Roidmi X30 Review

Roidmi X30 Pro Review

In this review, We’ll look at Roidmi’s latest cordless stick vacuum – the X30. This model is their third release after the Roidmi F8 and the NEX X20.

It has some exciting new features, like the new status screen and the beefed-up battery that, according to Roidmi, extends the run time to 70 minutes. I’ll share them in this article.

In this review, we’ll find out if the claims are accurate and if this is a viable alternative to the Dreame V10, Tineco A11, and Dyson V8.

Better Quality Than The NEX X20
  • Ergonomics - 95%
  • Surface Cleaning - 99.54%
  • Deep Cleaning - 83.3%
  • Quality - 96%
  • Design - 94%
  • Value - 94%


The Roidmi X30 retains the same design as the X20. It has the same looping handle and dust cup placement with the mopping functionality, but the build quality is a notch higher. The new brush roll design works well at cleaning surface dirt while still being decent at dealing with embedded dirt on mid pile carpet. It won’t match the Dyson V10 or V11, but the new soft roller design is better than any I’ve tested at deep cleaning sand on carpets.


  • It has better usability than the Roidmi X20 and F8.
  • Runs for up to 110 minutes (based on tests).
  • The new roller brush has an anti-tangle system that resists tangles better than the X20, according to Roidmi.
  • It has a six-layer filtration with a built-in anti-bacterial filter near the exhaust.
  • The mopping pad adds another layer of functionality.
  • It takes less than 3 hours to recharge fully.


  • The top-heavy design can be tiring to carry when cleaning areas above floors.
  • Small dirt capacity.
  • Long strands of hair will wrap around the brush roll.
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Introduction to the Roidmi X30

The X30 is Roidmi’s newest stick vacuum and perhaps their best product to date with upgrades in several areas to improve usability.

There are two options available – the X30 Pro and the X30. Please note that these two models have the same motor, cleaning head, and battery.

The difference would be the color (X30 Pro comes in gray while the X30 is white), LED display (X30 Pro has the OLED screen while the X30 has the LED screen), and tools in the box.

I’ll go through these upgrades one by one in this section.

OLED Screen

Roidmi X30 Pro OLED screen

The X30 Pro has an OLED screen that displays real-time information such as power settings, battery status, calorie consumption, filter status, blockages, and error codes.

It has excellent contrast with the combo of the black background and bright-colored graphics, making it highly readable.

This feature is somewhat of a trend I see in new stick vacuums. The Roborock H6 has it, the Dyson V11 Torque Drive, and now the X30.

ZiWei Sterilization System

Roidmi X30 pre motor filter

This term refers to the Six-Level filtration + Double antimicrobial system Roidmi utilizes so dust and allergens stay inside the dust cup.

So it has six filters, one of which is a HEPA filter and another anti-bacterial post filter to help prevent pollutants from exiting through the exhaust.

Roidmi X30 Pro post motor filter

Here’s a close look at the post-motor filter.

Part of it is the Air-X 2.0 dust separation system with eight cyclones to ensure dust stays inside the container and does not clog the air duct and filters.

The whole filter assembly easily comes off, so all these parts are washable.

It is an improvement over the  Roidmi F8 which doesn’t have a locking feature. So there’s the issue of the filter assembly falling to the ground if it’s loose.

Engine-X 2.0 120000 Digital Brushless Motor

Powering this stick vacuum is an Engine-X 2.0 brushless motor providing better longevity because of its brushless design.

Roidmi says it produces up to 26500 Pascals of suction – better than the 25,000 Pascals of the NEX X20.

How Much Power Does the X30 Have?

To measure power, I use an anemometer to record airflow in two critical areas – the wand and the main cleaning nozzle.

This tool provides a better picture of how much air flows through these zones.

Check the table below for the airflow test results.

60 watts (default)24.34 CFM32.67 CFM50.94 CFM
80 watts (default)28.52 CFM32.96 CFM52.09 CFM
100 watts (default)27.76 CFM32.96 CFM52.09 CFM
Cleaning Head
60 watts21.16 CFM28.52 CFM42.72 CFM
80 watts25.95 CFM29 CFM43.74 CFM
100 watts27.76 CFM29 CFM44.55 CFM

You’ll notice a section on the table states 60, 80, and 100 watts.

These settings are only accessible through the Roidmi app, which you should download to maximize functionality.

