on various surfaces, but it won’t handle a big pile of dirt as well.

For daily cleaning, this will not be a big issue, since you won’t be cleaning a mess this big anyway.


Like the Dyson V8, this cordless has a trigger switch. The difference is once you squeeze it, it’ll stay on.


To turn it off, you’ll need to squeeze it a second time. There are pros and cons to this approach.

The most significant advantage, of course, would be you don’t need to squeeze the trigger always, so it’s easier on the hands and wrist.

However, not having the same trigger mechanism as the Dyson means less efficient use of power.

You’ll end up using more juice than what’s needed.

But for me, this isn’t a big deal because we’re just talking about seconds. The long run time somewhat makes up for this.

To access max power, press a button at the back.

Max switch

Turn on max suction isn’t hard. The responsiveness of the switch is pretty good.

Dirt bin

Dirt bin disassembled

Unlike the Roidmi, Jimmy adapts the V8 bin design in which it is positioned vertically with a trap door at the bottom.


It does not have the mechanism found in the Dyson V8 that pushes the dirt down, which makes it somewhat messy to empty.

However, Xiaomi designed the bin such that it’s easy to take apart and deep clean if necessary.


HEPA filter

Like the Dyson V8, Jimmy also comes with a HEPA filter. However, you are limited to how many times you can wash it.

It isn’t a lifetime filter by any means, and you’ll need to replace it at least once a year.

I do not see a second filter, so you’ll have to keep this primary filter clean for the vacuum to function at its peak.

Mini turbo brush

Mini turbo brush

To help you clean upholstery, this cordless also comes with a mini-turbo brush that will help you clean, not just dirt but also pet hair.

The brush itself has its motor so that agitation will be decent. But it doesn’t go all the way to the sides.

If you compare it to a Dyson mini turbo brush, the bristles aren’t as stiff, but it will do a pretty decent job at cleaning fabric upholstery.

Removing the brush is easy – twist a lever at the side then pull it out.

Other tools

Aside from the primary cleaning head and mini turbo brush, you’ll also get two brush tools, both of which are the 2-in-1 variety.

These tools have brushes that you can pull back to reveal a crevice-like device that you can use to clean loose dirt.

Take note that there isn’t much length to these, so reach will be limited.

Battery and Run time


One of my favorite features of the Jimmy is the removable battery that you can recharge even if it’s detached from the vacuum.

If you want to lessen the downtime, purchase a separate battery to double the run time. While you charge the extra battery, you can still use the vacuum.

According to Xiaomi, this cordless vacuum will run for about 45 minutes in normal mode.

Bare floor performance

Perhaps my favorite tool of the four that comes with this is the main cleaning head.

It has a similar soft roller attachment as the one found in the Dyson V6 and V8.

The high clearance makes it possible for this tool to clean piles of dirt you’ll see below.

Bare floor - before

If you have not, please watch the video above to more specific the cleaning performance section at the 14:20-minute mark.

You can see that the tool will suck dirt in. Aside from the clouds of dust that was in front of the tool as it plowed through the big pile of dirt, it did quick work of this mess.

It is not something you’d want to use a traditional cleaning head on as it will just push dirt forward and not clean it.

Here are some photos after the test. Judge it yourself and see how this cordless did on the big pile of dirt.

This is how the mess looks like after just a single back and forth pass.

Bare floor after first pass

Impressive, isn’t it? And I didn’t need to use the max suction to pick up the big pile of dirt.

It didn’t take too much to clean this massive pile of dirt you saw above.

bare floor after a few back and forth passes

Usually, you’d not clean a big pile like this, but it’s nice to know that your vacuum is capable of handling such.

Rug performance

I don’t have carpet at home, so the closest thing I could test it on that resembles it would be a rug.

Here’s the before photo to give you a reference on what it has to clean.

Rug cleaning test before

I thought that the absence of a bristled tool would limit the effectiveness of Jimmy.

But surprisingly, it did a pretty decent job though I had to turn on the max to achieve these results.

After a single back and forth pass, this was what Jimmy was able to pick up.

Rug after a single back and forth pass

It did leave a fair about of dust on the carpet.

So I decided to put it on max, and this was the result.Rug cleaning test done

Not too shabby for a cordless vacuum. It was able to clean at least all of the surface dirt. Remember, though, that the rug is shallow pile and expect the same performance if you have this type of carpet inside your home.

Don’t expect this to deep clean carpet because it isn’t equipped to do so.


