Moosoo K17 Review

Moosoo K17 Review

One of the more popular budget cordless stick vacuum options in Amazon is the Moosoo K17. I’ve put this vacuum through a series of tests the past few days to see how well in performs, and it was surprisingly good.

This review will be a result of those tests, and find out both the good and bad.

Excellent Budget Cordless Vacuum Option for Cleaning Floors

Moosoo K17

Moosoo K17 Review

There’s a good reason why the Moosoo K17 is popular. It picks up debris quite well – one of the best I’ve tested at this price level, both surface and embedded dirt. But it’s not a perfect stick vacuum, as you’ll find out as we go along this article. Filtration is a big issue as it didn’t have a good seal, so it leaked badly in the fog test. Nonetheless, it’s hard to expect much more from a budget stick vacuum at this low price.

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  • A cheap cordless option that cleans well
  • Excellent at picking up debris, both surface and embedded.
  • Decent airflow for a budget stick vacuum
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Above-average at resisting hair tangles
  • It runs for up to 17 minutes in the max setting


  • Quite noisy – ranging between 69 and 72 decibels
  • Small dirt capacity (only 0.5 liters)
  • The filter gets dirty quick
  • It doesn’t have a sealed filtration

Introduction to the Moosoo K17

One of the more popular options in Amazon is the Moosoo K17 cordless stick vacuum. With several thousand reviews (and counting), I was intrigued and bought one to test.

I wasn’t expecting much before this review, to be honest, but after a few days of testing, I’m pretty impressed.

The K17 is one of several entry-level Moosoo variants priced below $200 – its main selling point.

There are three alternatives, all with varying attachments but with the same motor, battery, and power.

Price obviously will vary. The latest is the option with the telescopic wand, mini-turbo brush, flexible hose, and soft dusting brush – also one of the more expensive options.

Usability and Interface

Moosoo K17 trigger

Don’t expect too much in this area, as the Moosoo K17 is as basic as they come. It adapts the same design principle as older Dyson cordless vacuums like the V6, but Moosoo’s version automatically locks the trigger at the on position when you squeeze it. Pull it a second time, and it goes into max mode.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a slide switch like the V7 or V8, but it’s hard to expect much more given the low cost.

Dustbin design and capacity

Moosoo K17 dust bin

The K17’s compact size hampers its dirt capacity at 0.5 liters. So expect to empty it often if you’ll use it on carpet.

Also, it doesn’t have a release lever for opening the bin. You’ll have to push down a lever to open the trap door underneath. Archaic, yes, but it’s hard to expect more from a budget product.

Please note that you can take apart the whole filter assembly, a must-have feature, since it soils up pretty quickly.


Moosoo says the K17 has a 4-stage sealed system that filters 99.9% of microscopic dust and bacteria. One way to test this claim is using a fog machine for a visual check. If you’ve seen the video above, it didn’t pass this test as it leaked severely everywhere.

This reveals the seals around the dustbin aren’t tight hence the leaks.

If you look closely at the HEPA filter, Moosoo fitted a thin outer layer, but it isn’t enough to keep finer dust at bay. Expect to wash these components often.

The good news is the filter assembly can be taken apart, which for this vacuum is a must since dirt will accumulate at a high rate.

For those considering getting this vacuum, I’d suggest buying extra sets of filters to minimize downtime.

Cleaning nozzle

Moosoo K17 nozzle

All K17 options have one cleaning nozzle. Looking closely, it’s a similar design to the Dyson V7 MotorHead with the brushes spiraling around the roller, combining soft and stiff bristles.

I like this design as it provides better all-around performance, picking up well on both hard floors and carpets.

It’s easily the best of all budget stick vacuums I tested in terms of debris pick up.

Most other brands use (like the ILIFE H55) use really soft bristles that hinder its performance on carpet.

Behind the brush is a seal that ensures dirt goes into the suction chamber to improve efficiency.

Moosoo K17 nozzle

The Dyson V11 Torque Drive and Outsize nozzles don’t have this seal, and this happened when I tried to clean sand on hard floor.

Note that these vacuums still picked up sand in the backward pass, but I’d like to stress the seal’s importance in this demo.


Another strength of the K17 is its lightweight design. The body itself weighs 1,269 grams or 2.79 pounds – one of the lightest options out there.

Moosoo K17 weight

However, the handle position isn’t ideal for ergonomics since I could still feel the weight. Compared to the other options like the Dyson V10 or V11, this is lightweight.

The compact body makes this an ideal option for handheld use. But decide beforehand if you need tools like the mini-motorized brush or the flexible hose.

How much power does the Moosoo K17 have?

Moosoo says all K17 variants have up to 23 KPA (or 23,000 Pascals). Currently, I don’t have the tool yet to measure such, so I use an anemometer to measure airflow at the cleaning head and extension tube.

