Shark Flex Duo Clean Corded HV391 Review

A few months back, I introduced to you one of Shark’s new product lines – the IONFlex DuoClean.

This line is the first Shark vacuum that challenges what once was Dyson’s domain – cordless vacuums.

Excellent option if you don’t mind the cord

Shark Flex Duo Clean Corded HV391

The Flex HV390/391 is the corded version of the Shark ION Flex cordless vacuum series. It’s got the same flex feature that allows users to clean under furniture without bending, and the Duo Clean head that’s an outstanding tool for cleaning hard floor and carpet. The only catch with this model is that it has a cord. If you don’t mind that limitation, you can save a few hundred bucks and go with this.

And it is an excellent product with the DuoClean head and lithium-ion battery that runs for almost an hour!

Now we’re taking a look at its corded brother, the Flex DuoClean HV391.

This product is almost the same as the cordless stick, but it comes with a cord. You can say that this variant is a slightly better version than the HV382 DuoClean Rocket.

What separates this product from other stick vacuums would be the LED headlights and flexible wand that will allow you to clean under furniture without bending too much.

Great for people who have some back issues where bending can trigger back spasms.

A quick look at the features

  • Has the same Multi-Flex technology found in the IONFlex that provides better reach under furniture and lessens storage footprint
  • The cleaning head has the DuoClean system that combines the soft roller bar and bristle brush for better cleaning performance on carpet and bare floor
  • This brush system works great at picking up dander and pet hair
  • Anti-Allergen seal prevents microscopic dirt (up to 99.9%) from coming back out
  • Interchangeable tools give it floor to ceiling versatility
  • Anti-Glide technology allows a smooth transition between the bare floor and carpet
  • 5-year warranty from SharkClean
  • Comes with extra tools like the combination brush/crevice, under appliance wand, and mini turbo brush


  • DuoClean head offers outstanding performance on various surfaces such as tile, hardwood, carpet, etc.
  • LED headlights help track dirt
  • Has HEPA filtration so folks with allergies can use this
  • Pet turbo brush is great at picking up pet hair on fabric upholstery or stairs.
  • The under appliance wand will help clean really tight areas under furniture.
  • Multi-Flex technology allows it to free stand and stored in tight spaces.
  • Excellent warranty


  • It has a cord
  • Design is top-heavy, so cleaning areas like the ceiling can put a strain on the wrist.
  • Small dust cup – you will not be able to clean large areas.

Introduction to the Shark Flex DuoClean HV391

Shark Flex Duo Clean Corded HV391 Review

This stick vacuum will offer a lot of versatility thanks to the interchangeable tools. You can say that Shark got their inspiration from Dyson, which is a good thing because their design works.

But they’ve had some features that are unique to their brand.

DuoClean Cleaning Head

Perhaps the biggest difference between the Dyson and Shark would be cleaning head design. In the case of Dyson, they use separate heads for bare floor and carpet.

Shark did not want to copy Dyson’s design but instead came up with its own. And they call this the DuoClean technology.

This feature was first found in the Rocket series, then the LiftAway. And it’s a big reason why Shark has been catching up on Dyson when it comes to market share.

If you aren’t familiar with it, DuoClean combines a soft roller bar and a bristle brush. These two work together to pull dirt literally. That’s why this vacuum scores high points on cleaning performance in reviews.

It may not be the best deep cleaning machine out there, but if you need something for maintenance cleanups, this will be up to the task.

The soft roller bar works great on large and small particles of dirt. And with the larger opening on the cleaning head, it prevents dirt from snow plowing forward.

LED headlights

Shark is one of the few stick vacuums that come with LED headlights. In my opinion, this is a great feature to have especially if you’re tracking dust under furniture in low light.

MultiFlex Technology

Another unique feature found in Shark is MultiFlex technology. What this feature does is two-fold.

First, it will help the vacuum go under furniture in Flex mode without you having to kneel or bending over.

Second, it allows the vacuum free-standing storage without a wall bracket. The middle part of the extension wand is flexible, so vertical space is cut by half when folded.

So you can store this inside your walk-in closet under your clothes.

Active-Glide Technology

Transitioning from carpet to bare floor and vice versa is easier with the Active-Glide technology.

I’m guessing this is just Shark’s fancy term of auto height adjustment, where the brush automatically adjusts itself depending on the surface you’re cleaning.

Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Shark says that this vacuum will keep dust and allergens inside the bin down to 0.1 microns. So this means that it has two filters – one before the motor and another one after it.

Folks with allergies would be able to use it, but since this is bagless, there will still be exposed to dirt during the emptying process.


Aside from the main DuoClean head, the HV391 comes with other tools to clean areas above the surface.

This includes:

Pet Multi-Tool


This is a mini turbo brush that comes with stiff bristles that’ll help remove pet hair and other debris off fabric upholstery or carpet stairs. A must-have if you own pets.

MultiFlex Under Appliance Wand


If you have furniture at home with really short legs where a normal vacuum head won’t fit, this tool will be a huge plus.

The low profile design will allow this to fit under most furniture. And clean off any dust that accumulates under it.

Combination Brush/Crevice Tool

A versatile tool that will help you clean a myriad of stuff from vents, keyboards to cobwebs off not-so-high ceilings.

Cleaning performance

Before my commentary, please watch this video and see how well the DuoClean system works on hardwood and carpet…

Bare floor cleaning

One of DuoClean technology’s biggest strengths is its ability to pull dirt of any size on bare floors literally. And since this vacuum has a cord, there’s little more power.

But what makes this such a good cleaner on any bare floor surface would be the soft roller bar in front of the bristle brush.

This makes the Dyson V8 an absolute beast, and the same can be said for the Shark Flex HV391.

