How to Replace Roomba 980 Battery

How to replace Roomba 980 battery

Changing the battery in the Roomba 980 is simple, and I’ll share with you the step by step process in this article.

The steps here will be similar to the 960, as both models have the same bolt pattern.

Fortunately, it’s simpler to replace the battery in the 980 than it is with the 690. You don’t need to remove the whole base plate to have access to it. Kudos to iRobot for making it more straightforward for end-users.

Tools you’ll need:

  • Philips screwdriver: A standard sized Philips head will do.
  • Replacement battery: There are two types of batteries for the 900-series robots (more on that below).

Steps to replace the Roomba 980 (or 960) battery

1. Unfasten two screws

Replace Roomba 980 Step 1

Flip the robot over and unfasten two screws. You could place a towel underneath the robot if you’re concern about scuffing.

2. Remove the cover

Replace Roomba 980 step 2

After you loosen the screws enough, remove the cover.

I like how iRobot made it possible to remove the cover without taking out the screws.

3. Take out the battery

Remove Roomba 980 battery

Remove the battery by pulling the two black tabs on each side. Another plus point to iRobot for making battery removal straightforward with these two strips.

4. Attach the new battery

Grab the new battery and place it on the battery holder with the iRobot logo facing upward.

You’ll have two battery options for the 900-series. First is the 3,300 mAh Li-ion, which is the battery for the Roomba 980. Second is the smaller 1,800 mAh version for the 960.

If an original iRobot battery isn’t available, you can opt for a replacement battery from any third-party vendor.

5. Reattach the cover and tighten the screws

The last step is to reattach the battery cover, then tighten the screws. Make sure not to overtighten, or you’ll strip the bolts.

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