Here are the results at the wand

  • Default: 32.67 CFM
  • Max: 41.31 CFM

And cleaning head

  • Default: 28.52 CFM
  • Max: 36.32 CFM

Compared to other more expensive brands like Dyson, Tineco, and Jashen, it isn’t far off. It has more airflow at the default setting than the Dyson V7, Dyson V8, Tineco A10, Tineco A11, Jashen V16, and Lupe Pure. All of these vacuums I mentioned are costlier than the K17.

This high airflow enables the K17 to pick up debris at a high rate, making clean passes. This vacuum is one of the best I’ve tested, and despite not having a soft roller tool, it was much better than the Dyson V7 Motorhead.

Cleaning Performance

This above-average airflow bodes well for the K17 in cleaning tests, where it was consistent across most of the tests.

  • Overall: 96.21%
  • Hard floors: 99.58%
  • Sand on hard floor: 99.8%
  • Carpet (surface): 99.65%
  • Deep cleaning: 89.4%

I wasn’t expecting scores this high, to be honest, and the K17 was one of the best budget stick vacuums I’ve tested at cleaning both surface and embedded dirt.

Hard floor results

Moosoo K17 cleaning hard floors
  • Quaker oats: 99%
  • Coffee grounds: 99.8%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 99.6%

Despite not having a roller, the K17 did exceptionally well on hard surfaces, better than the Dyson V7 MotorHead.

The cleaning head was better at picking up a large pile of Quaker oats with hardly any snowplowing.

It wasn’t the case with the MotorHead as it plowed a huge chunk forward.

I’m not sure how Moosoo could pull it off, but it could be a combination of the higher airflow and these three small slots allowing a bigger pile to fit.

Passes were clean, and it didn’t leave a trail of dirt. For a cheap stick vacuum, the results were excellent.

Sand on hard floor result

Moosoo K17 sand on hard floors

One of the most challenging stuff to clean on hard floors is sand. Before the test, I had my doubts if this vacuum can pick up 50 grams worth.

Again, it exceeded expectations, picking up 99.8%. The eye test confirms this test with only a few bits of sand left behind.

Nonetheless, I wouldn’t recommend this fully on hard floors because there’s a high risk of the plastic wheels scratching the surface.

Hair wrap test on hard floors

Next, we’ll look at how well the Moosoo K17 resists hair tangles on hard floors. I used around one gram of five and seven-inch strands of human hair for the experiments.

Here are the results

  • 5-inch strands: 100% inside dustbin and 0% around the brush
  • 7-inch strands: 81% inside dustbin and 19% around the brush

It did excellent on hard floors with hardly any hair wrapping on the brush after the five-inch test.

Moosoo K17 brush roll after 5 inch test

How the brush looks after cleaning one-gram of five-inch human hair.

However, it wasn’t as good with longer seven-inch strands, but still very good picking up 80%.

Moosoo K17 brush after 7-nch test

More hair wrapped around the brush with seven-inch strands.

Edge cleaning

Moosoo K17 edge cleaning

Another strength of the K17 is cleaning debris from edges.

It picked up most of the coffee grounds I scattered on this area, with only a minimal amount left.

You’ll notice a crack on the upper right portion of the photo. It’s around a quarter-inch deep, and the vacuum picked up debris on this area.

So airflow is good enough, at least for crevices this deep.

Carpet cleaning

Next, we’ll look at how well the Moosoo K17 did at cleaning low and mid pile carpet. I used the same set of debris in this area.

Low pile results

Moosoo K17 low pile results
  • Quaker oats: 99.2%
  • Coffee grounds: 99.6%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 99.4%

The results mirror that on hard floors and show this vacuum’s consistency. There wasn’t any drop-off with debris pick up, even with fine coffee grounds.

Granted, I used the max setting for subsequent passes to pick up as much as it could.

Even in the max setting, this vacuum still lasted for 17 minutes, and airflow was consistent even with the red light flashing.

Mid pile results

Moosoo K17 mid pile results
  • Quaker oats: 99.8%
  • Coffee grounds: 99.4%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet litter: 99.8%

Surprisingly, the K17 did better on mid-pile carpet versus low pile. It’s one of the biggest surprises during the testing phase, even if the difference isn’t much.

It’s one of the best stick vacuums I’ve tested for this surface and easily the best budget cordless in this aspect.

However, passes weren’t as clean on this surface as on hard floors, but it picked up the trail in the subsequent passes.

Deep cleaning results

The biggest surprise for me would be how well this vacuum picked up embedded sand on mid-pile carpet.

It got an average of 89.4% – one of the best scores in the budget category under $200, better than the Jashen V16, Roidmi F8, and Dreame V10.

Combine that with the 17-minute run time in the max setting, and you have a viable tool for deep cleaning at least small rooms.

