Minsu NV-01 Review

When you talk about robot vacuums, you won’t see Minsu on many “best of” lists.

Minsu NV-01 Review

But the NV-01 should change this perception with improvements in several areas particularly navigation.

This variant is their latest robotic vacuum also capable of mopping floors.

It’s one of the cheapest options available right now at less than $225.

Let’s find out in this review everything you need to know about this efficient robot and if it’s worth the price tag.

A quick look at the features:

  • Efficient back and forth cleaning pattern thanks to the Gyro + Infrared + Ultrasound sensors built in this robot
  • Comes with a smartphone app plus Alexa compatibility
  • Twin side brushes will help pick up dirt up to the edges
  • 2 hour run time
  • ARM380S smart chip
  • 1,500 pa suction
  • Dual functionality of a vacuum and mop
  • 500 ml dirt bin and 100ml water tank capacity


  • Efficient cleaning pattern
  • Decent sized dirt bin at 500 ml
  • Has Alexa compatibility
  • Long run time


  • Cleaning performance isn’t very thorough
  • Not great at cleaning around chairs because of its width
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What to expect from the Minsu NV-01?

Please watch this video to see what’s in the box, features, navigation and how it performs.

In terms of features, this robot is like most of the robots coming out from China.

It has two side brushes, a beater bar plus a mop for wet or dry mopping.

Top view

MinsuNV 01Top

Unique the previous Minsu robot vacuum (the MST09), this robot has a rather unique shape. It isn’t round – it’s square with rounded corners.

This variant has a similar shape with the LG HomBot which makes it really wide.

The downside to this design is it compromises its ability to clean narrow areas such has areas between legs of furniture.

The interface is pretty simple with three touchscreen buttons with LED lights. This makes it very easy to read even during daytime.

Minsu also added a voice prompt to this robot to tell users that the robot’s status when it’s done cleaning or when there is an error.

Bottom View

MinsuNV 01Bottom

Flipping the robot over will reveal a pretty standard layout you’ll see in most robot coming out from China. Two side brushes flank the main cleaning brush at the middle.

Behind these brushes is a slot where you can attach the mop bracket. The bracket itself has a small water tank capable of holding up to 100 ml of water. Don’t expect this to mop a large room though as 100 ml isn’t enough.

Remote control

This robot comes with a basic remote with access to the basic features like the default cleaning mode, spot cleaning mode and return to docking station.

The remote requires two triple-A batteries that aren’t included in the package.

Smartphone and Alexa compatibility

In addition to the remote control, you can download a smartphone app that will allow you to control the robot even when you’re not physically present.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to connect the app and robot successfully. The manual isn’t very clear in this regard. I hope that Minsu will do a better job when it comes to clarity.

If you own Alexa, this robot is compatible with this device. A lot of homes already have Alexa so that this robot will fit in seamlessly.


Before the process, please watch the video I recorded above to see how the robot navigates.

If you look closely, this robot has a pretty efficient cleaning pattern meaning it goes in predictable back and forth patterns.

One feature lacking is the SLAM algorithm found in other robots like the RoboRock and the Neato BotVac Connected.

This feature alone makes the robot “smart” in that it helps it track its position to the area it is cleaning.

So what you have is an efficient robot that lacks thoroughness. Once it made its pass around the room, it just returned to the home base.

The wide-body gave it difficulty cleaning areas around the chair. And it lacked edge cleaning, which you’ll see later on in the cleaning test.

Cleaning test

Before anything else, let’s look at the before and after photos to give you an idea of what this robot had to work with.

Here are some before shots.

MInsuNV01CleaningTest1 MInsuNV01CleaningTest2 MInsuNV01CleaningTest3

And some shots after letting the robot run its cleaning cycle.

MinsuNV01CleaningTestAfter MinsuNV01CleaningTestAfter1

For the cleaning test, I scattered around 40 grams of Quaker oats, power, some hair, and dust in different room sections to see how this robot does.

You may say that this is overkill, but I like doing these tests to see where the robot is lacking.

And you’ll clearly see the weaknesses of the robot in the test.

Unlike the Neato BotVac or Xiaomi robot vacuum that goes in a second cleaning cycle, this robot only does it only once.

Out of the 40 grams of dirt, the Minsu NV-01 could only pick up 33 grams. This isn’t bad, but it could be better. When you compare it to an ILIFE or Xiaomi, this robot lags in performance. The biggest weakness would be in the edge cleaning department, where it left most of the dirt.

Even with the two cleaning brushes, it wasn’t able to clean the edges and corners well.

I doubt that you’ll ever clean a mess this big, but it’s good to know the potential weak spots before purchasing a product, right?

What comes in the box?

Out of the box, you’ll get the robot vacuum itself, instruction manual, quick start guide, four side brushes (two are just spares), remote control, extra HEPA filter, mop bracket, and two microfiber towels.

Where can I buy this?

Right now, this robot is available in GearBest for less than $230.

To wrap up

The Minsu NV-01 looked promising, but I wouldn’t recommend it when cheaper options are available that perform better. Its navigation was decent, but the pick up wasn’t as good. I’m not sure if it’s the poor design or the lack of suction, but it did not pick up surface dirt well.

With the likes of the RoboRock E25 and Shark ION R85 available at almost the same price range, I’d go with those options over this one.

Budget Options That Has Some Issues
  • Usability - 79%
  • Cleaning - 82%
  • Quality - 80%
  • Design - 78%
  • Value - 76%


The Minsu NV-01 looks good on paper boasting of efficient cleaning navigation but the actual performance is so-so. It did go in a back and forth pattern, but it didn’t do the most important task well which is to pick up dirt. A robot with the most sophisticated navigation will still fail because

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