Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect

Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect

After completing the Dyson V12 and V15 comparison, I’ll continue my series on comparing their stick vacuums – this time, the Micro and V12 Detect.

The Micro 1.5KG is Dyson’s lightest and most ergonomic option, weighing around three pounds, hence the 1.5KG designation.

In comparison, the V12 Detect is a smaller version of the V15 Detect, with a push-button switch, giving it better usability, especially in its handheld configuration.

So which option is better? I’ve tested both models extensively and will share the results in this article, so scroll down and enjoy.

An Overview of the Dyson Micro 1.5KG and V12 Detect

Dyson Micro 1.5KG

Airflow: 32.41 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.18 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 99.7% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 75% 📝 Run time: up to 27 mins. 📝 Recharge: 3.5 hrs. 📝 Battery: 2500 mAh Li-ion 📝 Weight: 3.3 lbs. 📝 Noise: 78.5 dB

Dyson V12 Detect

Airflow: 58.74 CFM 📝 Dust bin size: 0.35 liters 📝 Sand on hard floor: 99.9% 📝 Deep Cleaning: 94.1% 📝 Run time: up to 63 mins. 📝 Recharge: 3-4 hrs. 📝 Battery: 2500 mAh Li-ion 📝 Weight: 5.2 lbs 📝 Noise: 80.7 dB



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Introduction to the Dyson Micro 1.5KG and V15 Detect

Dyson has been busy with product releases, and they’ve been zagging with their lineups recently, as seen with these two models.

Initially, before testing the Dyson V12 Detect, I thought it was (only) a variation of the V15 with a push-button switch; that’s not the case.

The V12 Detect is a new platform using the same design principles but with a smaller form factor. Thus, the lighter frame provides a better ergonomic feel to consumers.

As I’ve said in the Dyson V12 and V15 comparison, the V12 Detect is a middle-ground option between the Micro and V15, with better ergonomics than the V15 minus the cleaning limitations of the Micro 1.5KG.

Lightest Dyson Stick Vacuum Option: Dyson Micro 1.5KG

Dyson Micro 1.5KG soft roller with body


  • It weighs a little over three pounds, hence the 1.5KG designation
  • Lightest and most maneuverable Dyson option
  • Best handheld option of all Dyson stick vacuum models
  • Excellent at cleaning tight spaces
  • Premium debris pick-up on hard floors
  • Much cheaper than a full-sized Dyson stick vacuum


  • Non-detachable battery (you’ll need to remove bolts before detaching it)
  • Decent carpet pick-up, but not recommended because it doesn’t have a standard brush roll
  • Tiny dustbin (0.18-liters)
  • Short run time (around 27 mins)

The Micro 1.5KG is Dyson’s ultimate zag in their product line.

Before it was released, I thought every iteration would have a larger motor, more suction, and the whole nine yards (so to speak), but I was wrong.

Dyson unveiled this product for consumers looking for a lightweight stick vacuum capable of cleaning hard floors inside tiny homes.

The (extremely) compact frame and push-button switch, plus the narrow slim roller attachment, make it ideal for vacuuming tight spots.

It doesn’t have the 360-degree-directional steering of the Omni-Glide, but it’s close.

Dyson Micro soft roller close up

The slim nozzle enables it to fit under tight areas under railings and between narrow gaps better than any full-sized stick vacuum.

However, there’s a consequence to this downsized product – an extremely small dustbin with only a 0.17-liter capacity, smaller than the V12!

It will not hold a lot of dirt, but for tiny homes where it was built to clean, there should be no issues.

Dyson Micro dustbin open

The Micro retains the same trombone-style lever as its larger siblings, so emptying it will be similar.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with many tools. The variant I have only comes with a handful – a combination brush and crevice tool and the mini-turbo brush, that’s it.

Another downside was the small battery that only ran up to 27 minutes during the run time experiments.

Also, this battery isn’t detachable, so consumers need to remove several screws to remove the battery.

The Dyson Micro 1.5KG is an excellent alternative for a lightweight vacuum cleaning tiny homes with only hard floors. It’s built for this purpose and excels at it.