You don’t have to worry about snowplowing because it pulls dirt off the floor.

As you saw in the video, it did not snowplow the large chunks of pet food. The soft roller head was able to pick it up easily. And the LED headlights are bright.

Got a big mess of cheerios or chips? No problem, pull this out, and it’ll clean it for you.

Carpet/Rug Cleaning

The beauty of the DuoClean head would be its versatility. Not only will it clean great on bare floors, but it’ll also do well on carpet.

It could pick up debris of various sizes from rice, dust, and large chunks of beans.


This vacuum also comes with a mini turbo brush that’ll allow you to clean stubborn dirt from fabric upholstery.

If you’re not familiar with the term “mini-turbo brush,” it’s basically a small tool with a beater bar.

What I like about this tool are the stiff brushes that dig in and agitate dirt. So you will not have any issues cleaning dander or pet hair off sofas or chairs.

Product Specifications

ModelShark Flex Duo Clean HV391
AttachmentsCombo brush/crevice

Pet Multi-tool

MultiFlex Under Appliance Wand

Brush roll on/offNo
Cord LengthApprox. 25 feet
Above floor reachN/A
Net weight9.8 pounds
Shipping weightN/A
Cleaning pathapprox. 9"
Overall length49"
Filter typePrimary + Post Motor HEPA
Dust capacityN/A
Warranty5 years

Consumer Reviews

A lot of consumers like how this product is lightweight and versatile. Some even said that it was too light that it will not stand on its own. You’ve got to remember that the 2-in-1 design does not permit it to self-stand.

The Dyson V8 and V6 will have this issue, and you’ll need a wall bracket to store it. Shark solves the storage issue by allowing the wand to fold in half. But this was an issue for some.

Power is good, and cleaning performance is excellent. Folks say this machine will clean your home and the compact design makes it nimble. It’ll reach into areas that larger uprights cannot.

The downside though to the lightweight, the top-heavy design would be the small dirt cup. And since it is top-heavy, your arms may feel the strain if you use this for an extended period.

Another complaint would be the narrow head that’s only 9” wide and lacks storage for tools. Again, there will be compromises to vacuums with this type of design.

Does the Shark Flex Duo Clean HV391 provide good value?

This stick vacuum has the same Duo Clean system found in more expensive Shark vacuums such as the ION F80 and P50, but it doesn’t cost as much. But it does not have the same portability as the other two variants I mentioned because it has a cord. Another issue is that Shark no longer supports this, and only refurbished units are available, which I don’t recommend buying because its history is unknown.

The only reason I think you should buy this is if you want the Duo Clean but don’t want to spend over $200 for it.

To Wrap Up

Suppose you need a versatile stick vacuum capable of cleaning floors and upholstery, and other above-floor areas. Look no further than the Shark Flex DuoClean. Sure, the cord may be an issue for some, but if you don’t mind this limitation, it’s like having a Dyson with a cord.

The DuoClean head is a great tool for cleaning various surfaces from tile, hardwood, vinyl, and carpet. But I must warn you not to expect deep cleaning from it.

This vacuum is a high-traffic area cleaner that’ll keep dirt from piling up. It has a small bin so you’ll need to empty it often.

That’s the compromise you’ll have to make for a versatile cleaner like this. If you want, don’t want the cord to get in the way, then go with the Shark IONFlex. However, if you’re okay with the cord this will be a useful cleaner inside small to medium-sized homes.

Excellent and Versatile Stick Vacuum If You Don't Mind the Cord
  • Ergonomics - 89%
  • Surface Cleaning - 95%
  • Deep Cleaning - 83%
  • Quality - 91%
  • Design - 92%
  • Value - 93%


Purchasing an equivalent stick vacuum from Shark would entail spending over $300 if you don’t mind the limitations of the cord, then the Shark Flex Duo Clean HV391 is an excellent option that comes with a generous amount of attachments. As with most newer Shark vacuums, it comes with the Duo Clean head that is outstanding at picking up dirt on hard floor. It also works well on carpet, but not as good as a Dyson V10 or V11. The versatility, all-around cleaning performance, and price make it an attractive alternative to more expensive cord-free stick vacuums.

About the author: Garrick, the visionary behind Cordless Vacuum Guide, brings over a decade of hands-on expertise in cordless vacuum testing to his insightful reviews showcased on this platform. Beyond his passion for empowering consumers with informed choices, he cherishes precious moments with his family, exploring global cuisines and exploring different horizons with his beloved wife and son. Follow him on Youtube, Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram.

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  • Mark Lee Feb 7, 2019 @ 3:10

    Hi Garrick
    I’m from Singapore. Is this vacuum cleaner compatible with Singapore’s voltage? Also, do you happen to know if their international warranty covers Singapore.

    Great work and thx.

  • Janis Winn Aug 22, 2019 @ 0:26

    How do I empty the pet turbo brush multi tool?

  • Paul Sep 7, 2019 @ 10:55

    This Vacuum is useless, all the tests talk about good for pet hair and powerful neither of the attributes can be associated with this machine. I have spent more time in the 4 months of ownership cleaning it out, the front roller very quickly collects fluff and pet hair behind it and ceases to rotate so whatever purpose it had soon become redundant.the brush roller seems more inclined to wrap hair strands around it rather than suck them up into the collection box. The motor suction is very good but this means that if any part of the tubing becomes even slightly blocked debris continues to be sucked up into the tube and if that is the pet hair that the vacuum is renowned for it soon becomes blocked solid and cleaning is damn near impossible, I’ve now Engineered a special slim rod with a swaged end to help me push the matted nugget of pet hair out onto the floor I’ve just vacuumed, How this is becoming the leading brand is beyond me. I will not be buying any more Shark product this was £120 down the drain!