Brigii H5 High Speed Handheld Vacuum Review

Brigii H5 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Review

In my previous reviews, I’ve featured two Brigii products, the Y120, and the M2 mini cordless vacuums.

Their latest product has been upsized to a standard handheld vacuum with a larger dustbin, more power, and better ergonomics.

We’ll have a close look at the Brigii H5 High-Speed handheld vacuum. I’ve spent the past few days testing this product in aspects like cleaning performance, filtration, usability, and much more.

An Excellent Budget Cordless Mini Handheld Option
  • Ergonomics - 93%
  • Cleaning - 99.95%
  • Quality - 93%
  • Design - 93%
  • Value - 95%


Unlike the older Brigii variants with a tubular design, this product feels like a handheld. The looping handle products feel better during use without compromising ergonomics. The larger frame enabled them to put in a larger battery, motor, and dustbin, thus improving range and performance. The Y120 and M2 dustbins are filled with only 25 grams of debris, but the H5 doesn’t have this issue.


  • Lightweight design (only 700 grams or 1.54 lbs)
  • Decent airflow, especially in the low power setting
  • The tool caddy has slots for all its attachments
  • Above-average run time of a little over 30 minutes (31:23)
  • Excellent at picking up surface debris on hard floors and carpets


  • Heavy leaks during the fog test
  • Non-detachable battery
  • No motorized attachment for cleaning upholstery efficiently
  • Long recharge time (over 5 hrs)
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Introduction to the Brigii H5 High-Speed Handheld Vacuum

Brigii has expanded its product line, and the H5 is its latest product – an upsized version of the previous mini handheld options.

Unlike the older variants that look like handheld vacuums disguised as water bottles, the H5 is a true handheld vacuum.

The upsized frame has multiple benefits for consumers. First is the increased power from the larger motor, which then improves suction and airflow over the mini vacuum options.

However, the most significant benefit is the increased capacity.

Whereas a Brigii mini handheld dustbin is full of 25 grams of debris, it barely fills up the H5.

Brigii H5 dustbin filled with debris

Other upgrades include the bigger motor. Brigii says the H5 has up to 19 KPa (or 19000 Pascals).

I used a water lift gauge, and the H5 didn’t quite register 19000, but just a little over 15000 before the clogged error fired.

Brigii H5 cordless handheld water lift direct

Unfortunately, this test isn’t very accurate. It triggers the clogging error that shuts off the vacuum motor.

The Y-gauge (with the water lift gauge) is a better tool to check suction because it removes any outside variable from the equation.

Brigii H5 Y-gauge test

This tool is a standard in the central vacuum industry for checking suction. If there are blockages, the Y-gauge will show a lower than usual reading to alert consumers.

So it’s an ideal tool for measuring suction in other vacuums like handhelds.

I measured the sealed and unsealed suction, and here are the results.

  • Sealed: 8″ of water lift
  • Unsealed: 43″ of water lift

These figures are close to the Dyson V7, Omni-Glide, and Micro 1.5KG, which is impressive because the H5 is considered a “budget” handheld option.

Dustbin Design

Brigii H5 dustbin

The larger frame enabled designers to utilize a larger dustbin with more than a three-fold increase in capacity.

In older Brigii mini vacuums, the capacity was only a measly 0.1 liters, whereas the H5 more than triples it at 0.320 liters.

The twist-to-open design makes it easy to detach from the frame.

Brigii H5 twist to open mechanism of the dustbin

Inside, a mesh filter protects large dust particles from sticking to the HEPA filter.

Brigii H5 outer mesh filter

Even with the mesh filter, fine dirt particles will seep through the holes in the HEPA filter.

Check the photo below.

Brigii H5 dirty HEPA filter

You could see traces of coffee grounds around the folds. Tiny dust particles will also penetrate the mesh filter, so clean this component diligently to maintain performance.

Fortunately, the cleaning process is easy – tap on an old piece of paper to dislodge accumulation.

Brigii H5 cleaning the HEPA filter

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a sealed system and leaked badly during the fog test.

Brigii H5 handheld vacuum fog test

I don’t recommend this for heavy-duty cleaning involving a lot of dust particles because of this issue.

Allergy sufferers might want to consider something with a sealed system.

LED Digital Display

Brigii H5 digital display

Unlike the older Brigii variants with no visual percentage indicator of the battery status, the H5 incorporates an LED digital display.

Its black background and white text provide clear legibility so that consumers can see the battery percentage regardless of the lighting conditions.

Tools out of the Box

The Brigii H5 cordless handheld comes with three tools for above-floor cleaning, a tool caddy for storing these tools, and a C-type USB charger.

Brigii H5 tools out of the box

  1. Brigii H5 handheld unit
  2. Combination tool
  3. Upholstery tool (w/ adjustable combs)
  4. Full-sized crevice tool
  5. Tool caddy (for storing the attachments)
  6. Type-C USB charger

The upholstery tool has these adjustable combs for agitating the surface but lacks a motorized brush.

Brigii H5 adjustable combs

It doesn’t have a traditional plug-in charger but a C-type variety, so it’s pretty standard. You can use any C-type charger to recharge it or plug it onto your computer’s USB port.

Brigii H5 charger

How much power does the Brigii H5 have?