The default setting of the X30 is 60 watts. So I tested if using a higher wattage would increase airflow, and it did, with the most at the lowest setting.

The Roidmi X30 has decent airflow with up to 52.09 CFM at the wand and 44.55 CFM at the main cleaning head.

Vacuums with a soft roller don’t need high airflow as this tool does well at picking up debris on hard floors.

On carpets, it’s different. Vacuums with higher airflow tend to perform better when cleaning embedded dirt on carpets.

Roidmi App

Roidmi X30 app interface

Consumers also will have access to the Roidmi App. The “standard gear” feature is only accessible through the software.

There are two ways to download it. One way is to scan the QR code in the manual or search “Roidmi” in Google Play or the App Store.

The app will detect the vacuum via Bluetooth, so you must be within the vicinity to connect.

One downside is reconnecting the app to the vacuum if you move your phone or tablet to another area.

Here are the features of the app.

1. Standard gear

Roidmi X30 app standard gear option

This feature provides the option to adjust the “standard power” output of the motor.

There are three options – 60W, 80W, and 100W. As I’ve mentioned in the previous section, selecting a higher wattage will result in an increase in airflow based on my tests.

Please note that this different from the power settings.

You still need to press the power setting button (right behind on/off switch) to toggle between the low, mid, and max settings.

2. Screen Display

Roidmi X30 app screen display settings

Let’s users select between “Last Battery” and “Battery Life” display on the screen. Battery life will indicate how much time is left, and the last battery will show the percentage.

3. The time of auto turn off the screen

Roidmi x30 app auto turn off screen setting

It gives users the option to adjust the time (10 secs, 30 secs, or 60 secs) before the screen automatically shuts off. This feature is equivalent to the screen timeout of a mobile device. There’s also the option of leaving it on, but I would just leave it at the lowest setting to maximize the run time.

4. Screen brightness

This setting allows users to adjust the brightness of the screen. There are two options – low and high.

5. Battery information

It shows information about the battery like battery life, time left before it fully charges, voltage, and standby time.

6. Product manual

Let’s consumers access the user manual through the app.

BMS-X 2.0 Lithium-Ion Battery

Another improvement with the X30 is the battery. This model utilizes an LG/Samsung BMS-X 2.0 battery system with a claimed run time of up to 70 minutes.

Please note that this run time is only applicable for specific configurations.

How Long Does The Roidmi X30 Run?

To check if the claim is accurate, I ran several tests with and without the main cleaning head to see how long the X30 runs in each setting.

Here are the results of the tests.

Power settingLowMed/AutoHigh
Suction Only Tool
110:21 mins
45:43 mins
11:26 mins
Main Cleaning Head
82:23 mins
11:10 mins

Yes, the X30 was able to run past the 100-minute mark in the lowest setting with the crevice tool, which is way over the 70-minute claim. It’s even better than the Roborock H6’s boast of 90 minutes and close to Tineco’s run time from its two batteries!

X30-V Versatile Roller Brush

Roidmi X30-V Versatile Roller Brush

Unlike the Roidmi F8 and NEX X20, the X30 ditches the standard brush roll and has only one roller brush they call the X30-V versatile roller brush.

Roidmi says that this new design has an “anti-entanglement” structure that resists hair wrap 30% better than the NEX, according to Roidmi.

If you look closely, the roller bar has orange bristles that help it clean embedded dirt better than other soft roller attachments without it.

Please check the hair wrap test section to see how well well the X30’s new roller brush resists hair tangles.

It is also stain and water-resistant that makes it an ideal companion with the mopping attachment, which we’ll be looking into next.

Second-generation Anti-Bacterial Water Tank

Roidmi X30 main cleaning head with mop

The X30 also comes with an upgraded water tank that, according to Roidmi, uses Novaron ion anti-bacterial materials that helps kill bacteria.

It uses a strong magnet for it to fasten on the main cleaning head. I like the design because it is easy to attach and remove the mopping bracket.

Roidmi X30 water tank

The water tank utilizes a “plant bionic drip” technology that works using the plant capillaries principle, where water slowly drips onto the pad until it gets wet.

However, since it relies on gravity, water will continually drip on the tank is empty.

Dust Cup

Roidmi X30 dust cup

The Roidmi X30 can hold up to 0.55 liters of dry dirt, which is 5 milliliters bigger than the X20 that has a 0.5-liter capacity. It isn’t a big difference, but at least it holds more.