Better Performance, Runs Longer, But Costlier: Dyson V12 Detect

Dyson V12 Detect full body


  • Much better carpet cleaning performance, especially on embedded dirt
  • Larger dustbin capacity than the Micro 1.5KG (0.35 vs. 0.17 liters)
  • It retains the same usability as the V15 but with a lighter frame
  • Lots of tools out of the box
  • The Push-button switch makes it more bearable to use for long stretches
  • Laser slim roller will highlight dust better than any LED-equipped stick vacuum
  • Select variants come with two batteries AND two chargers


  • Still an expensive option
  • Heavier than the Micro 1.5KG
  • Noisy in the max setting

The Dyson V12 remedies the issues plaguing Dyson’s full-sized options (V10, V11, Outsize, and V15).

It’s more than a pound lighter than the V15 Detect, with a slimmer frame and battery, alleviating the heaviness, so it’s easier to use in its handheld configuration.

Dyson V12 vs. V15 Detect dustbin alignment

The size variance is apparent in the photo above, with the V15 having a lengthier dustbin than the V12’s shorter frame.

One compromise is the smaller dustbin – the V12’s capacity shrunk more than 50% to 0.35-liters (versus the V15’s 0.77 liters).

Unlike the Micro, that’s purpose-built for hard floors; the V12 can also clean carpets because it has a standard brush roll.

Dyson V12 floor nozzles

Unfortunately, it uses an old-style standard brush like the Dyson V8 Absolute, so it has limitations on cleaning carpets.

It doesn’t have adjustable gates and will snowplow large debris piles.

Fortunately, it also has a slim roller attachment (with the green laser), which shouldn’t be a concern.

This variant functions as a full-sized cordless stick vacuum but with a lighter frame/

It’s got a bevy of tools like the V15 Detect, helping it efficiently clean areas of your home.

However, the V12 has a different connecting port (it’s smaller), so consumers cannot use the V15, V10, Outsize, or V11 tools with the V12.

It doesn’t have the range or deep cleaning chops of the V15 Detect, but it’s lighter and offers better ergonomics. Plus, it’s cheaper.

In short, the positives will outweigh the negatives

Similarities between the Dyson Micro 1.5KG and V12 Detect Slim

These models may not look alike, but they have some similarities.

1. Dustbin alignment and design

Dyson V12 dustbin open

The Micro 1.5KG and V12 Detect use the same horizontally aligned dustbin Dyson has since the V10 was unveiled.

Both have the trombone-style lever consumers push to empty debris, so their functionality is similar.

Dyson Micro dustbin open

One variance is the size with the V12 Detect (nearly) doubling the capacity (0.35 vs. 0.18 liters).

Unfortunately, due to the design, this is the only way to reduce weight, and there’s no way around it.

2. Push-Button Switch

Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect push button switch


The next similarity is the push-button switch, so there’s no need to squeeze a trigger.

Dyson implemented this feature first in the Omni-Glide, then the Micro 1.5KG.

The V12 is the latest with this feature, and it’s refreshing that some manufacturers listen to consumers.

3. Sealed System

Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect sealed system

Both models have a sealed system – a staple in Dyson’s latest cordless stick vacuums.

I tested the Micro and V12 Detect using a fog machine, and neither leaked, a good sign since it means these dustbins have a sealed system keeping allergens from leaking through the exhaust.

4. Versatility

Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect stick vacuum mode

These vacuums have the versatility of a stick and handheld vacuum. It’s been Dyson’s ethos since they started manufacturing cordless vacuums.

Both models have interchangeable tools, and the Micro’s lighter frame gives it an advantage in usability.

Dyson Micro in handheld mode

However, the V12 Detect comes with more tools out of the box.

5. Slim Roller

Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect soft roller

Lastly is the use of the slim roller attachment. These models utilize this tool, and I like it over the standard-sized version found in the Dyson V8 and V10, which is chunkier.

The slimmer frame enables it to fit under low clearance areas like rails and tight quarters.

It’s where the Micro’s slim roller tool shines with its narrow design.

Dyson Micro soft roller close up

Differences between the Dyson Micro 1.5KG and V12 Detect

Next, we’ll look at the variances between these stick vacuums, starting with their size.

1. Weight and Size

Dyson Micro weight

The Micro 1.5KG is Dyson’s lightest option weighing a little over 3 pounds (3 lbs and 4.6 ounces, to be exact), while the V12 Detect weighs more than a pound more at 4 lbs and 9.6 ounces.