Earlier in this review, I shared the suction results using the water lift and Y-gauge.

We’ll look at the airflow results in this section, which is a better metric to gauge performance.

I used an anemometer to check the airflow directly from the vacuum motor since it is a handheld and doesn’t have any tube.

Here are the results.

  • Low: 26.93 CFM
  • Turbo: 32.96 CFM

I did similar tests to other cordless stick vacuums like the Dyson V7 Motorhead, V8 Absolute, and LG CordZero, and the Brigii H5 wasn’t far off, at least in the low settings.

  • Brigii H5: 29.93 CFM
  • Dyson V7 MotorHead: 31 CFM
  • Dyson V8 Absolute: 33.36 CFM
  • LG CordZero: 31.37 CFM

It wasn’t far off from these more expensive and powerful stick vacuums, which is impressive considering the price difference.

Cleaning Performance

Next, we’ll examine how well the Brigii H5 picked up surface debris from hard floors and carpets. I tried it on quaker oats, coffee grounds, quinoa, and pet litter.

Here are the results.

  • Quaker oats: 100%
  • Coffee grounds: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 100%

It got a perfect score on all the tests, which is a testament to its improved airflow.

Regardless of the attachment, it picked up surface debris well.

Carpet results

I used the same experiments on mid-pile carpet to check if the H5 can clean dry spills on this surface, and the results were equally as impressive.

  • Quaker oats: 99.6%
  • Coffee grounds: 100%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 100%

Other than quaker oats, it got a perfect score. These tests reveal that the H5 can clean various debris types regardless of surface.

I also tested the upholstery tool with combs on a big chunk of coffee grounds scattered on this chair.

Brigii H5 coffee scattered on chair

It took more passes than a handheld with a motorized brush, but the results were equally impressive!

Brigii H5 cleaning coffee on chair after photo

One weakness of the upholstery tool is large quantities of hair.

It’s not a suction issue because it has enough for this task, but the lack of a motorized brush.

Brigii H5 hair clogged on upholstery tool

Also, the opening of the upholstery attachment isn’t big enough to fit in this much hair.

But please note it was decent with normal quantities of hair with no issues cleaning it.

Brigii H5 hair inside dustbin

One thing to note about cleaning hair is that it will stick on the metal exterior filter (check photo), meaning you’ll need to remove it with your fingers (just a heads up).

How noisy is the Brigii H5 cordless handheld vacuum?

One negative with the increased airflow and suction is the higher noise levels.

I used a sound meter to check the H5’s noise levels – it was loud, exceeding 80 decibels on both settings.

  • Low: 80.3 dB
  • Turbo: 82.9 dB


Brigii H5 ergonomics

The H5’s looping handle eases the burden on your wrist and arms during use. And despite the increase in size, it’s still lightweight, weighing a little over a pound.

It’s lighter than most full-sized handhelds with a larger motor, which helps immensely in this aspect.

Also, the locking mechanism on the tools prevents them from dislodging during use.

How long will the Brigii H5 cordless handheld run?

Brigii claims a 30-minute and 13-minute run time on the low and turbo settings. So I tested it, and it exceeded the claim only at the low setting (31:23 minutes), but it only lasted a little over 11-minutes in the Turbo setting, which isn’t bad for a budget handheld option.

Product Specifications

ModelBrigii H5
Battery2500 mAh
Charging time5+ hrs.
Battery life31:23 mins.
Weight1 lbs. 10.4 ounces
Overall length12.99"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeHEPA filter
Dust capacity0.320 li
AirflowUp to 32.96 CFM
Warranty1 yr.
PriceCheck Price

Where can I buy the Brigii H5 cordless handheld vacuum?

The Brigii H5 is available in online stores like Amazon. Check the link below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you purchase from the link above, but at no extra cost, so it’s a win-win for us!

Is the Brigii H5 cordless handheld worth it?

The Brigii H5 is a huge step up over the older Y120 and M1 models, but is it worth the higher price tag?

Based on tests, the H5 is worth considering if you know its limitations. Yes, it excels at vacuuming surface debris, but the filtration issues and the lack of a motorized tool may be a deciding factor for some.

Nonetheless, it’s a good budget cordless handheld, with limitations with its features, but don’t expect too much from it because of the low price.

5 Reasons to Purchase the Brigii H5 cordless handheld

  1. Cheap price: The Brigii H5 is one of the least expensive cordless handheld options
  2. Decent airflow: Its airflow isn’t far off from other more expensive cordless stick vacuums
  3. Excellent surface debris pick-up: The higher airflow helps it pick up debris more efficiently than the older Brigii mini handhelds
  4. Tool caddy: Misplacing tools won’t be an issue because there’s a slot for each one
  5. Pretty good run time: It ran a little over 31 minutes during the test, which is above average for a cordless handheld in this price range

The Verdict: Good Budget Option But with Limitations

Overall, I’d recommend the Brigii H5 if you don’t mind the unsealed filtration system and the lack of a motorized tool.

I’ll do an excellent job cleaning dust and debris around your home.

The lightweight design is ideal for quick cleaning tasks, and with the C-type USB charger, you can recharge it using your phone charger or plug it into the laptop.

However, don’t expect nor use it for heavy-duty cleaning because of the filtration issues.

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