Not only is the X30 dirt container bigger, but it also has a release lever that opens a trap door at the bottom to release the dirt.

The NEX X20 does not have this feature nor the trap door. Emptying the X20 requires users to twist the cap open, which is more tedious and exposes you more to the dirt.

I feel that the X30’s bin has a better finish as the locking mechanism feels tighter and does not have the wiggly feel of the X20.

How does the Roidmi X30 clean?

The X30 has interchangeable tools along with a detachable wand that helps people clean different parts of their homes.

You can use this product in a handheld or stick vacuum configuration with all these accessories.

Add to that the mopping capabilities of the X30, then you essential have a three-in-one product.

It’s one of a few cordless stick vacuums with this level of functionality.

However, the primary function of the X30 is a stick vacuum. The looping handle, along with the mopping attachment, allows users to mop and vacuum at the same time.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t function as a standalone mop.

Cleaning Test Results

  • Overall: 94.14%
  • Hard Floor: 99.82%
  • Carpet (Surface Pick Up): 99.27%
  • Carpet (Deep Cleaning): 83.3%

To check how well the Roidmi X30 cleans floors, I put it through a gamut of tests on various debris like coffee grounds, quaker oats, quinoa, pet litter, Cheerios, Fruit loops, and sand.

The X30 did best on hard floors, where it picked up 99.82% which isn’t far off from premium stick vacuums like the Tineco Pure One S12 (99.88%), Dyson V10 (98.84%), Dyson V8 (99.66%), and Tineco A11 (99.88%).

Hard Floor Test Results

  • Quaker Oats: 100%
  • Coffee: 100%
  • Quinoa: 99.6%
  • Pet Litter: 99.6%

The soft roller brush of the X30 will do well at cleaning hard surfaces. It can clean different types of debris well, from sand to Cheerios, even at the lowest setting, since the soft roller brush doesn’t require a high airflow to pick up dirt.

Here are before and after shots of the X30 cleaning (from top to bottom): Quaker oats, coffee grounds, quinoa, and pet litter.

Roidmi X30 cleaning Quaker oats on hard floors

Roidmi X30 cleaning coffee grounds on hard floors

Roidmi X30 cleaning quinoa on hard floors

Roidmi X30 cleaning pet litter on hard floors

Sand on Hard Floor Test

Roidmi X30 sand on hard floor test

Sand is one of the toughest debris to pick up on hard surfaces. To check if the X30 can handle this type of dirt, I scattered 50 grams of sand on a test area to check how much it can pick up.

The X30 did well, picking up an average of 99.5% on two tests.

I did notice that the fast-spinning roller bar scattered some of it forward on the initial pass.

Overall, it’s a decent option for cleaning sand.

Large Debris Test on Hard Floors

One issue with the X20 is that it is prone to clogging (Cheerios will not fit through!) because of the narrow opening to the dust cup. I tested the X30 to see if it has the same issues with Fruit loops and Cheerios.

Here are some before and after photos of the carpet and hard floor.

Roidmi X30 large debris test on carpet

Roidmi X30 large debris on hard floors test

As you can see from the photos above, the X30 can clean large and extra-large debris like Cheerios and Fruit loops. But the X30 has the same issues as the X20 cleaning these types of debris.

Extra-large stuff like Fruit loops will clog the opening of the dustbin.

Fruit loops are stuck on the opening going into the Roidmi X30 dust bin

It did better in the Cheerios test as only one piece was stuck on the opening.

Only one piece of Cheerios was wedged on the entry towards the Roidmi X30 dust bin

However, the narrow pathway going to the dust bin isn’t optimal for cleaning large or extra-large debris. The only stick vacuum I’ve tested so far that will not clog is the Shark ION P50.

Edge Cleaning Test

I scattered pet litter in one corner of the room for this test.

Please note that there is a quarter-inch crevice at the edge (right side). It’s a good test to see how well vacuums will pick up debris on such.

Please check the before and after photos below.

Roborock X30 edge cleaning test

The X30 did well picking up most of the debris along the edges and corners.

But since the main roller bar doesn’t go to the sides, it left debris at the right edge on the initial forward pass.

Roidmi X30 edge cleaning after the forward pass

I had to face the cleaning head toward the dirt to pick it up.

Roidmi X30 edge cleaning soft roller facing the debris

While the results were pretty good, cleaning these areas will take more passes.