One pound may not sound like a lot, but it’s a massive variance for these cordless stick vacuums.

2. Battery Capacity and Design

Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect battery comparison

Most of Dyson’s new variants, including the V12 Detect, have detachable batteries, making it easier to extend the range by purchasing an extra.

Unfortunately, the Micro 1.5KG, it’s not, so you’ll need to unfasten several bolts to remove it.

Dyson Micro 1.5KG battery close up

In comparison, the V12 utilizes a similar design as the V15 with a quick-release lever (red), making it easy to detach. And the variant I bought has two of these (plus two chargers!).

Dyson V12 two batteries and chargers

Another variance is the run time, where the V12 has a more extended range, maxing at 63 minutes versus the Micro’s 27 minutes.

3. Tools

The Dyson V12 comes with more tools out of the box – around 11, along with the two chargers.

Dyson V12 tools

While the Dyson Micro 1.5KG only comes with 3.

Dyson Micro tools out of the box

4. Mini turbo brush

Dyson Micro vs. V12 Detect mini turbo brush

Another difference is the mini-turbo brush design. The Micro uses a traditional design with a standard brush, while the V12 has the torque screw tool with the tapered brush that’s excellent at picking up long hair.

The latter is excellent at cleaning large quantities of long hair strands.

Dyson V12 hair screw tool before

Even with this much hair, nothing was wrapped on the brush.

Dyson V12 no hair on hair screw tool

Ergonomic Comparison

While these options are Dyson’s lightweight alternatives, the Micro 1.5KG offers better ergonomics because of its more compact and lighter frame.

Dyson Micro 1.5KG ergonomics

You’ll notice the Micro has a sleek frame, sleeker than any V-Series option, including the V12 Detect.

It weighs (a little over) 3 pounds with the nozzle and extension tube, which is crazy light!

The V12 Detect is over a pound heavier at 4 pounds and 9.6 ounces, with a larger dustbin, motor, and battery.

Dyson V12 Ergonomics in stick mode

With its sleeker top, the Micro feels feather-light, while the V12 feels a bit heavier but not as heavy as the full-sized V15.

Interface comparison

In this category, the V12 Detect offers more with its interactive LCD screen, showing data like run time status, debris picked up, and more.

Dyson V12 Piezo sensor

It’s a similar screen as the V15 Detect, but with an elongated red button instead of a silver one.

Unfortunately, the Dyson Micro doesn’t have any LCD or LED screen, only a solid piece of filter behind the motor.

Dyson Micro interface

Run Time Comparison

One plus for the V12’s larger battery is its lengthier run time.

Dyson Micro42:00 mins27:31 mins6:25 mins
Dyson Micro27 mins8:58 mins

Please note that the V12’s run time above is with the standard brush roll. Range with the slim roller is longer at up to 63 minutes at the lowest setting and 37 minutes in the middle setting.

So the V12 is (obviously) the winner, more than doubling the Micro’s range and better suited inside larger homes.

The Micro’s run time is short, but it’s more than enough for tiny homes.

Airflow Comparison

I used an anemometer to check air turbulence at the wand and nozzle for airflow. 

It’s a good metric to check a vacuum cleaner’s potential performance since high airflow options tend to pick up better on carpets, which was the case with these models.

Dyson Micro 1.5KG
Wand24.53 CFMN/A32.41 CFM
Cleaning Head19.33 CFMN/A26.64 CFM
Dyson V12 Detect
Wand27.43 CFM32.23 CFM58.74 CFM
Cleaning Head24 CFM28.52 CFM48.38 CFM

The Dyson V12 Detect has 57% more airflow at the nozzle in the max setting, which helps it deep clean carpet better than the Micro.

It (actually) has more airflow, thanks to its larger motor, and is better suited for cleaning carpets.

Cleaning Comparison

ModelDyson Micro 1.5KGDyson V12 Detect
Hard Floors (Surface Test)99.45%99.8%
Sand on Hard Floor99.7%99.9%
Carpet (Surface Test)98.17%99.45%
Deep Cleaning75%94.1%

Now to the meat of this comparison, the cleaning performance results reveal that the V12 Detect is the better option on both surfaces.

One reason is the superior airflow and the standard brush roll absent with the Micro.