Hair wrap on carpet

Another experiment I did was how well it resists tangles on carpet. I’ve added this new test to help users see because cleaning hair on carpet presents a different challenge.

  • 5-inch strands: 99% inside dustbin and 1% around the brush
  • 7-inch strands: 71% inside dustbin and 29% around the brush

The K17 was slightly worse, especially with longer seven-inch strands, but still a good score.

Moosoo K17 hair wrap after 7-inch test

There’s more hair around the brush after the 7-inch test.

One takeaway from these tests is that don’t expect the K17 to be maintenance-free. You’ll need to check the brush roll for hair wrapping on it.

Fortunately, cleaning hair is easy – pulling out the strands will work in most cases.

If any hair wraps on the axles, there’s a release lever that pops out the brush easily.

How long will the Moosoo K17 run?

Moosoo claims that the K17 will run for as much as 30 minutes. So I tested it, and here are the results.

  • Low: 30 minutes
  • Max: 17:27 minutes

The seventeen-minute time on max is impressive and extends its range for cleaning high traffic areas, especially rugs or carpet.

It’s one of the best results in the max setting, better than the Tineco Pure One S12 and Dyson V11 Torque Drive.

How noisy is the Moosoo K17?

I used a sound meter to measure noise and here are the results.

  • Low: 69 dB
  • Max: 71.2 dB

Not docile, but it isn’t terribly loud in the max setting maxing out at under 72 decibels, so it’s still bearable.

Availability of parts

Users can purchase spare filters in bundles from third-party manufacturers due to Moosoo’s popularity on Amazon. However, parts like the battery are only available from Moosoo, so you’ll have to spend more, but that’s about it. I don’t see anyone selling brush rolls or accessories for the K17 yet.

Tools and attachments

The K17 I have is the most basic and comes with these tools.

  1. Moosoo K17 vacuum
  2. Crevice tool
  3. 2-in-1 brush attachment
  4. 2-in-1 brush and crevice tool
  5. Wall-mountable dock
  6. Extension wand
  7. Charger

Other more expensive variants are available for users who want more tools, which I’ll link to below.

Product Specifications

ModelMoosoo K17
Brush roll on/offNo
Battery2200 mAh Li-ion
Charging time4 hrs.
Battery lifeup to 30 mins
Weight2.79 lbs. (body)
Overall length46.5"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeWashable HEPA filter
Dust capacity0.5 li
AirflowUp to 41.31 CFM
Warranty1 yrs.
PriceCheck Price

Where can I buy the Moosoo K17?

You can buy this budget stick vacuum from Amazon. Check the links below for more details.

Disclaimer: I will earn a commission if you purchase through the link above, but at no extra cost to you, so it’s a win-win for us!

Does the Moosoo K17 offer good value?

Yes, the cleaning performance alone makes it worth the cost. It lacks sophistication and the bells-and-whistles, but for the money you’re spending, it can clean floors as well as other more expensive cordless stick vacuums.

However, don’t expect too much in other areas like filtration. The lack of a sealed system means allergens and fine dust may leak through the exhaust and seals around the base. Watch the review above to see what I mean.

5 Reasons to get the Moosoo K17

  1. Excellent for cleaning floors: One of the best budget vacuums at picking up debris on hard floors and carpet.
  2. Cheap option: Won’t burn a hole through your wallet.
  3. Deep cleans well: It picked up a decent 89.4% of embedded sand on mid pile carpet.
  4. Lightweight and compact: The compact and lightweight design make this a viable handheld option for those looking to use it as such.
  5. A wide array of tools: Depending on the variant you select, I like the variety of tool options for users.

The Verdict: Excellent Budget Cordless Vacuum If You Don’t Mind The Flaws

After testing the Moosoo K17 extensively, I can confidently recommend it to users looking for a budget option that does the job – on floors, upholstery, and everything in between.

Cleaning performance isn’t a question mark. Tests show how capable this vacuum cleaning dirt.

However, it’s the other aspects that bring pause. The biggest of which is the lack of filtration as it leaked badly in the fog test.

Features are a bit dated, and it lacks any modernity, as you’ll see in other brands.

It’s hard to expect much more from a cordless vacuum this cheap, so it’s up to you to decide whether the cons outweigh the strengths.

Excellent Budget Stick Vacuum Option But With Some Flaws
  • Ergonomics - 94%
  • Surface Cleaning - 99.61%
  • Deep Cleaning - 89.4%
  • Quality - 92%
  • Design - 93%
  • Value - 97%


There’s a lot to like about the Moosoo K17. It cleans very well for a budget stick vacuum and it’s quite versatile, especially if you choose the higher-end option with more tools. However, this product isn’t perfect. Filtration is its weakest link as it leaked badly during the fog test. Don’t expect much in terms of polish as this vacuum is as basic as they come. If you can overlook these limitations then the Moosoo K17 is an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking for a great deal as this product brings a lot to the table.

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