Carpet Cleaning

I did nine tests on carpet to check how well it does on low and mid-pile carpets. Scroll down to see the results on each type, plus the deep cleaning test results.

Low Pile Test Results

  • Quaker Oats: 98.4%
  • Coffee: 98.8%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 99.4%

The X30 also did well on low pile carpet, picking up close to 100%, doing the worst on quaker oats and coffee grounds.

Check the photos below (before and after shot) low pile carpet tests on Quaker oats, coffee grounds, quinoa, and pet litter (respectively).

Roidmi X30 cleaning quaker oats on low pile carpet

Roidmi X30 cleaning coffee grounds on low pile carpet

Roidmi X30 cleaning quinoa on low pile carpet

Roidmi X30 cleaning pet litter on low pile carpet

Mid Pile Test Results

  • Quaker Oats: 98.8%
  • Coffee: 99.2%
  • Quinoa: 100%
  • Pet Litter: 99.6%

Surprisingly, the X30 did better on mid-pile carpet than on low pile, recording a better score on coffee grounds. However, the difference is small so that I wouldn’t put too much into it.

Here are the before and after photos on how the X30 did on Quaker oats, coffee grounds, quinoa, and pet litter.

Roidmi X30 cleaning quaker oats on mid pile carpets

Roidmi X30 cleaning coffee grounds on mid pile carpets

Roidmi X30 cleaning quinoa on mid pile carpet

Roidmi X30 cleaning pet litter on mid pile carpets

The results on the carpet tests reveal that the X30 is a viable option for cleaning surface dirt.

Deep Cleaning Test

To check if the X30 can clean embedded dirt on the carpet, I rubbed 100 grams of sand and went over the area several times at the highest power setting.

The new brush design of the X30 did an excellent job on carpet, picking up an average of 83.3% on two tests. It is better than the Dreame V10 that was only able to pick up 51.5%.

Hair Wrap Test

The last test I’ll share is the hair wrap test, where I used one gram of five to seven-inch human hair to see how much wraps around the brush.

I did the test on hard floors and carpet. This experiment is an excellent gauge to see if the X30 will be able to clean long strands of hair.

It did a fairly decent job on hard floors where it could pick up most of the hair.

This was how much hair wrapped around the brush.

Roidmi X30 hair wrapped around the soft roller after hard floor test

And here’s a look at the dust bin. Most of the hair is inside the container. One thing to note with emptying hair is it doesn’t automatically drop. You’ll have to pull it out.

Roidmi X30 hair inside the dust bin after hard floor test

On carpet, it wasn’t as good—the longer strands wrapped around the brush.

Here’s a look at how much hair wrapped around the brush.

Roidmi X30 hair wrapped around the brush after carpet test

And was how much hair I pulled out the soft roller – it is a lot.

Roidmi X30 hair wrap test

This test reveals that the anti-wrap system works on to a certain extent. It will not work on long strands of hair above 5 inches as it wraps around the brush and axles. So please check these areas if you live with someone with long hair.

Mopping Test

The mopping pad of the X30, I believe, will be best suited for cleaning dry stains. If you’ve seen my experiment with the X20 where I tried to mop a big mess, you’ll know why I don’t recommend this for wet messes.

So for the mopping test, I left red wine and grapefruit stains on the tile to dry overnight.

First, here’s a before and after photo on how the X30 did.

Roidmi X30 mopping demo

The mop did a good job of cleaning the stains, but I see some issues with the design.

Let’s look at the main cleaning head after mopping.

Roidmi X30 view of the cleaning head after mopping

The first thing I noticed is that the area behind the soft roller has wet spots while the brush itself was relatively dry, which brings me to the first issue.

Roidmi X30 soft roller after mopping

While the soft roller works excellent at picking up dirt, it isn’t so great at mopping. One reason is how fast it rotates, which creates a splattering effect. This is the reason why there are wet spots behind it.

If Roidmi can somehow have a mop mode where the brush spins much slower, I believe it would improve how this product will mop.

The gravity tank also doesn’t have a way to regulate water flow, so it’ll continually drip until the pad is soaking wet. So, it will leave streaks on the floor afterward.

I don’t think this is a viable replacement for a standalone mop yet.

It can clean stains in smaller areas, but the splattering issue means you’ll have to wipe down the main cleaning head afterward, which is another task altogether.