Nonetheless, the Micro 1.5KG is above-average on hard floors, so the variance against the V12 isn’t much.

Another factor to consider is the laser slim roller, with the green laser helping the V12 accentuate almost invisible dust particles better than any other cordless stick vacuum I’ve reviewed.

Which option is better on hard floors?

One aspect I use to determine hard floor performance is how cordless vacuums clean sand.

Here’s a before and after for the Dyson Micro 1.5KG.

Dyson Micro sand on hard floor results

And the Dyson V12 Detect.

Dyson V12 sand on hard floor

There isn’t much variance between the Micro 1.5KG and V12 Detect (99.7% vs. 99.7%), so it’s only a 0.2% difference.

Edge Cleaning

The results for these tests are nearly identical, with both picking up efficiently, only needing a few passes to pick up everything.

Here are the photos for the Dyson Micro.

Dyson Micro edge cleaning

And the V12 Detect.

Dyson V12 edge cleaning

You can see in both photos that the Micro and V12 Detect have identical edge cleaning results, picking up everything after several passes.

These cordless stick vacuums efficiently pick debris at the edges, with the soft roller attachment having enough agitation for the task.

Hair Wrap Comparison (on Hard Floors)

One plus having a higher airflow is better hair pick up, regardless of surface.

The V12 was better overall versus the Micro at cleaning hair with fewer hair tangles.

Dyson V12 hair wrap soft roller

  • 5-inch strands: 96%
  • 7-inch strands: 100%
  • 9-inch strands: 92.5%
  • 11-inch strands: 98%
  • 13-inch strands: 100%

It picked up between 92 and 100 percent with various hair strand lengths (between 5 and 11 inches), so these results are excellent.

One drawback for the V12 is the gap on the axle where hair will wrap around, which can be tedious to clean.

Dyson V12 hair on axle

Please note that it doesn’t have an anti-tangle system, so consumers must use the boost (or max) setting in short bursts to pick up longer strands.

The Dyson Micro was decent, much better than the Omni-Glide, but a notch below the V12 Detect.

Here’s an after-shot with the five-inch test.

Dyson Micro 5-inch hair wrap results

And the seven-inch experiment.

Nothing wrapped on the roller after the seven-inch experiment.

  • 5-inch strands: 96%
  • 7-inch strands: 88%

These figures are decent but not as good as the V12’s 90s-ish pick-up.

One issue with the Micro and V12 Detect is that hair will stick on the inner walls, so you’ll need to use your fingers or remove the outer frame to dislodge hair.

Dyson Micro hair on middle filter piece

Which is better on carpet?

Despite the close surface debris pick-up scores (99.45% vs. 98.17%), the Dyson V12 is the better option because it comes with a standard brush roll.

Dyson V12 floor nozzles

However, it’s not the same high-torque tool found in the V15 with the adjustable gates but it still offers above-average agitation with the stiff bristles.

The Dyson Micro doesn’t have this tool, but the soft roller is decent with surface debris, but don’t expect it to pick up embedded debris well.

Hair Wrap Comparison (on Carpets)

This category is a no contest because the Micro lacks a standard brush attachment. I didn’t bother testing it on this surface since it will struggle.

The V12 Detect was excellent, but the cut-off is eleven-inch hair strands, where it only got 30%.

Dyson V12 hair wrap on carpet

It’s better than the Dyson V8 Absolute since it’s slightly higher airflow, but the lack of a comb hampers its anti-hair tangling properties.

If you need something for cleaning long hair strands on carpets, consider the V15 Detect, as it’s one of the best in this category.

Deep Cleaning Comparison

Again, another landslide win for the Dyson V12 because it has a purpose-built tool for cleaning embedded debris.

It picked up an average of 94.1%, much higher than the Micro’s average of 75% using the slim roller tool.

The V12’s result isn’t as good as the V15 or V11 Torque Drive since it uses the older style brush roll with a thinner brush, but it’s still an above-average score.

Noise Comparison

Regardless of variant, most Dyson models I’ve tested will be noisy, and the Micro and V12 aren’t exceptions.