Xiaomi backs this up with a 1-year warranty.

Should I buy the Xiaomi Roidmi?

The Xiaomi Roidmi is an excellent alternative to a Dyson V8 if you’re not willing to spend more than $300 for a cordless vacuum.

It’s got enough tools to clean not just floors, but also upholstery, vents, keyboards, and much more.

Quality from Chinese vacuums has improved dramatically over the past few years. However, it still doesn’t match a Dyson in terms of overall performance and power.

One thing that this vacuum lacks is the bristle brush that would have been an excellent option for cleaning carpet. Xiaomi’s other stick vacuum, the Roidmi F8, has this feature, but I’m not a big fan of its bin design.

You should buy the Xiaomi Jimmy if you:

  • Want a cheaper vacuum that is as versatile as a Dyson V8: This variant has as many tools as the Dyson V8 along with the removable tube, making this usable on floors and upholstery.
  • Live in a home with hard floors: The soft roller cleaning head works best on surfaces like hardwood, tile, or linoleum.
  • Need a versatile stick vacuum: The Xiaomi Jimmy has an assortment of tools capable of cleaning different areas not just in your home but also your vehicle.

Product specifications

FeaturesXiaomi Jimmy JV51
AttachmentsSoft roller bar

Mini turbo brush

2 x combination brush / crevice tool
Brush roll on/offNo
Battery6 x 2.5Ah lithium battery / 54Wh
ChargerPlug-in charger
Charging time5 hours
Battery lifeup to 45 mins
Net weight6.39 pounds
Shipping weight6.61 pounds
Cleaning path9"
Overall length50"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeHEPA filter
Dust capacity0.5 liters
Air Watts115
VoltageAuto volt
Manufactured inChina
Warranty1 year

The verdict

The Xiaomi Jimmy is an excellent alternative to the Dyson V8. It has the same power and will give you roughly the same performance as the British made cordless.

However, it lacks the bristled cleaning head that would have made it a great option on the carpet as well.

The good news is the soft roller head works pretty decently on low pile carpet or rug. It will clean at least the surface dirt. Set your expectations accordingly, as this will not deep clean carpet.

Warranty is rather short versus the Dyson at just one year, but the price difference is so big that it offsets the one year difference.

3 Reasons to buy the Xiaomi Jimmy JV51

  1. Less expensive option than a Dyson: If you’re looking for a hard floor cleaning vacuum that won’t break the bank, the Jimmy JV51 is an excellent option to the more expensive Dyson.
  2. Versatile: It comes with interchangeable tools that allow homeowners to clean different areas inside their homes. It comes with a total of three attachments – the crevice tool, combination tool, and the main cleaning head.
  3. Excellent on hard floor: The soft roller attachment of the JV51 will pick up dirt regardless of size on hard surfaces.

Click here to learn more about the Xiaomi Jimmy JV51.

An Excellent Alternative to the Dyson V8 for Cleaning Hard Floors
  • Ergonomics - 94%
  • Surface Cleaning - 96%
  • Deep Cleaning - 54%
  • Quality - 93%
  • Design - 94%
  • Value - 94%


The Xiaomi Jimmy JV51 is an excellent option for people looking for a cord-free vacuum than can clean hard surfaces well. Since it does not have a bristle brush, it won’t be able to do much when it comes to cleaning carpet aside from picking up surface dirt. Being a Xiaomi product, the quality is solid. It has good ergonomics and I like the removable battery so replacing it won’t be an issue, the problem is I haven’t seen replacement batteries being sold just yet.

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  1. Hi Garrick, would you do a comparison between the Jimmy JV51, Roidmi F8 and the Dyson V8? Many thanks!

  2. Hi,
    Are you going to review Jimmy JV71? It looks like a really interesting offer from Xiaomi.

  3. Hi Garrick, I wanted to tell you that you have the best, most in depth reviews of anyone out there. You tell people every little detail about cordless vacuums, leaving nothing out and covering every question I had about the product. I was considering one of the latest three stick vacuums by Xiaomi and thanks to you it would be better for me to reconsider all of them, since I’m in a small apartment with mostly flat carpeting and I have three very dusty cockatiels so I do require a better motorized carpet attachment. I need something light ( having back problems), therefore considering getting rid of my old heavy vacuum and probably replacing it with a Jashen V12 (I’m going cross eyed from researching so many cordless vacuums).
    Thanks so much for going into such detail in your work and helping so many people.
    Susan 😉

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