Noise Levels

To measure noise, I used an anemometer to record sound levels from a few feet away with the main cleaning head attached.

Here are the results.

  • Low: 68.5 dB
  • Mid: 71.2 dB
  • High: 74.1 dB

This vacuum is loud as it eclipses the 70-decibel mark but less noisy than the Dyson V10 and V11.

Ergonomics and Maneuverability

The X30 has the same ergonomics and maneuverability as the X20 and F8.

I would say that Roidmi’s steering is better than the Tineco because it turns at a sharper angle and can go deep under furniture, whereas Tineco vacuums cannot.

The X30 steering is better on hard floors as it is on carpets. I feel that it’s harder to maneuver on carpets, probably because of friction, and it tends to slide on this surface.

One issue with Roidmi vacuums, not just the X30 is the position of the handle, which is way back.

It isn’t a problem in its stick vacuum configuration as it provides several grip options.

The issue reveals itself in the handheld configuration as you’ll be carrying the whole weight of the vacuum with the handle at the rear.

Another problem with the extended length is how this vacuum navigates around tight areas in its handheld configuration.

It would be tough cleaning cramped areas with its length.

Product Specification

ModelRoidmi X30 Pro
Brush roll on/offNo
Battery8 LG/Samsung power lithium battery
Charging time2 hrs.
Battery lifeup to 110 mins.
Net weight5.95 lbs.
Overall length46.88"
Battery indicatorYes
Filter typeHEPA filter
Dust capacity0.55 li.
Warranty1 yr.

Where Can I Buy The Roidmi X30?

Please check the link below to see where you can purchase the X30 Pro.

All Roidmi products are available in online stores like Amazon and AliExpress.

If you purchase through the link above, I will earn a commission, but at no additional cost, so it’s a win-win for both of us.

Does the Roborock X30 Provide Good Value

The Roborock X30 is pricey – almost at the level of a high-end Dyson vacuum. But it provides excellent value in the right setting.

This model is a step above the previous models – the F8 and the NEX X20. The upgrades that Roidmi put in make this a better product overall.

It has a larger motor and battery, but usability is also better with the quick-release latch in the dust bin and the better twist-to-lock mechanism that ensures the filter assembly stays in place when you detach it.

It also runs the furthest, exceeding the 110-minute mark! It’s the first cordless vacuum I’ve tested to run over 100 minutes on a single lithium-ion battery.

Please note that as the battery ages and the more often you use it, that number will go down gradually.

Based on tests, it will clean hard floors best but is also very good at cleaning carpets.

The new soft roller brush is decent at deep cleaning sand but not as good as a Dyson cordless.

While the mopping feature is decent, don’t expect it to replace a standalone mop because it has limitations.

I feel that the soft roller brush spins too fast and splatters liquid residue backward, creating a new mess you must clean.

Don’t try to use it on wet stains, only dried ones, but clean the area behind the brush afterward.

The Verdict: Excellent on Surface Dirt, Decent at Deep Cleaning Carpet

The Roidmi X30 is a massive upgrade over the NEX X20 regarding quality, run time, and how it empties dirt.

It does an excellent job of picking up dirt on hard floors and carpets, but I recommend it more inside homes with lots of hard surfaces because it does it more efficiently on this surface and has a mop.

Steering is also a strong point, especially on hard floors. On carpets, it’s decent, but it isn’t as smooth due to the friction.

While it does a superb job on carpets, thanks to the new brush, it still leaves a trail behind on the forward pass but picks it up on the subsequent passes.

The mopping feature is decent, but the splattering effect by the fast-spinning roller brush means you’ll have to wipe down the main cleaning head, which is another task.

Hopefully, Roidmi addresses this issue by providing a mop setting where the brush roll will spin slower. I believe that doing this will improve how it mops.

4 Reasons to Buy the Roidmi X30

  1. Extended run time: The X30 can run for as much as 100 minutes, the longest I’ve tested with one battery.
  2. Excellent at cleaning surface dirt: The X30’s new roller brush is outstanding at cleaning surface dirt on carpets and hard surfaces. It does have some issues, but the results are hard to argue with.
  3. Decent at deep cleaning carpets: The new brush design also does a decent job cleaning embedded dirt on mid-pile carpets, better than any soft roller I’ve tested so far.
  4. Ability to mop: The mopping feature adds an extra functionality for individuals who need a mop.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.