ModelDyson V15Dyson V12
Low70.3 dB70.1 dB
Auto/Mid72.3 dB72.5 dB
Max80.8 dB80.7 dB

The Micro is noisier at the lower setting at 74 decibels, four higher than the V12’s 70, but the V12 is louder at the max setting, breaching 80 decibels, which isn’t surprising because of its higher airflow.

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Maintenance Comparison

Like all stick vacuums, the Dyson Micro and V12 Detect need some TLC to function efficiently for years. 

You’ll be spending over $400 for these products, so ensuring that these will run as long as possible makes sense.

Here are the components you’ll need to clean regularly.

  1. Primary brush roll: This is easily the most abused component since its responsible for picking up debris. Dust and hair will accumulate on the brush and axles, so cleaning it will ensure long service life.
  2. Dustbin: Empty the contents after every cleaning chore to prevent dust mites from breeding.
  3. Filter: Dyson states that its products use a “lifetime” filter, but there’s a paper element at the end, so this part will not last the life of the vacuum. Avoid washing this part, only the blue button portion.
  4. Battery: Avoid using the max setting exclusively or for extended periods. Doing this will overheat the battery and shorten its lifespan.

Product Specifications

Dyson Micro 1.5KG
Dyson V12 Detect
Cordless Stick
Cordless Stick
Run time
up to 27 mins.
up to 63 mins.
4.5 hours
2-3 hours
Dirt capacity
0.18 liters
0.35 liters
3 pounds 4.6 ounces
4 pounds 9.6 ounces
Cleaning Path
58.74 CFM
2 yrs
2 yrs

Where can I purchase the Dyson Micro 1.5KG and V12 Detect?

The Dyson V12 Detect is available in online stores like Amazon, while the Micro is primarily available on Dyson’s website. Check the links below for the latest pricing information.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you purchase through any of the links above. But at no additional cost to you, it’s a win-win for us!

Which Model Offers Better Value?

Despite the feature disparity, there’s around a $100 variance between the Dyson Micro 1.5KG and V12 Detect, which means the latter offers better value.

It will clean surface debris better and pick up embedded dirt at a higher rate than the Micro 1.5KG.

The laser slim roller adds another layer of functionality as almost invisible dust pops with the green light illuminating – another Dyson innovation making consumers’ lives easier.

Consumers looking for a hard floor stick vacuum should consider the Dyson Micro because of its lightweight frame and narrow slim roller attachment – both excellent for cleaning small spaces.

4 Reasons to consider the Dyson Micro 1.5KG

  1. Lightest Dyson option: Even with the slim roller nozzle and extension tube, the Micro only weighs (a little) over 3 pounds.
  2. Above average on hard floors: Despite the low airflow, the Micro’s slim roller attachment has enough agitation to pick up even though-to-clean debris like sand.
  3. Dyson’s best handheld option: The Micro’s two-pound handheld weight is extremely lightweight, making it Dyson’s best handheld option. Now, if only Dyson could make a torque screw. tool for this model, it’ll be a no-brainer alternative.
  4. Excellent inside small homes: If you don’t mind the high cost, this model is an excellent alternative inside small homes because of its lightweight and compact frame.

5 Reasons to consider the Dyson V12 Detect

  1. Better on carpet: The Dyson V12 Detect comes with a standard brush roll nozzle making it the better option for cleaning carpets.
  2. Larger dustbin: Its 0.35-liter capacity nearly doubles the Micro (only 0.18-liters).
  3. More features: Consumers will get more for their hard-earned dollars like the interactive LCD screen, laser slim roller, and torque screw tool.
  4. Excellent at cleaning hair: This model is better at resisting tangles on hard floors and carpets thanks to the higher airflow and standard brush roll.
  5. Longer run time: Based on tests, the V12 will run for up to 63-minute with the slim roller attachment or more than 120-minutes for variants with two batteries.

The Verdict: The V12 Detect Offers Better Value, But the Micro is Intriguing Inside Small Homes

Surprisingly, even with all the feature advantages, there isn’t much of a gap between the V12 and Micro 1.5KG with pricing (more or less $100).

If that’s the case, the V12 Detect is a no-brainer option between these cordless stick vacuums because it offers better cleaning performance, a longer range, more features, and better overall value.

One advantage the Micro 1.5KG has is its lighter frame (a little over 3-pounds), making it handy inside small homes.

But other than the ergonomic advantage, the V12 Detect is better.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.